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  1. Steve in Idaho

    1st Specimen With White's 24K

    Nice chunk, Gerry. Lunk and I have cleaned out all of the gold up north.
  2. Steve in Idaho

    Last 3 Hunts....( Wed, Thurs, Fri.)

    Nice gold. Is that Idaho gold ?
  3. Steve in Idaho

    Weekend Finds With Gm1000.....

    Lunk and I had a minelab convention up there in the hills of Idaho. Nice meeting Oneguy and Goldseeker 4000. You got some nice gold for your hard work. Maybe we will meet again in the near future.
  4. Steve in Idaho

    Winter Season Wrap Up

    I got to hold that nice hand full of gold the other day and I must say it is impressive
  5. Steve in Idaho

    Belt Pick Holder

    I like the web pick holder, but $14.95 for shipping and handling ??? NO WAY !
  6. Steve in Idaho


    It 's about time that you finally got a nice sized nugget. WTG When you get back up north. you can show it to me.
  7. Steve in Idaho

    Fun In The Sun

    WTG nice to see you are still finding the yellow stuff.
  8. Steve in Idaho

    What's The Biggest Golden Sun Baker You've Ever Found?

    This is a 33.85 oz nugget found at Ganes cr Alaska in 2004 with a GB II using a 14" coil. It was laying on top with the sun shinning on it.
  9. Steve in Idaho

    Merry Christmas Tree

    Merry Christmas Gerry and I don't see my Equinox under the tree yet. Your old friend Steve
  10. Steve in Idaho

    Using Old Headphones On GM 1000

    I had to rewire my good Nugget Buster head phone cord so it will work with my GM 1000. I put a 1/8" plug on the end that had a 1/4 ' plug. They work fine now.
  11. Steve in Idaho

    Usb Camera Again

    When you hunt with the gold monster, you have to have a camera like this to see the little pieces of gold it finds.
  12. Steve in Idaho

    My Monster Experience

    Every time I go out I find gold. I still have not had any falsing problems yet. I keep my coil wire tight against the shaft and I push the coil through a lot of brush. If I hit the coil cable to hard it will false. I love this machine My poor old GB II thinks that I have abandoned it. I cannot wait to go out again.
  13. Steve in Idaho

    Reports Of GM1000 5" Coil Touch Sensitivity

    I run my coil wire straight up the stem and secure it with velcro ties and I have never had an issue with it being touch sensitive. I run the coil around and through brush with out any noise. I run the sensitive as high as I can get away with it. It still finds gold.
  14. Steve in Idaho

    Reports Of GM1000 5" Coil Touch Sensitivity

    I tie my coil wire so that it runs straight up the shaft. I use those velcro ties and have not had any falseing. I do this on my other machines and never get any falseing from touching the coil wire.
  15. Steve in Idaho

    A Monster Day

    That gold monster is habit forming. I have found gold every time I take it out. That thing would go nuts at Ganes cr.