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  1. You guys are all spring chickens. I'll be 83 the end of this month and continue to old coin and jewelry hunt everyday for 4 hours or so. Not as difficult as walking hillside and washes, but currently hunting a golf course closed for renovations and log four hours of slow steps and up and down bends each outing. Anyway, John, good luck with whatever has you down and your prospecting endeavors when back up and about. HH Jim Tn
  2. Outstanding hunt, beautiful coins! HH jim tn
  3. Thanks for the travelogue, is beautiful country. Good luck! HH Jim Tn
  4. Welcome! Great hobby, the more you do it, the more you learn and the more you find. Good luck! HH Jim Tn
  5. Welcome Borja, centuries of history in your country. Good luck! HH Jim Tn
  6. Good hunting and nice batch of silver. HH jim tn
  7. Welcome, as you already know, tis a great forum and hobby we all are involved in. HH jim tn
  8. Keep digging and learning. In the mean time, the more targets you dig, the more you improve your odds of finding gold...and silver. Good luck! HH jim tn
  9. Welcome! HH jim tn
  10. Welcome, and I believe you picked a pretty good support group. I have had this problem for 50 + years, though, and not getting any better. So, good luck! HH jim tn
  11. Yeah, that's a nice recovery and the ashes in the gold piece make it rather unique. I'm happy when ever I see gold, as usually I'm expecting a nickel/pull tab, or zinc or copper cent. I am a turf hunter, though. HH jim tn
  12. No Manticore in my arsenal yet, but welcome to the forum. Is some good info down on the Minelab forum on the Manticore that you may find helpful if you haven't seen it yet. Good luck and again, welcome. HH jim n
  13. There are two gold refineries that currently have a good reputation. ARA in Dallas, and Midwest Refineries up in Wisc or Mich, I believe. Both have been paying 90 % + for gold and a little less for silver. I used ARA a few years ago and was pleased and plan to use them within the next week or so. When I last used them they removed the stones and returned them to me. Not being a water hunter, I don't find many gold rings with diamonds. I find mostly mens bands and class rings. I have not had good luck with gold and silver testing kits. The solutions seem to deteriorate with age rather quickly. I've worked up a relationship with a jewelry store that tests jewelry free for me. I toss him a bone now and then and sell him a piece at his low price compared to the refineries. Good luck! HH jim tn
  14. Welcome! Well, once you fire that Manticore up and make that first recovery, you join the ranks of many that have been thrilled as well as humbled and a simply great hobby. HH jim tn
  15. Welcome! Both of our states have some wonderful history and of course, you also have good beaches. Detecting is good for your health and great for a retiree. Good luck! HH Jim Tn
  16. Welcome, someone hopefully will chime in from your area and give you some guidance for locations. You have, though, taken up a great hobby. HH jim tn
  17. A piece of silver is always good. If there is one, there is probably another. Good luck! HH jim tn
  18. Welcome1 Have fond memories of W Va. many moons ago. Fairmont, to be exact. HH jim tn
  19. Welcome aboard. Those are some outstanding finds you've shown us. I have a feeling many of us could learn a lot from you! HH Jim Tn
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