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  1. I use a couple different cad programs. One of my favorites is fairly inexpensive called Moments of Inspiration. It can be run off most laptops and has a very short learning curve. It is also very stable. What I do love about it is I can see the tesselation prior to export and refreshes as I change curvature values so I know I am getting a nice optimized stl for 3d printing. Software can be found here: https://moi3d.com/ The Anycubic machines uses free slicing software called Cura but you can use others. So far Cura has some descent presets for different materials to get the projects jump started. Amazing how expensive all this was not that long ago and how accessable it all has become.
  2. Fits my RTG scoop that has a 4 3/4" id. Picked up a single extruder large format Anycubic Chiron that can handle 16x16x17 approx. Was sceptical on the printer at first but it is actually incredibly reliable. Bang for the buck its a great printer. Used an SLA printer for more than a decade so going over to FDM was fairly easy as it is more like a cnc machine. Man made diamond 😞 might pay for the gas as I am walking distance to the pond haha. Cleaned off the scale on the inside of scoop with a wire brush and used some 3m heavy duty mounting tape. Gorilla tape would probably work fine too. Seems to hole well. I chickend out on the rivet as it would leave a point inside that would get in the way and the plastic may break through. My scoop is pretty bent up from years of abuse so zip ties didn't work.
  3. More like the frustration of trying to keep a tiny target on the end of a scoop when your chest deep in the water motivated me to come up with some sort of solution.
  4. Was someone on this forum a while back that was showing off a custom OO coil on some machines. That Bi-axial reminds me a little like that.
  5. Always liked how the AT handled in fresh water. Figured I would wash some the cob webs off in a spot I had cleaned out couple years back with my pi. Didn't get too much as it is early in the season so these are the drops from last weekend that was blistering hot out. Pendant is 925 with a fat CZ stuck in the middle. Looked way better in the water 🙂 . Always drives me nuts when they fall through my basket scoop so for a while I had an idea of an insert to kind of catch the small stuff. The insert wasn't done printing when I went out but will try it out next time out. If it works good I'll most the final model. Probably glue the lead edge or use some double face mounting tape and maybe a zip tie in the back (F350's suggestion so if that doesn't work I'll have someone to blame haha.
  6. Just got the 5x9.5 for my Multi Kruzer and it is absolutely a blast in high trash areas, great for jewlery with it's separation. Coil that size on the Legend would be incredible.
  7. Now thats what a good day looks like. Take a loop to that big rock and see if there are any refractions or not. Should be easy enough to tell if it's a diamond not not. Big stone like that might even be etched if it's real. Heart a ruby?
  8. Glad Nokta is standing up for themselves but it only draws more attention to Calabash. Worth giving him the advertising? Not to sound bias but I really think Nokta makes some of the highest quality machines. Legend is a direct reflection of user requests so if its a similar to the Nox is probably because Nokta listened to their user requests. How many companies in general can you count that listen to their customers?
  9. Stuff I used isn't super durable on the edges but surface is holding up well. Much softer than what is on other machines. Mouse pads are a little thick on this cuff and too hard. Tried that.
  10. One of the things I was never crazy about with the Nokta Multi Kruzer is the arm cuff. I have repositioned it a few times and found all the way back works best but still bothered me. For some reason they don't put any padding on them so I picked up some adhesive back neoprene sponge foam from fleebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/392861271576 I first tried 1/8* and it works great, easy to put on but can tear easy off the edges. Wasn't sure how it would hold up but on the cuff it works great. Descided to toss an extra layer on and it stuck fine and trimmed off the edges. Super easy to put on and softer than what the other manufacturers use. Because you can apply it in layers it is easy to beef up spots in areas you may want.
  11. Big coils will give you good ground coverage but if targets are too dense or there is iron in the area you can be more prone to masking. 11" stock should do the trick for that type of hunting. Water hunting I used to use my 12x11 but find a smaller 9" concentric better. Most VLF's in the 15-20khz are plenty fine for jewlery hunting with the right coil. Your nox should do just fine, doubt you will really see much difference other than being in the hole for $1600.
  12. Kind of like fishing for sunfish when the trout aren't around, all still fun.
  13. Pull tabs always above nickels. I get tripped up on half pull tabs (ones cut by mowers) as they usually come in really close to nickels or sometimes just under.
  14. Detech Arrow isn't available for the Nox. Trashy areas your 6's should do fine. I find jewelry with all my machines though the smaller earrings and chains are trickier to find. Higher frequencies help but overall don't plan on picking them out at any depth other than an inch or so at best. One thing that helps me is I pay attention to the type of trash and the numbers they run or their sound on the Tesoro. Trash like can flip tops tend to be similar in areas. Where you end up doing more dig all is with foil and tiny aluminum. Can slaw signal will carry bit longer so when you get a hit, lift the coil and see how far it still picks up and make a mental note of that. Gold drops off faster than alum so it may save you a few junk digs. Almost all the gold rings I have found were below nickel range. Beefy platinum comes in just above and class rings are up near pull rings. Thin silver rings can be in around penny range and silver chains and earrings can be below pull rings. More activity in an area (more trash) the more likely you may find something.
  15. https://www.calgarycoin.com/reference/china/china8.htm#chai ching Thanks Phrunt, thins it' CH'IEN-LUNG, AD 1736-1795. I have another I found ages ago and will try to find it and look it up. The Arrow coil looks pretty cool, might be a good option.
  16. Been thinking of getting a small coil for it, not sure the 6.5x9 concentric or the 5x8 dd. DD probably better for coin shooting and the AT Pro isn't a depth demon. Coil I used was the stock one I had cracked then repaired.
  17. Trouble I have trying to identify it is I don't know which way is up 🙂
  18. Did a woods hunt, probably last till fall as stuff is growing in fast and snagged an old Chinese coin, guessing 1800's. Put in another hour or so at a school yard and found a lot of nickels others skipped over and a pretty nice 925 silver ring. Machine still runs good, forgot how easy it was to use.
  19. Few years ago I found all these nickels in a local swim hole, most were in a small area maybe 10'sq. Figured someone was trying to drown their kid and stuff their pocket with them.
  20. I made one out of flat stock of ABS and formed it with heat for my Multi Kruzer that loved to flop over. Stand should be a bit wider than the stock but not be in the way when you swing.
  21. The Nokta scoop might be worth checking out. Regular sand scoops are great in the water to sift out the sand but wet sand on the shore you end up just dumping it on the side rather than shaking them out. I tend to favor my RTG basket scoop for beach combing. The Nokta seems to be a hybrid of sorts between a regular scoop and basket type. Handle comes apart for portability.
  22. One to ask is Monte. You could pm here or if your a member on AHRPS could ask there. The notch discrimination might be the same circuit used on the Cortes.
  23. Poluted ground and emi effect target id's. Smaller coils always seem to be more accurate as they are less effected by both. Trend of 11" round dd coils seem more for marketing than practicality. I like my Superfly but most areas other than low trash fields or the beach it is counter productive around here. I can see how that Arrow would be good where you can nose around the trash fairly well and still cover tons of ground. Been using a Cors Shrew on the Cibola in school yards and parks lately and am amazed how many targets I can pick out.
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