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  1. Got news for you, that 10,000 dollar detector is only 8,000 now.....
  2. Any news on the Racer Gold? Whats the difference Racer or Racer Gold? Ivan
  3. I was thinking more in the RPG category, that should clear them out and open up some good new gold ground, (the old two birds with one stone story). Ivan
  4. Now just wait a gosh darn minute Klunker, you can't compare a Whites to a Minelab, the whites is all ready 40% less than the Minelab so if ya added 38% to the Whites that is only a even-stevens, so your really at the beginning. You would have to be or add at least a "your 38%" plus the 40% the Whites lacks to bring the total to 78% for the Whites to equal a Minelab 40%. I sure hope I cleared this up for you. Ivan
  5. Super glue and ductape, been using it in the garage for years. Ivan
  6. I had posted my Deus on "treasureclassifieds" a while back and guess I did not read the directions. got booted off the forum, (don't need there bs) they would not answer email or anything as to why, so much for being friendly. Ivan ps: sold Deus on craigslist...
  7. Gold Prospecting and Metal Detecting for Gold Your picture on the main website, what are you holding? is that the best you can do? This is my interpretation the way it should look. LOL Ivan
  8. My website address, its on every picture and my tag line. Dangerous, I would like to suggest you stay out of the kitchen, all those knives. Ivan
  9. This is a four inch wide blade, 1/4 thick steel, 32 inch handle, really good walking stick. Stab it in the ground, or push it with one foot, pry back and forth to loosen ground, use it like shovel or scrape the dirt out. This is a great way to dig, I am hooked on these. Ivan
  10. Here we go again, Spencer where is the pics.? Ivan
  11. Went out to Greaterville yesterday and my budy convinced me I should post this pick. (No nuggys yesterday) Well, I was not gonna post this, but this is the pick that I use. See, being older and beer belly I don't like bending over if I don't have to. I have trained my self to detect left hand and carry pick In right. (I am right handed, would rather dig RH) This pick seems to cover all the picken criteria, walking stick, good pry bar for rocks. (A lot of MD guys have mentioned walking stick) and a pretty good scraper at 45 degree angle. It does not make a very good seat like my other pi
  12. I finished this pick, this is the only one I will make, any body want it, make me an offer, This pick head/neck would make it very easy to replace with a different point/blade. Handle 34 inches, scoop box is 6x6 inches, 12 gauge, point 3x9 inches 1/4 inch, weight 5.2 pounds It is not going on my website. Email..Me Ivan@ivan5.net Ivan
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