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Odd But Interesting Find


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16 hours ago, beatup said:

here it is all brewed up...

I did a Google search on history of instant coffee.  (Here is one of many.)  There is a lot of copying of stories but it appears the process goes back at least to the late 1700's.  I wonder if someone was making and selling this out of their back room and that is the origin of your find.  Being a century or more old, it's not surprising that it no longer smells appetizing.

That's quite an interesting find, maybe rarer than gold, but I wish it had been gold instead....

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7 hours ago, vanursepaul said:

Black Gold!!!


Texas Tea and Strick beat me to it.

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6 hours ago, beatup said:

smells like real dirty dish water and burnt coffee and no way would i drink it.


Well I think that the smell of dirty dish water is off the tin it was in, and you probably had to much water for the amount of coffee you put in it.

Now go do it right and taste it and make those old timers proud of you.

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