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  1. That's nice looking jeep. Rick his jeep is gasoline (petrol) they don't sell diesel jeeps or Toyota's in the USA yet maybe one day.
  2. Strange we drive to Hermosillo at least once a month for the past 4 years never have we been stopped going into mexico but always on the way out.
  3. The thief or thieves knew what they were doing, they must of followed you guys. I doubt that your detectors are in Mexico, my reasoning for that is that the police found your vehicle a mile a way. It would be too easy to just drive your car into Mexico.
  4. Fred you could plug a USB drive in your old computer then go open up GE, go up to file and you should see all of you KZM files, then copy those to your USB Drive and copy then to your new PC.
  5. I hate thieves. Good luck. You may want to give the local pawn shops a heads up. A few years back a few kids try to steal my wife's car, thankfully one of my dogs was doing his job.
  6. Enjoy....... http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/1515-security-issue-posting-photos-from-gps-enabled-devices/#comment-17768
  7. There are some good articles here also. http://www.arizonaoutback.com/azoroot/shop/custom.aspx/instructionals/4/
  8. You may be missing out. I post very little personal info on Facebook but I do buy and sell alot on a few auctions that are only on facebook.
  9. Found in the lower Desert region. I wonder if a dozer was used first. It's a very nice piece for sure.
  10. A few people I know use PC-7 epoxy instead of coil covers. They seem to think it is more durable than both coil covers and the bed liner.
  11. You do know what Jeep stands for right? Just Empty Each Pocket..........
  12. I thought they used the water to wash their butt. I know they don't use TP.
  13. I doubt that that orange container is for hand washing...........
  14. Thanks Flak. I had a hard time putting it down last night. If I may another good read is The Treasure Hunter by Robin Moore and Howard Jennings. It's about Inca gold.
  15. Thanks Norvic. I have not watched part 4 yet now I need to get parts 5 and 6.
  16. I recently acquired the 4 part collection. I know these are old but the research techniques that Jack talks about will never get old. If you come across these I wouldn't hesitate to get them.
  17. The same could be said about dealers who over promote a product just for sales.
  18. I am heading down there next month I am getting a private tour at one of the active silver mines there.
  19. Fred just be sure and get a solid state hard drive. Trust me the little extra cash spent on that you will make up with how fast that drive is.
  20. Looks like a 2 carat diamond was found in the past few days.
  21. I use a Thompson puffer and a Gold Duster forced air unit. I love them both.
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