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  1. I usually bring along a couple of small sampling bags. One for sampling and one for when I don't want to spend the time chasing a small target. Scoop it dump it in the bag and pan it later.
  2. Try to rig something up so the pinpointer hangs behind one of your shoulders.
  3. Hi Steve I believe DOC designed those. There is a post on Rob's forum. I don't have a GPZ so I just glanced at the post and moved on. Sorry not much help.
  4. Tortuga Doc may have a few walco picks left. He used to be the US Dist. He shows a few on his website.
  5. I read on one of the forums that Minelab Aus. may still service the older machines. A quick email wouldn't hurt.
  6. Never had an issue on the 50/50 land. Ivan you have some nice looking picks. The GV area is a lot larger then what most people think. If you come in thru the greaterville exit from HWY 83 you pass two patches that I know of before leaving pavement. Good Luck .
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