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  1. On your Max you can drop the ground balance down about 5, this can help quite a bit and give you a bit more depth. Do a manual ground balance then hit the - and back it off a bit. I do that on the AT Pro. It can make it a little less chatty. If you have a lot of flat iron the 6x9 concentric can help as it won't mask out like a dd does. Just don't expect the id's to be the same as concentrics can combine targets.
  2. Your F-Pulse should be blind to the mineralization as it is a pi pointer. If it is falsing then that may be from emi. I have both the ML Profind 35 and Nokta Pulse Dive Pointer. There are places here the PF will false on the ground and often from bits of coal but the Nokta doesn't see bits of coal. I tend to like the PI better but it lacks sensitivity to tiny stuff like earings. For bad soil I hunt in areas that are swampy or on edges of wetlands that have bog iron which is a layer of rusty crap. All my vlf's behave the same and my buddies Nox reacts the same way where depth id junk until you scrap a bit of top off. Mineralization will show in the mid to high 90's. Other issue we have here especially in many of the lakes is we have a lot of smokey quarts that is loaded with iron. Moderate ground is 80's. With that being said if you have a top soil layer that is active with earth worms and a clay layer below then likely your very lucky as the clay line will be where stuff will settle and not lower unless man has been there turning or moving dirt around. Targets would have to have quite a bit of weight and there would have to be a lot of activity to make something sink into the clay. I think if you can't wait, the smaller coil for either your Vanquish or AT Max would do the trick for you and just make it so much easier to isolate targets.
  3. There are some new SMF's coming out that may do better than the Nox, XP is rolling one out and Nokta. Personally I would hold up on buying any machine until I see how those perform. I do agree the Max can be tough in very trashy areas, even my AT Pro is similar in that aspect though small coils make significant difference. I have been doing well with the Apex. Not sure if you would like the audio on that but it handles iron infestation and trash very well.
  4. Might have been Jeff Bezos headed home...
  5. No matter what machine you use, in high trash areas the smaller coils will be much better. No matter what machine you choose by nature detectors sense targets on top. Higher recovery speeds and more sensitive machines may pick up on targets next to trash better but again coil size is a bigger factor. Knowing your trash can be helpful. As an example on the AT series and even the Apex a typcial square tab will be 53-55 and often higher and a nickel will be below that. Cut nails often fall around 33-36 range. Investigating targets that are not those particular numbers or sound different is important. Lastly iron + a target nearby will give you 2 different signals depending which way you swing over the area. One direction may only have an iron response while another you may get a double target or even just a spike in the numbers. Iron next to a dime you may get a number in the aluminum range in one direction and iron only in another. Using a smaller coil will help separate the targets and help isolate them. When I hunt iron riddled areas I take a swing in couple different directions over each target.
  6. I believe when they have 2 metal marks it is 2 different metals. Hard to see if in pic what is gold tone and what is silver. Very good run there.
  7. Hmm $1.85 per hour... Want to do my lawn? :) That tag is cool!
  8. 3 black cats are supposed to be good luck. Maybe the owner thew them after losing a weeks pay at the track!
  9. There are a few more diggers left on Ebay, link above. Link was taken down for vacation.
  10. Quick follow up, I took the Apex with the 9" coil to the beach sunday. Though I only found a 1924 and 1941 wheatie and some and little over a buck in clad, the Apex handled the salt really well. I was able to run it flat out with no falsing even in the wet using MS mode. ID's were very accurate so I knew what I was digging. Depth probably about the same as my Kruzer with 12" coil which isn't bad but the id's are much better. I did notice on the dry sand if I used regular MF mode it would false quite a bit so in general I just left is in MS and ground balanced as I went towards the water line.
  11. Might been a pin for a local ball team.
  12. If they have another engineer working there then that means R&D is alive and they are working on new models. That is hopeful.
  13. Looks like you can stuff some shotgun shells around that one LOL, not sure if it would fly wearing it in a local park... On another note, my customers can get custom bags made, wonder if we came up with a dream pouch with the features we want and I could see how much they would cost.
  14. Looks like it had a nail that was soldered so probably a pin. I take it your not going to repair and wear it huh? 🙂
  15. Gary brings up a very good point about the ring that may just not be there. If your Tesoro has a concentric coil and you set the disc to just above iron and crank that sensitivity up to but not to chatter at all with coil raised it should be in striking range for the ring. Another thought is it may have been knocked out of that location from a lawnmower or yard cleanup. I would grid off the whole yard. Also check where clippings may have been dumped.
  16. The machine balances well, the Orx I had before was a little nose heavy but a bit lighter. Keep in mind I have a carbon mid and lower shaft on it too so it isn't stock. The 9" ultimate is similar in weight as the stock viper. In the field the Viper gives you more ground coverage but the long narrow shape doesn't navigate undergrowth in woods hunting as well as a round coil. I think people are overlooking the 9" and going for much bigger coils. I guess if you only have one machine then that may make sense but for myself I have machines that are deeper and have bigger coils already. I believe Monty is looking into a 9" for his T2, would be nice to see how it performs on that machine. This is my first Detech coil and I am impressed with the stability and overall build quality. Connector is well made and the coil is very sturdy.
  17. A magnetic snap might be good, never wear out and all our nails will stick to it 🙂
  18. I was looking at the Calces and held back as I am not a fan of zippers for this type of thing. Some my friends use backpacks to carry a lot of their extra gear, not a bad idea either but less I carry the better especially woods hunting. Can you stitch a velcro flap on the pockets on the one you have? I'm not good at stitching anything, everything I try to stitch ends up looking like a pom pom 😞
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