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  1. Very nice. Been eying either the Orx with 9" hf or an Apex for a lighter machine to putter around the woods and parks. Got me leaning towards the Apex now.
  2. I had the same trouble with water resistance on my Kruzer with stock coil. The fins do make it tough to swing. I haven't tried my Nel coil on it in the water yet may see how that goes. The entire shaft on the Kruzer is very ridged and absolutely no flex. I forgot the Amphibio has a similar shaft style as the Simplex.
  3. I looked in the box it shipped in and actually had a spare!
  4. Who makes the carbon shafts for the Simplex? Thought the Simplex didn't have a round shaft. The Kruzer, Amphibio and Racers use round shafts and the lower carbon poles work. Overall not a huge weight saving, maybe an oz or so but they are a bit more ridged.
  5. Hard to go wrong with the mid range frequencies. I use 14khz mostly on my MK, the AT Pro is 15 and I do really well with my Tesoro at 17.5khz. I noticed higher frequencies get slaughtered on depth in wet mineral rich ground.
  6. Tejon doesn't like the Nokta plulse much, can't change either. ML Profind 35 doesn't work well at all in any frequency on the Kruzer. AT Pro is pretty stable with both. SeaHunter MK2 hates them all 🙂 Still be nice to have a chart of some sorts. Not all machines have a wide enough frequency offset to not only combat emi but interferance with a pinpointer.
  7. I like finding the old skeleton keys, wasn't too long ago me and a buddy were hunting a hunted out spot, I had my Tejon and he had his Nox. He wasn't finding anything and I was hitting some old IH's so I pointed him over to a spot near me and almost immediately he got a nice bronze skeleton key!
  8. According to that law then everyone is safe as long as they get the item in question priced out at a local pawn shop in which case no matter what they will value it at $20 🙂
  9. Bigger issue with pinpointers is compatibility more so than sensitivity to a gnats body piercing at distances greater than 3". Nothing is more annoying then when your machine goes nuts or your pin pointer falses out because the machine and pointer don't play well together. Be nice to see a compatibility chart here so people can reference it.
  10. Took the Gold Racer to a field I hit that has been picked through by a lot of people. Pretty much used all metal until I hit some trashier spots that had a lot of old iron bits and coal. Disc1 with default settings and gain around 90 worked well. Disc 2 I had nearly identical settings except with imask on 0 and id filter on 2. Got s solid 90 so knew I had something in the silver range and it turned out to be 2 clad silver dollars in the same hole about 4" down. Thinking others skipped it because it could be mistaken for trash like a can etc. Other was a fairly deep clad quarter bout
  11. All Metal has an advantage where you can hear the variations in the ground yet clearly hear a target and be able to better judge it's size/depth. The VDI on the Gold Racer is really good and will id a 10" clad dime with stock dd in low/moderate ground. The only time I will switch to a disc mode is when there are just too many targets to follow and my brain can't keep up. Overall in moderate/low trash areas the Gold Racer is a fun small jewelry and coin shooter on top of being a prospecting machine but you can easily get overwhelmed in high trash areas. The discriminator is limited as you
  12. Excellent post, really puts a reality to what people think about vlf's in tough ground. Average or mild ground I assume the Nox and Deus hold their own and are better vs trash than the GPX. I say that because everyone thinks their dirt is tough, here in New England we get patches that are bad but for the most part majority of the dirt here is mild.
  13. The mint made some $1 ones but those are newer I think. Thanks Chase good find on research.
  14. Haven't posted anything in a while, messed my back up so my detecting is limited. Figured I would hit the beach and use my scoop so I don't have to bend over. Used the Multi Kruzer because I was just hitting the damp and dry sand. Picked up bit of clad, some trash and got a faint signal no numbers until I took a scoop then numbers came up, another half scoop down I got this Grant presidential coin. Date on it is 1877 but don't know when it was minted. Not bad shape for being at the beach.
  15. First tell tale sign of slag is its usually flat on one side.
  16. If that was copper or tin slag it can be an indicator of a house burning. Found a lot of slag near foundations of structures that were burned down. Either case slag is a huge pain to detect through to find anything.
  17. Copper pennies aren't all copper though so melt value would be probably considered scrap at the fraction of their face value. Also not legal to melt coins.
  18. Wet ground is conductive. Good read is this from Dave Johnson, part way in he describes wet ground. http://www.fisherlab.com/hobby/davejohnson/HaloEffect.pdf
  19. Found this on UPI. Beach hunter was able to get a phone back to the owner. Never found a working one here. https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2021/05/05/Joe-Lynch-metal-detector-Fort-Myers-Beach-Florida-iPhone-Lacy-Moulton/7261620247188/
  20. Have you tried that machine for any relic hunting or you still poking around the lakes mostly?
  21. Coil choice depends on the type of detecting you plan on doing. If your looking for micro jewelry and bit of coin shooting the stock dd and/or stock concentric should do the trick. I had looked into a slightly larger coil for relic hunting but still sticking with stock dd here for the most part. Stock dd hits a 2 gram gold pendant at 14" and a silver dime at 10" so no complaints. In the field obviously those numbers are less depending on ground conditions.
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