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  1. I would make sure they didn't do any deep water crossings and didn't change out the drive train fluids with that said with all of those aftermarket upgrades I would offer 19K but would pay 20k if all checked out. I had five jeeps in my time but always drove my Toyota's.
  2. Sold all but three of them. They have a nice little home in my safety deposit box.
  3. I wonder how many people who find jewelry metal detecting try and find the owner?
  4. Congrats Rob. I believe I see some truffle shavings on that plate.
  5. Congrats on the silver, but I really like that cap. I have never seen one like that.
  6. A pouch similar to the one Steve uses and a retractable key chain attached to my hydration pack for my scoop.
  7. You should be down at the river looking for the wedding rings from when the divorced ladies threw them off the bridge or so the legend goes.
  8. That girl in the car was very lucky the Rick and Robin were there. Rick you are a Hero.
  9. Converse they stopped making them but I bought 3 pair when LA Police gear was blowing them out. No metal and very comfortable. I don't carry a gps.
  10. Jason I think there is a market. There are a few who take out full page ad's in the GPAA mag.
  11. That right there is a company that really cares. I tip my hat to you guys.
  12. I am looking for a amp for my 3000. I can find Doc's gold screamer and a B&Z Booster. Are these my only two options? Thanks for an input.
  13. I picked this book up this morning for $1.00. It was printed in 1904 one of the better geology books that I have read in a long time.
  14. Steve I believe that 600 was the crew and passengers. Yea they were cramped but nothing like the slave ships.
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