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  1. Hello Bach atcha. Yeah, the hobby can be rather addictive.......but, there are worse. Good luck and welcome. HH jim tn
  2. Welcome to a fun hobby and good forum. I've been retired for 17 years and following a detector around daily continues to keep me pretty healthy thus far. Good luck and have fun. HH jim tn
  3. That's one of those spots that simply is what it is trash wise and to hunt it is a challenge and learning process. The better hunting area's have already been mentioned, along drive ways, etc, so I would hunt those area's with the 6" coil and do so at a snails pace just cover small area's and be somewhat selective tone and tid wise starting out. Get the easier targets first, if possible. Once one gets some good quality hunting time in with their detector, target I d's do have some meaning, bottle caps do sound a tad different, most of them, and have a bigger feel to them then do most coins. The same with big iron , cans, and so on. I don't use discrimination nor notching ever, so can't suggest anything pertaining, too. As you describe it, there has to be a few older goodies hiding among all that trash. Keep in mind, though, farmers were a fairly poor lot back in those era's. Good luck, sounds like a fun challenge. HH jim tn
  4. Welcome aboard, you've picked a wonderful hobby and forum. HH jim tn
  5. Welcome from Tn. HH jim tn
  6. Great forum and all around hobby.....welcome aboard. HH jim tn
  7. jim tn

    New Find

    Welcome! HH jim tn
  8. That's a neat find. I've only found 1 coin ring in all the years I've been hunting. WTG! HH jim tn
  9. Welcome! What do you like to hunt for? HH jim tn
  10. Welcome, good to have you aboard. HH Jim Tn
  11. Welcome, and good luck tracking down the loose part on your CZ. HH jim tn
  12. Some impressive gold, really nice haul! HH jim tn
  13. Welcome, I am over on the other end of the state, near Memphis. HH Jim Tn
  14. Welcome back to an exciting hobby. Several good detectors to select from. HH Jim Tn
  15. Welcome! Detecting is a great hobby, regardless of what one hunts for. Good luck! HH Jim Tn
  16. Good catch on the park tear outs. Those are some nice, older, I H's. HH jim tn
  17. Planning for retirement is half the fun of it. Welcome aboard and good luck enjoying the other half of retirement. HH Jim Tn
  18. Good spot to learn about finding gold and welcome! HH jim tn
  19. I did a detector purge myself shortly after acquiring the Nox 600 a few years back and am also down to three. Was down to two for a while but added a Nox 900 a while back. I now have the 900, 600, (backup?) and a F 75. Don't use the F 75 much anymore, but letting it go feels almost like loosing a family pet. I've had one in my arsenal since they first came out and one was my main detector for 15+ years. I'll remain at three detectors regardless of whether I add another one or not. HH Jim Tn
  20. jim tn


    Welcome to a good forum and as you already know, a great hobby. HH jim tn
  21. Beautiful ring and the rest aren't too shabby, either. And yep, you are most certainly on a hot streak. Good luck! HH jim tn
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