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  1. Ok. I got the individual tables posted so with all this information you should be able to identify both the type and weight of any rock you might find in a jewelry item. I got all this information from a gentleman who went by the name, 'Pawnbroker _Bob' on Tom Dankowski's site. Its been a long time, several years, since Pawnbroker _Bob has posted and I haven't been able to get a hold of him for permission to repost on this forum so I am going to link his Forum post here, along with all the table posts I've made so you can find this stuff in one place when you need it. I'll just tell y
  2. Specific gravity list. Compound..............Avg sg. Copal...............1.06 Amber...............1.08 Bakelite............1.26 Jet.................1.30 -1.35 Tortoiseshell.......1.30 Erinoid.............1.33 Celluloid...........1.38 Vegetable Ivory.....1.40 Ivory...............1.80 Kurnakovite.........1.86 Gaylussite..........1.99 Ulexite.............1.95 Meerscham...........2.00 Bone................2.00 Fire Opal...
  3. Hereunder the standard formula Round faceted stones: Diameter squared x depth x S.G. x .0018 = ct Oval faceted stones: Length x width x depth x S.G. x .0020 = ct Emerald cut faceted stones: Length x width x depth x S.G. x .0025 = ct Rectangular faceted stones: Length x width x depth x S.G. x .0026 = ct Square cut faceted stones: Length x width x depth x S.G. x .0023 = ct Marquise cut stones, (navette): Length x width x depth x S.G. x .0016 = ct
  4. Hi all, This info was shared with me by Pawnbroker_Bob from the Tom Dankowski site in PM's back in 2012. Gemstone Characteristics Table We have compiled a listing of the scientific characteristics of many different gemstones. This is a chart that displays at a glance the important information about each classification of gemstone and it's members. Enjoy! Gemstones This is a fairly comprehensive listing of gemstones with their specific gravity, Mohs hardness, index of refraction and gemstone family classification in alphabetical order. We color coded them to help dif
  5. If you are going to hunt jewelry you need to know how to size your stones. Gemstones Weight Conversion charts All Weights Are Approximate 1 MM = .03937 inch
  6. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1Location-GPS-coordinates-29-GOLD-NUGGETS-fossicking-Georgetown-QLD-Minelab-RFDS-/222335915222?hash=item33c440d4d6:g:VTwAAOSwMVdYIwYS Enterprising fellow, wonder how many times he`ll sell the coords.
  7. Something that have noticed and has bothered me is how the resale price of the currently available ML PI's generally sits around the 70 - 80% of there retail price. The White's PI's that I have recently seen sold on another forum are selling for 40 - 46% of the current retail price. The question is does this represent a great secondhand deal on the White's PI's or an expensive retail price in relation to the value they retain. Something to consider is an unfavorable Aussie Dollar for the White's machines has driven prices up. I love my GMT and will eventually get a PI and resale is something i
  8. This is from the real experts in the UK for cleaning items hundreds or even thousands of years old. http://www.colchestertreasurehunting.co.uk/C/cleaning.htm plus previous thread on cleaning silver....
  9. I am looking to clean some of my specimens that I have found over the years with hydroflouric acid. Done enough research to know not to mess with this nasty acid. I have been able to locate two mineral preparation labs, one in Colorado Collectors Edge and Voelter Minerals...Texas. I am not comfortable sending them via air mail . If anyone knows of anyone in California who does this type of stuff I think a few of us would use this service if its available.
  10. Looking for any information on who provides lab services to clean mineral specimens in California. I am sure I am can't be the only one interested in such a service. i won't mess with this wicked and nasty chemical, but some Quartz with gold specimens would look a lot better with an acid treatment.
  11. The Minelab PRO-ALLOY Gold Tester. Could be a good tool for the jewelry hunters like me, not so sure about nugget hunting but probably will work on nuggets with clean surfaces. At $375 though going to be a tough sell. Part # 3011-0307 Features: Instant gold karat reading Fast and accurate Non-destructive Protective case included Batteries included (1xAA) What's included: PRO‑ALLOY meter Test probe set 1 x AA battery Protective meter cover Soft carry case Multi-language instructions Official Minelab Product Page
  12. The scale I currently have is no longer working correctly, I wish I could say its broken from all the really heavy nuggets I weigh but the reality of it is, most of the gold I find is in the sub gram category. Taking a look at the scales for sale on line I don't see any that stand out, so what are you using for your nuggets?
  13. Hello all, I have been having a little luck on the southern calif beaches lately, Managed to find this silver standing liberty half dollar along with a merc dime and a buffalo nickel. They are all in about the same condition being in the ocean and sand for who knows how long. Any ideas on how to clean them?
  14. I was thinking it would be interesting to hear your (other members) thoughts on cleaning your gold. One guy I used to hunt with felt very strongly that you should just rinse it with water, no further cleaning, and absolutely no chemicals. What I do, is scrub using a tooth brush (the same one I use daily ) and citrus cleaner. I then soak the gold in Whink for a day then scrub again with citrus cleaner. If it has a calcite/ caleche coating like much of the Rye Patch Chevron gold, I soak it in CLR. I like the gold to be free of any visible iron oxide, manganese, calcite, etc. But I don't like th
  15. I need some ideas on getting a fair price for gold jewelry. My sister and I inherited gold and diamond jewelry that appraises between 30 and 40k. The local jeweler who actually crafted many of the pieces is offering sub-wholesale 11k, according to him most of the gold will be scraped, diamonds reset in new jewelry or used for repairs. Many of the gold chains are in pristine shape so I doubt he'll actually scrap them. I'm not keen on screwing around with a bunch of "tire kickers" and scammers on Ebay. What kind of options are out there?
  16. I need my fellow prospectors advice on gold scales? Is there a scale that measures in grains and fractions of a grain plus pennyweights,Troy ounces, and grams and is reliable and under say $40? The scale at work measured to only 1/10 of a gram and my home scale only does pennyweights and ounces. Scales on Ebay are saying they round off to the nearest whole number on grains and no fractions...needless to say I am confused...be nice to have one that reads in decimals to tenths of a grain for like a 1.3 grain flake...or 2.45 grams ,etc... Thanks -Tom
  17. The recent sale of a 75 ounce nugget for around $400,000 equates to over $5000 per ounce, even more considering the nugget is not pure gold. This illustrates something I have told people in my classes in the past. It is only half about how much gold you find. The other half is how much do you get for the gold you find? A person finding an ounce of gold and selling it for $3000 is more successful than a person who finds two ounces of gold and sells it for $2000 total. The first person may have a nice specimen piece and sells it to a collector. The second person has some small gold sold to
  18. I was going thru my junk and found a gold bracelet that I had always thought was gold plate cause it was mostly brown with some yellow underneath? On closer examination, the clasp is clearly marked 14 K underneath by where the chain attaches and it does feel heavy. I got this ages ago with my Tesoro Lobo, before I had a metered machine.Just tested it with my MXT and 6 x 9 coil and it reads VDI 26-30, Pulltab/Ring on Coin mode and in Prospect mode,it reads 10% iron id which sure sounds like nonferrous to me...Does 14 K gold really corrode like this? How do I clean it up? Maybe I better take it
  19. I know I can look it up on the internet but I trust you fellas more then looking up random stuff. You guys are the pros so how do I do it? strick
  20. Seeking some wisdom from the pros.... Those of you that hunt gold for a living, when you turn your gold into cash, how do you report the income? What is the best tax strategy to follow. Is it better to report it as individual income, or is it better to run it through a business? HH Mike
  21. Would like to hear some methods you guys may be using forgetting that bright luster. some of my rock I have to use h.f.acid to remove rock, sometimes not always the gold seems to have gotten dulled by this h.f.and its harder to get luster back. I have tried vinegar and salt seems to help some, is there something better maybe? I haven't tried the fabric cleaning tool, l heard that works well some of the specimen pieces are pretty delicate, don't know if gun pressure is to much for these maybe. Any advice is much appreciated thanks. Rick.
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