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6 Days At The Beach, Not All That Great

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21 hours ago, F350Platinum said:

I throw all my gear on the golf cart and ride down to the golf cart parking lot next to the beach showers.

I stand corrected on the walking part,,,,, you drove to it. 10 houses maybe 500 feet away, in a cart is still less than 5 minutes.

Walk the dog and clean up after it 3 minutes.

Clean up the camper, not a house, 5 minutes.

Have coffee, you probably started it before taking the dog out, another 10 minutes.

Taking care of "old man stuff" 30 minutes.

Load water into cart 2 minutes.

O.K. I concede the hour trip to the beach.

Since I don't think that you have won the Lottery yet, your odds of getting hit by lightening is still very small, and might just improve your luck with the Lottery.

With all that said now you tell me about the headphones, I guess you made the right choice there as I would have had to save the detector equipment myself. Some of the headphones are not cheap and money is hard to come by lately.

Thank you for taking the time and clarifying some of the reasons why you quit so fast on your hunt.

Good luck on your next hunt, and the NOX is getting even with you for getting another for these trips.

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