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  1. So I decided to purchase a used SDC 2300 that was posted here on the website from Fort Bedford as I have heard and read many good things about this detector. I received the detector yesterday. This morning I decided to go to the local volleyball court in my neighborhood and just dig all of the signals and see how it reacted to a location that I have detected many times with my Original Tesoro Lobo. This machine is too simple to use that you almost think you are missing something until you hit a target and dig. I only stayed about an hour and only got about a 1/3rd of the court done before the
  2. I was watching some youtube videos and ED The Beach Hunter is claiming to have a prototype that he is trying out in this video. He shows the box at 5:06 minutes in.
  3. Jen, Very nice nugget..... I hope to someday find one that nice!!! Congrats!!!
  4. Just read this post on another forum, "I talked to a very reliable source across the pond and the plan is the update will be released september 18 at the rally . The software update,the coil and the pin pointer will all be released. The twin box hoard locater will be early next year. You have the inside scoop!" I think I might wait, I am ready to buy a Deus. I like Steve's post above and feel that 10 and 20 kHz will work good for coin and jewlery and I can also use it prospecting. Ill wait for a few to see if it is true and will start out with the new coil. JR
  5. Rick, If I may ask what club do you belong to. I have been looking to join a club. Respectfully, Jimmy
  6. Steve, AuWanderer, Thanks for the reply and information. It was fun to use the 5000 such a great detector and so many options and settings to learn. Next time, I am going to take the 11" mono with me also and try it to see the differences along with using no discrimination. I am sure that depending on the ground, trash and iron infested sites the DD with a some discrimination is helpful but more remote areas the mono or no discrimination would be best and dig it all. I can't wait to post my first nugget! Thanks again! Jimmy
  7. Although no gold, I really enjoyed playing with my new GPX 5000 for a couple of hours. Not belonging to a club yet, I went to Lynx Creek just to get familiar with it in hot ground. Tried the Double D 11" coil to play with the discrimination feature. Set it at 3 and then 5 and still got a few rusty iron pieces but not many (Lynx creek is a very trashy area). I feel the discrimination worked really well for a PI. Had a great time, I am addicted to this machine and cant wait to join a club to go out in a more remote area. Here are a couple of photos of what I found. Many were just whispers when I
  8. I agree great video..... Thanks for posting Jennifer!!!!! Jimmy
  9. Got up this morning and bumped into my Orig. Tesoro Lobo (20 kHz). I had nothing to do this morning so I went out to the local city park and did some detecting in the tot lot with the Lobo. Didn't find anything exciting but had fun with this Classic!!!!! I quickly remembered how great the discrimination is on this detector, one of the best that I have used. No ID #'s but it didn't matter. Set the discrimination on 4 and proceeded to hunt. Beep and dig! Spent a couple of hours just messing around and realized what a great detector the Original Lobo is and how cool it was to be using a 15 year o
  10. For what it is worth being that I don't own a MX Sport, I was in the know as soon as it was posted here on the forum. Great source of information and I would suggest all companies use forums and social media to push out notifications and awareness to all. These days more gets done on smart phones, iPads and tablets in between meetings, work, doctor visits, kids games and practices then before. Steve thanks for the great forum and most of all the information it contains. Where else can you reach the world at your fingertips.
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