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    Pre Civil War artifacts, main search focus is for buttons.
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    Nokta Anfibio Multi, F-75 LTDv2, G2+, Nautilus DMC2b, & a Fisher 1266 that was my mentor's, RIP my friend!!!

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  1. Yes Sir, Vic was his name! I knew I didn't have it right. My understanding was MKll was a good discriminator but, had very little depth. We had stumbled onto a XD17 and it did a good job at urban digging. Excellent discrimination, good depth. Some point later we bumped into a guy that knew Vic. Three of us wanted a USA relic machine. We asked Vic to build what we wanted. It took awhile but, he did a hell of a job. Detector was like no Tesoro I've ever swung, inside who knows? Our XD17s were similar looking to one in video but, sturdier. Different controls & set-up arrangement. We had explained best we could, what we wanted in a machine. At time I don't even think Retune speed was in our vocabulary. I remember saying signal reset, & of course depth depth depth! Anyway, our XDs had excellent pure analog sound, excellent discrimination, boost that added considerable depth, ground balance that I actually ran detector stable in Culpeper, VA soil. Detector was/is like all detectors, it had limitations but, was a sweet digging machine. The perfect detector hasn't been made yet but, for Vic fans in the UK/Europe. There is 3, very different XD17s out there somewhere! His machines have a cult like following. Seen XD17 sell last year for $900. If Vic's wife is still alive, she'll verify. His last 3 machines, came to America & they weren't ordinary builds either! Just kind of putting that out there for his following! There is three oddballs that was inspired by American Relic Hunters!
  2. Affectionately known as the Terrible-2. I tried to keep a lid on the detector when it first came out. Local diggers would ask me, how I liked it. My reply, it's Terrible. I'd turn sensitivity up, unplug headphones, & let them listen to a wall of mixed audio. Most of them at time were using silent search machines, they'd would shake there heads or, say screw that. I did pretty dang good with that machine for a very long time. Think 🤔 the Deus finally made me sit it down but, I still have a F-75 backing-up Anfibio now. Deus got shuffled because everyone started swinging them.
  3. P Money at the time. I had little ones to feed. I was offered a good bit more than I had in detector. Plus Metal Detector's in general had just made a big leap. Coming off the X-5 Tejons, MXT, then The Terrible 2 & F-75 was out. Especially the ID machines in my mind was the future. I was running a relic website at time, I was trying & changing machines good bit. I had a truck & room full of detector's. I let some go without thinking. 🤔 I do regret this one! This wasn't a factory machine, it was a final build of a great metal detector engineer. Jim was very well known & respected among his peers. I suspect, we are still swinging his ideas around today?
  4. I actually found two 1820 dimes & 1832 or 37 half dime, I don't remember exact date. I gave all coinage to the land owner per our contract. Since I found two, owner said I should kept one. I didn't argue. Giving landowner coins for my choice of artifact, is my usual verbal contract in exchange for permission. I believe I took pictures, I usually do unless pressed for time or, if land owner was nearby at time. I'll look back to see if I can find them. They were all beautiful finds! This wasn't the prettiest of the two!
  5. Yes Sir, we both had a great year. Tag had eluded me till this year. I've been all around them, first one in bottom of my hole. Was my 2nd trip out with Anfibio. 1st was hen's teeth rare snake button. I was pissed all day. We could not see the tiny snake's head, till I got home & cleaned the button. 13 stars & 13 bars, my buddy kept saying. Where's the f-ing snake? You wouldn't happen to be the Antler Collector Cal, from out West would you?
  6. Sold, 🤔 Thanks for the insight. I've never figured out how they grade dug coin's, especially silver. I've been blessed enough to dig a few stunners but, my dang they graded low it would blow your mind. I found the trick was just to never mention they were dug. As bad as it sounds, there is just something in that word that just acts as repellent to coin collector's. I understand seeing fine scratches under magnification but, seems like just the word brings them to light.
  7. I sure do!!! I'm probably spelling his name wrong but, Great Britain's Jim Fiveash built custom detector's that was among the first to successfully hunt in the coke, coal, & iron debris of the Thames River shoreline. His last three improved versions of The Red Heat XD 17s. Were sent to America. For myself & two friends. Jim was a brilliant mind, that was dying of cancer while completing our machines. It took Jim a long time to complete our three custom built detectors, they were improved version of his legendary XD-17. Jim died shortly after we received our machines. He never even got a full report of there amazing performance! These machines were way ahead of there time, with great depth, separation, lightening fast retune speed & telescoping rod deployment. I foolishly sold my Red Heat 17+ not truly considering the brilliant cutting edge technology, workmanship & shear artwork that Jim had poured his final days into. Making these machines for 3 American fans of his work. Somewhere in America, there is 3 very extra special Red Heat Detector's!!! I hope they're in good hands & still detecting relics!!! I don't even have a picture of them. RIP Jim!!!
  8. Found a few blades over the years, always makes my heart skip a beat. Sort of off subject but, I've read that this style Diplomatic button. Was inspiration for the first American gold coin. All finds found on private property with permission.
  9. Praying for your continued improvement, lots more digging to be done my friend! I'm trying to avoid the hospital myself!
  10. All found on private property with permission. All relics found with the Nokta Anfibio. Except for the Harrison campaign pin found with Equinox 800 just prior to selling detector. I did well in quality but, actually a slow year! Getting old and back issues but, sure is better than the alternative! HH, The Georgiadigger
  11. Would guess a broken reign guide. Keep searching, promising area/sign.
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