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  1. Welcome from Tennessee. HH Jim Tn
  2. I don't do anything with mine other then a water rinse when I get home. I, too, have a small bottle that my silver coins go into during the hunt. HH jim tn
  3. There should be stuff there. If its part of the fairgrounds why would you need permission? HH Jim Tn
  4. Nice find. Good looking ring and good that your wife can enjoy it. Mine could care less about any jewelry. More for the smelter. HH Jim Tn
  5. Yeah, that's a beaut. I was 40 year's with the hobby before I got my first Seated quarter. Had two halves, but quarter was a toughie. Congrats on yours. HH jim tn
  6. Couple of nice finds there, plus a pile of cents that look almost new. Good cleaning job! HH jim tn
  7. Good on the silver. A piece makes getting out just a bit better. HH Jim Tn
  8. Welcome and good luck with your beach hunting efforts. Some good water hunters on this site. HH Jim Tn
  9. Pretty good detector for the bucks and as you mentioned, easy to use. I hunt for old coins mostly, so am in park 1, try and get a good ground balance, run through the frequency shift channels looking for the most emi free frequency and sen. as high as I can. Good luck and have fun. HH Jim Tn
  10. Welcome! I also swing a Nox 600 and finding old coins is my passion, too. Oh, and my ground hardly ever freezes! 😀 HH jim tn
  11. That is a neat knife and silver of any kind is always good. WTG! HH Jim Tn
  12. Welcome aboard. Good spot for learning and just talking treasure and detectors. HH Jim Tn
  13. Nice hit! SL's are always a pleasant surprise. HH Jim Tn
  14. Here in s w Tn about the same conditions as yours, JCR. We hit 100 here today, up from 99 yesterday. Been battling dry conditions and heat since last June. And currently little chance for rain over the next two weeks. HH Jim Tn
  15. Nice hunting and great tale. Great on you showing your appreciation to the land owner. Very nice batch of finds. (x3) HH jim tn
  16. Welcome! Lotta good stuff here. HH Jim Tn
  17. A. 5 silver day including jewelry is getting rarer each passing year. Good hunting! HH jim tn
  18. Welcome from W Tn. Go through Ga 2-3 time a year going to St Simons Island. Like Ga, except when they play U T. HH jim tn
  19. Outstanding research and hunting. Gold coins got my shirt wet. HH jim tn
  20. Besides all the spots in the area you wish to hunt have been hit hard over the years, a great many of the spots are in un-safe areas. A fellow I know hunts a lot of forrest land looking for old farms sites and dwellings. He uses an ATV for scouting and stops to hunt when finding a promising spot. Good luck, HH jim tn
  21. Old coin hunting, Nox 600 and when relic hunting, F 75 LTD. HH Jim Tn
  22. When I retired in 2006, I began a routine of hunting from 7a to 11a six days a week and for a couple hours on Sun after Church. Although this year my 11a hour became more like 10-10:30a with our hot summer temps, but 100 hours a month is quite close. I go into withdrawals if many hours less. HH Jim Tn
  23. I've not experienced nor actually heard of what you are encountering. Could possibly be a faulty coil, but the first thing I would do is do a factor reset. And, or, if you know anybody with a Simplex try their coil, or even contact your dealer for trying same. Last resort is contacting Makro. Good luck, HH jim tn
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