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  1. If you have the 6" coil too toss that on and see if the machine behaves the same. Generally larger coils are more susceptible to emi.
  2. Stone is probably there too...... going back?
  3. Looks like someone took a 5k diamond out and tossed the ring back 😛 Nice find!
  4. MS2's are nice have a pair for my Tesoros. Couldn't bring myself to dish out big bucks for a pair as they can get beat up in the woods. Single volume control can be tough if your deaf in one ear and can't hear out the other.
  5. The MS 2's should be fine on it, volume should be loud enough. The waterproof headphones work well but are hard on the ears and audio is fixed. If your not dunking your head the regular ms2's should be fine. I often use them over the waterproof ones on my Seahunter MK2 when beach combing or wading.
  6. Should sneak that into one the parks where no detecting is allowed 🙂 Be like the fake deer to catch poachers!
  7. Tesoros are pretty good at iron discrimination, should be easy enough to disc out the kitchen sinks 😁 Nice run!
  8. How is it unmasking coins from old iron nails? In particular 3d masking with nail above a few inches. Has anyone tried one with the stock dd at the beach on wet sand?
  9. Might be leaded pewter. Zinc usually bubbles up. Probably cast with a rubber mold on a centrifugal casting machine maybe 70's.
  10. I did that but depends on the aluminum. 6061 it would hold up much better as it is harder than some the other aluminum. I used an extension pole from a snow rake. Had a detachable end I put into the scoop so I can pop it apart and it fits in the back of my car. Don't think it is 6061 as it seems really soft.
  11. Little big for a typical pin. Is it zinc?
  12. Measure the dia. Might be a hair smaller but GB and F350 I think are right, looks like a roasted large cent, found plenty here. Also a possibility of being a state coin, little older than the large cents. Sometimes if you wet it you can see some bit of detail.
  13. Nice run there. Go back next year you can finish your monster truck collection :)
  14. Ace Apex is a half descent machine for what it is and the MF does work well but I often use it as a 10khz or 15khz machine. They had coil issues that plagued them on first release and that soured a lot of people. I believe that was in the connector where the issue was. Anyways most my hunting is with single frequency machines ie Tesoros, Multi Kruzer and have gone back to 56khz Gold Racer which handles bad grounds very well. The largest coil I run for the most part is the 9" ultimate on the Apex and rest are smaller elipticals or concentric. Larger coils get slaughtered here with EMI.
  15. I tried bed liner and it does work but not for that long. Might be better off with grip tape like the stuff used on bikes. I took the easier way out and lent mine to a buddy so he has a scoop to use and black hands 🙂
  16. Very good prices too. My RTG is about worn out. I prefer the basket style scoop over the others especially since I do more beach combing than wading.
  17. Amusement tokens are really collectable. Thats a good haul.
  18. I made this for a carbon shaft conversion I did for my Cibola. Requires 4 8-32 x 7/8 screws and nuts and some double face mounting tape ie Gorilla tape or 3m. There is no holes needed to mount on shaft so it is non destructive. I did this because I did not want to drill holes through a carbon shaft because that causes a weak spot. So far the cuff is holing up really well and is very durable. When printing you can use a 10% infill to keep it light. 2 mm wall max is needed. Cuff 22-3mm shaft.zip
  19. I stopped using alkaline batters few years ago and use lithium 9v on my pinpointers and Cibola. For some reason the 9v batteries are a little too tight inside for the Cibola box and covers won't seem to close. I extended the box area just a bit and improved the upper tabs so they close better. Step file and print ready stl in zip. Any tweaks needed just give me a hollar. Cibola-Vaq fat bat box cover.zip
  20. Good friend Joe D tossed me a 8x9 coil for one my Tesoro's. Coil was never used but was missing a cover. I had made a cover previously but for some reason it didn't fit that well and was too tight. After measuring again I noticed there was a variation on the other coil. I believe the older coils may be a little different so I redid the cover for those that are looking to replace ones they have or have none. Models should be printed on an FDM. I used ABS and works fine. Zip contains a step file for those that want to fiddle with it and an stl that is ready to be sliced. New Tesoro 8x9 coil cover.zip
  21. Very good video Jeff. Doubt they will tweak it but more likely make you buy another coil, just my guess. Legend really nails those targets.
  22. Bottle caps vary quite a bit depending on how much steel is used and how old or rusty they may be. Keeping iron audio on low you should be able to hear it off the nose of the coil. In general you probably wouldn't want to notch out them because you could lose some coins in that range.
  23. Send a message to Monte as he probably knows more on the variants. He was a dealer and avid user of Tesoros.
  24. The 2 options are now listed separately. Original hook blade: https://www.ebay.com/itm/275441013738?hash=item40219053ea:g:H3MAAOSw1zxi1LiJ&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoNcd4jCsC9quKTA7szdaOzGZ6HR8L7nMUvFiDAFmwneK9rJFMJsumcXZ%2Bw%2F5TW5cnmMTX7mW%2BJ%2Bf56AK7AMsN73bZVb97K2V3oJImg%2FH5r1vjPCvX27WQO4jeef8T9m9tcZQ62YOzZVOYuJaM0DUQ1Li6BwEbvWpCvporE17Tj9tmIq5HO86hR7uZV1Mk2H0kMl2rsKL%2BF8uHHi7Si0%2BNic%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR47mze3fYA and new straight blade: https://www.ebay.com/itm/275442300637?hash=item4021a3f6dd:g:A94AAOSwEfhjEAyE&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoB0pVuyBY94sSf3W6B%2BY0MbAjACX%2BfUWx78yOanlRzcaAL9cIGlnXucB0no5ybYq131Y78KHS3B7h1A7FotVTFNp3xAUhFqZyGXEB65%2BegVY%2FCyfI%2FacKnwy3HBNqtmAnjfkQaVjkeU9rs0Tt04WASsjMNmXkCzkGTAa55yKLc2b5cUmknwZzmmv%2BIDBJmGpATnAWbtf4nkr7V5Yjc06HnY%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR47mze3fYA Thanks, Ken
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