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January Gold From The Chesapeake Bay (15)

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Hi Joe, 

Thanks for the video.  

What a great 1st target of the day.   I'm usually a little wary if my first find of the day is top shelf.  But you followed that up with 2 more.   Nicely done. Great start to the year. 

I like your floating screen sifter material better than my wire mesh.   Haven't figured out what it is you're using.  Can you point me in a direction ? 

Rich - 

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Thank you....Here is some info on the sifter, McMaster Carr is where I get the mesh when I first started..............some one just asked a few weeks ago so I did a vid for them also..

Also a friend of mine got me something called Rockshield Mesh...which has been the best I've used...he works construction, they cover the pipes with it then fill in with rock, the mesh protects the pipes.








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Thanks Joe !  That's a great help and appreciated.   I would never have guessed  the base was a bread tray.  LOL     Very clever. 




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