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  1. Digger Bob

    Belt Pick Holder

    Take a look at what most of us are using around here. Miner John makes these, modified from an Australian design. Perhaps a bit pricey and heavy but the best part is the angle. This prevents the long handle from wacking your leg as you walk. Also it's easier to get the pick in and out due to the angle. www.minerjohndesigns.com
  2. Digger Bob

    Brazilian Gold

    Hmm... A moded TDI SL and a big Miner John loop? And you heard a dink that small? Perhaps. Actually, I know it's possible. I've demonstrated it many times. Way to go Tom! Too bad you had to leave them there. Digger Bob
  3. Digger Bob

    New White's GMT Detectors For Half Price!

    Wish you had some SST's in that sale. Those are dynamite little coin machines.
  4. Tom, I hope you get some new suggestions and insights beyond what I, and others, have given you already. Our suggestions were entirely related to gold prospecting detectors. I'm sure you will get ideas from others related to all the other forms of detecting. Looking forward to a face to face meeting to discuss all these ideas. Digger Bob
  5. Digger Bob

    A Legend Passes

    Damn, I still owed him a beer for showing me a nugget patch.
  6. I have second hand info from a truck driver hauling debris out that a 13 oz nugget was found just below the bottom edge of the concrete. Also, that a quartz and gold vein was uncovered during blasting for repairs. The area was promptly cleared and the vein cemented over. No official is saying anything about gold being found but many employees have been fired for no apparent reason. Again, rumors only since no one is willing to come forward and risk prosecution.
  7. Digger Bob

    Oroville Dam - New Bedrock, New Gold

    I too have heard of a few "sunbakers" being picked up. But no one is going to admit to it publicly. My main interest would have been to see if there were any high benches on that hillside that got exposed. Not so much quartz veins, but ancient pockets from when the river was higher or the hills lower. It's also hard to tell how deep bedrock is in some areas. In one video I saw, there was a red bank about 20 to 30 feet thick exposed before the green bedrock was exposed. Gold in that red dirt? Possibly. More likely sitting on the bedrock. But the only way to know is to go and look and detect. Mother Nature can be tricky and gold likes to hide. Digger Bob
  8. Digger Bob

    Coil Covers And Skid Plates

    I heard that all the Minelab dealers that were carrying the Miner John covers were told to stop carrying them, listing them, advertising them, etc. or be fined or somehow punished by Minelab for selling an after market accessory. I may be wrong on this, check with some of the big dealers; Doc, Robb, Chris, etc. for confirmation. You can still buy direct from Miner John. He has both sizes.
  9. Digger Bob

    SDC 2300 Worrying Problem

    Here's something that may be related. It took me a long time to figure it out, as mine was doing essentially the same thing. It seemed it was sensitive to my cell phone in my pouch. The phone was on but not receiving calls or texts. As soon as I turned the phone completely off, the problem went away. I had noticed something similar with my 3500. I could tell when a text or call was coming in about 5 seconds before the phone told me. The detector started making increasing warbbly sounds until the call came through. Then it was fine. Again, this was a few years ago when I had a flip phone, not an Iphone. Something to try anyway.
  10. Digger Bob

    Zip Zip By Larry Sallee

    Last I heard, he and Sue were still living comfortably in Lake Havasu. I know Sue is, not sure about Larry.
  11. As of 8:30 PM here in Paradise, just above Chico, we've gotten just over 2 inches. Supposed to hit harder tomorrow. Digger
  12. Digger Bob

    New Camping Gear

    Yeah, but what if you were left handed? Seriously, I imagine the bowl of water came out of the nearest river or what ever was handy. I can't imagine them wasting good drinking water on something like this! Nor can I imagine what kind of parasites might have been in that river water, touching my nether regions??
  13. Digger Bob

    New Camping Gear

    How about changing a flat?