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  1. Do yourself a favor and go thru that link that Kiwijw posted. You will not regret it.
  2. Looks like city workers to me. 7 people standing around doing nothing one person working and another taking pictures. What did I win???????????????
  3. Congrats that's a nice piece for sure.
  4. Man you have alot of little gems buried on your website (this forum). Thank you for this. I could spend a day on that page.
  5. They make some Toyota's here in the USA. I don't think there is a big enough market here in the US for diesel.
  6. Many a night sleeping in the bed of my Tacoma under the stars. Some foam a sleeping bag a couple of wool blankets.
  7. There's talk that Toyota may release a diesel by 2020 here in the states.
  8. I am pretty sure that I have all of his books.
  9. Congrats Matt. The memories with your son are worth a lot more then the gold will ever be. Much respect to you.
  10. I hope you visited some of the gold vendors at the Tucson Show.
  11. I also carry a Map and Compass. Electronics tend to break down at the worst possible moments.
  12. Looks like a lot of thought went into this product. Nice clean design. Hopefully there will be a US Dealer for these.
  13. Slow your coil speed down big difference between hunting coins vs hunting gold. I would also highly recommend this book. Fist full of Gold by Chris Ralph also any book by Jim Straight. https://www.amazon.com/Fists-Full-Gold-Chris-Ralph/dp/0984269207
  14. I shouldn't admit it but I original thought the same thing.
  15. I like that, but Bada Bing nailed it with chopper.
  16. That person has a lot of people fooled but...... Its your house your rules.. pretty simple.
  17. Mitchel sorry to hear that. Congrats on the gold.
  18. If you don't mind Juvenile humor. Try watching Friday Night Dinner another Brit series. Nothing to do metal detectors.
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