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  1. Has anyone heard anything when the Axiom will be released to us people that are waiting to buy one? Gerry thinks it will be some time in December.
  2. I am glad that you have not lost your knack.
  3. You'll never know what you will find in a crack. Nice yellow.
  4. One Guy we found a new spot and Lunk and I each got 1.2 gm . I think that this new spot will pay off.
  5. Nice find One Guy, haven't seen you over in our area this summer.
  6. I am glad that you found a place to detect. I am still trying to get into another place.
  7. I miss going to Ganes cr. They had it all going for them, with the great people and super gold hunting. The Ganes crew was top notch. The provided good lodging, food, and dug many yards of gold bearing dirt for us with the large Cats. I sure miss going up there.
  8. I would be up there this year if they were inviting us detector people.
  9. Nice pics and a good hand full of gold. I have to give it up for the season because of snow. It's going to be a long winter.
  10. It looks like you have that 24 K White fine tuned. Nice rock with a nugget in it. How did we miss that rock with the Monsters ?
  11. You must have found a new hot spot. The Monster will always tell you where it is. You only have to dig it.
  12. We had a nice time at the Rye Patch nugget shoot. A big thanks for all of the people that worked and put the shoot on. It was nice to see Steve H. again. We had a good talk and I got to try out the 24K White. Some machine. I might have to think about one of these to put in my detector collection.
  13. I was thinking of the same thing. I am going up this weekend to see the other guy(he owns the road and property with the gate) that was involved in putting up the signs and I will ask him if he thinks it would be a good idea. They are going to put up more signs at both ends of the property. They are planning on doing some placer mining up there some where this fall.
  14. Chris Ward does own all of that property behind town. He bought it a few years ago. My friend that lives there and Chris caught 3 guys on his property digging huge holes and when they told the 3 that he owned the property, they got real mean to the owner. He kicked them off of his property and told them if they were caught up there again, he would call the law. They have since started posting this property. The other guy with Chris is a good friend of mine and he told me that they were going to post all of the property that both of them own. It's to bad because they have let me go on their property, but now they will not let anyone go up there. Most of that property is BLM land, but the biggest share is private owned.
  15. The upper road that we used to park and walk down the trail has new posted, no trespassing signs on it. I am trying to contact the new owners and get permission to go up there. I will let you know what I find out.
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