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  1. If they can still be repaired to some degree then they are still worth something. Finds I got with my Tejon in matter of months far far exceed what I paid for the machine. Garrett is still a solid company and probably the best customer support I have seen in any company. Heard Fisher is great too. My buddy has had good support with Whites.
  2. To clean the contacts you could use an ordinary pencil eraser and take the corrosion off. Won't help if the terminals have been corroded away but does work for poor contact from corrosion. The leaking from the cells on the battery pack?
  3. They can't compete with the beginner market where machines with a vdi is more appealing to people starting. They could have competed on the mid to higher end and could have done better than what Blisstool has come up with. There is still a niche market for analog machines but certainly not on the scale of any of the other makers. Riding on older models and too many models with no real future product development is always bad. Goldpick, if your local agent is still doing repairs maybe you could post their contact info for those that need it?
  4. If I turn it on facing down at a 45 it does better but there are time I feel like just leaving in the hole I just dug and burry the bugger. So I guess that random loss of calibration is a "Feature" and does not warrant an RMA from Minelab. Thanks for the reply.
  5. They had a listing for business status in the past here but not sure how old that posting is: https://www.dandb.com/businessdirectory/tesoroelectronicsinc.-prescott-az-12534255.html Not sure with 4.8 mil in rev what a 200k mortgage would do. Maybe building maintenance ie roof or something? I think they just lost heart in the business after Jack passed.
  6. Last beach I was on I started to pick up bobby pins. Never encountered one until I started to use a PI. Thinking I should start hitting your beach as it appears to be bobby pin free now 🙂
  7. Have a good 10-15 hours on the first charge on these batteries and they are still nearly full with no loss in power. Machine performance is like a fresh set of batteries. I am getting the same performance I get from my RnB pack I got for my AT pro at 1/4 the price.
  8. Does look like Brit 8 over a hallmark. I would look up hallmarks rather than makers marks. Seems really rough for pewter. Tin is usually pretty corrosion resistant and over time the brit 8 turns a little dull gray but brighter than the leaded pewters. http://pewterbank.com/html/britannia_metal.html Brit 8 came out in 1769.
  9. Amazon, Ebay and Ali Express are outlets for resellers and not always authorized resellers sell on those sites. Only dealer I buy from on Ebay is Serious Detecting who also has a regular site. They all should have similar pricing and knockoffs would be substantially cheaper (not counting used). There is pretty much fixed pricing on detectors which is a good thing. A manufacturers suggested retail price and the dealers price with wiggle room on package deals. Serial numbers are a good way to see if a machine has been registered already (used number knock off). The manufacturer should be able to look that up and if there are bar codes on it then they can help. Bottom line if the machine sold as new was really cheap then it's most likely not the real deal.
  10. Did you get your Profind 35 in yet? I have one and if I turn it on facing upwards it will sound off when turned face down. If I turn it on facing down I can use it but if I lay it sideways it sounds off. Not sure what is up with the self calibration. If yours behaves the same way then I won't submit for an RMA on it.
  11. At least you can take it apart and fiddle and not worry about the warranty. Has anyone out there set up to do repairs on them?
  12. Touching wires inside I would expect would sound off. My Tejon can pick up my hand when I run it past the coil. They are sensitive machines. You could drop the sensitivity down if needed. Does the Mojave have a ground tracking like the Lobo or is it just a generic high or low switch? The few times I ran my Tejon at the beach I did have to drop sensitivity down to gb it as I got close to the water but was able to nudge it back up to close to full after. This worked fairly well but there were areas I simply couldn't run it at all. The AT Pro I have was much more forgiving in crap soil and beach.
  13. Did they ever explain the reason for the odd shaped dd coil? Seem more cosmetic than function.
  14. Looks promising. My takes as an avid Tejon user is they trigger system looks awkward. Sound seem to be improved and using a 2 tone break rather than listening for a break should be easier to new users. Iron audio is a huge plus but not sure how good it is on large iron that may sound off beyond the discrim setting. My guess is it will be like most other detectors in that aspect. Funny how people shun the analog machines over the usual vdi when learning a good analog machine will make them really excel with a vdi.
  15. My Profind 35 seems to sound off on nothing and seems to be getting worse. If I turn it on away from anything facing upward it will sound off if I turn it facing down. If I turn it on facing down it seems to be ok but will start sounding off sometimes sideways. I have cut the sensitivity to halfway but that makes no difference. I have a fresh 9v in it. Has anyone else run into this? (note it is a replacement unit, previous unit the speaker died but would run pretty stable)
  16. If the cuff isn't then maybe look into after market shaft system. People seem to like the carbon fiber ones out. Think Anderson might have a setup for it.
  17. I have an AT Pro and it is tricky to use at the beach, friend has the AT Max and it fairs much better but also tricky. The Nox's do best as far as vlf's in the salt because they are true multi frequency and not single or selectable. Having a selectable frequency machine that can handle 10khz or less to 20 khz would cover just about any situtuation ie lower frequency for salt, mid frequency general coin and relic and high frequency for gold and jewelry. There is also thee Nokta Simplex that might be worth looking at for around $300 and supposed to be simple to use. It is pretty new but has the different presets for different hunting and ships with a descent coil. There seems to be a bit of a price hump between the $500 mark and the next level of machines ie nox 600 and 800 as an example.
  18. If they just send you the part and have you do the install, maybe putting a rubber washer then a steel washer on top would give it just a bit of protection and disperse the forces where it is bolted in. Not sure why they would have just one hole to mount. I would have had at least 2 screws, one upper and one lower with a curved washer on them.
  19. Ya hot rocks are killers on vlf's That cuff should be cheap enough to replace, just never seen one break before. Wonder if the screw was over torqued and crushed the plastic?
  20. Beaches here are bit depleted, waiting for the to refil from the eager crowds this summer. What detector was that arm cuff from? Personally if I were to make one I would use 66 nylon as that would be nearly indestructible. ABS will degrade under UV light and doesn't handle bitter cold weather very well in comparison. I recently snagged the SeaHunter just for beach hunting even though the discrim pretty useless the trash I have come across wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Depth on the little stock coil blows me away. I thought hot rocks would also be an issue and I can barely pick them up so very very pleased with the purchase. Should provide some good bang for the buck. Detection on the sides of the coil took me a little to get used to where a vlf is in the center but I found it actually easy to determine target sizes as I can go around the target helping me separate pocket change from cachet's of natty lites.
  21. No question, just saying so far they are working well and about half the money the AA lithium rechargeables were not too long ago.
  22. I recently purchased these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07D9K2H9H/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 They are the proper 1.5 volt and lithium batteries. They work well in my Tesoro that tends to chew up batteries fairly quickly. Will see how they hold up. They should not fade in performance as regular Alkalines do. $20 for 4 is pretty good. Much less than the $80 I paid for my AT Pro lithium pack.
  23. If the connector doesn't have any play or wiggle to it then it could be dirty connecter pins. If you can find a bit of lithium dielectric grease you could put some on the pins. Good chance the machine was in the salt and some salt got on the connector. When I rewired a boat I had I used that grease and it works awesome. Garrett is really good on repairs so giving them a holler if that doesn't work won't hurt.
  24. The head light button a cover to a push button? Guessing a very old car. The kicker plate does look horse related but might not be a production piece. Really cool finds.
  25. kac

    Newbie In D House!

    Welcome! What kind of budget and what areas do you intend to detect on? Parks, fields, fresh and or salt water? Lot of machines out there to pick through and lot of suggestions from people here that use them or have used them.
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