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  1. The dealer said in a reply that the Anfibio is the better than the Kruzer. I was only thinking that one of the 2 products was bing nixed as they seemed to be pushing the Kruzer. I agree on the XP machines, having displays that size makes a vdi virtually useless for most people. Glad you have some experience on the Quest machines. Will be hitting a show room soon to check these machines out first hand and be glad to pass on the info. Like I mentioned I am more of a beep and dig and love the silent search. I had been thinking of hooking the Tejon up to my laptop and do some audio recordings of the different targets to really see what the objects look like in a digital sinewave sense. I can tell most targets by ear but often wonder how much difference there really is. Maybe using a machine for long enough it becomes instinct on what to dig and not?
  2. As far as the Anfibio I was told by a dealer that the Kruzer is better choice. Guessing that they might be fazing out the Anfibio? You are spot on for the multi freq all the time vs selectable but in general they are All Terrain machines. I can't comment if selectable is better than a MF or which is going to detect a bobby pin 3 ft down etc. Most of my detecting is done with a 17hz Tejon and bottom line is if your used to your machine, it is comfortable for all day swinging, getting some good finds and enjoy the day that is what really counts. I personally have no machine bias, just scouting out machines based on reviews as a friend of mine is looking for machines in this category.
  3. All this back and forth on a couple of machines, how does Quest Pro fit in as a multi freq machine? Friend of mine is looking for an all terrain vlf and not sure what to get. He has been using my AT Pro which is pretty shy on features compared to the machines out now. He was looking at the AT Max but that is single freq, Whites MX Sport, Nox Equinox 800, Quest Pro and the Anfibio. I thought the performance on the Anfibio was comparable to the Nox but the menu system seemed cleaner and simpler.
  4. Tesoro's site is almost back up so there is still some life there, anyone have a defib?
  5. As a fan of analog beep and dig machines over flashy displays I came across the Blisstool Beast and the depth tests and target separation seem really impressive. Has anyone used one?
  6. I have been eyeing some waterproof machines to upgrade from my AT Pro and looked at the Equinox 800, AT Max, Anfibio Multi and XP Orx all of which are in the same price range. Weight wise the Orx looks good but when compared to the Deus and other machines it seems to lack depth which could be just coil size. AT Max looks good with it's all metal mode but the low 13hz might make finding small gold pieces difficult. Last it leaves the Equinox vs Anfibio multi and seeing comparisons of the 2 machines the Anfibio looks like the better of the 2 machines on depth and signal stability. I have never used any of the machines and others here probably have first hand info that might make the choice better.
  7. Land like that I would have to drag my flyrod along with the detector! Makes me feel like a seagull at a dump with the areas I poke through 😞
  8. I'm not in any rush, I have been using my AT Pro in the big fields but some the fields are hit hard so was going to do a few passes with the Tejon in all metal mode and use the 2nd discrim for small iron. I love the concentric on it now, I can pick through the worst areas and snipe out the good stuff which seems to make it a great machine for parks where you really can't dig everything without getting screamed at by the caretakers. Looking at the Nel and Detech coils as comparison and think they might be a good alternative. For lower pole it isn't a huge deal to undo a nut and swap it out. I do that on my AT. Takes more time to wind the wire than to spin a nut and it isn't like I need to run through the area and do a change out in some sort of competition 🙂
  9. Nice finds and yes there are 925's with diamonds, found one last summer. Though small they are real. CZ's are easy to spot because they refract light giving off different colors where as diamonds don't.
  10. I baby my equipment, should have it for quite a while. If it fails and I can't fix it i'll bronze it and hang it on my wall 🙂
  11. Just realized that, they are out of battery box covers too. Worst case scenario I can always make one if I need to. Curious if the wide scan coil is worth getting or is the Nell or Detech coils equal or better? Seems like a mad grab out there on parts and pieces. Reminds me of the food hoarders just before a snow storm up here.
  12. Seriousdetecting has them here for $12, they are pretty good to order from. https://www.seriousdetecting.com/products/?product_cat=shafts&source_id=897&source_tax=product_cat&filter_manufacturer=tesoro I love the concentric but you don't cover much ground when it comes to big open fields.
  13. I have been using the 9x8 concentric coil mostly for park hunting and trashy areas and wondering how good the 12x10 wide scan coil is on depth and small targets or would I be better off with a Nel Thunder or something similar? I find the 9x8 a little tedious on big fields. Thinking of getting that coil along with a lower pole and other parts as back up since Tesoro seems to have evaporated.
  14. Nice, Was eyeing the ORX and having 2nd thoughts now. Thanks for posting.
  15. Be nice if they posted something on their home page on what is going on. They had so many loyal customers they just walked away from. Certainly not how I would do business.
  16. Nice stuff, too bad that modern half cent isn't worth anything hehe
  17. Warranty states Iifetime of the company. Unless there are some state level regulations forcing them to support the machines for XXX years after company closing then maybe that is what they are doing. If that is the case I believe some states require 5 years after last product sale. My hunch and maybe I'm being hopeful, is they are quiet because they haven't tossed in the towel yet.
  18. Looks like Tesoro is still doing repairs. Maybe just restructuring the company. If that is the case and I can confirm then I will snag a Sand Shark for my beach combing. Hope they are still kicking.
  19. kac


  20. The AT Gold runs at 18hz, wouldn't the comparison be better if the XP was set at a similar frequency. It does go to 17hz right?
  21. Those are good videos. When I use my AT Pro I discovered when the machine is in the salt water I simply plant it flat on the sand, toss it into manual gb and adjust it so both high and low sounds are the same and it seems to be dead on and extremely stable, even picked up a dime about 8" down and thought it was a penny the way it hit, was pretty loud. Planting the machine on dry sand does not seem to work so I do the typical pumping.
  22. My old Whites Bullseye II and Minelab Profind 35 detect about the same on small objects. Took a small silver bead size of a bb and they detect the same about 1" away. Bullseye did a little better. Larger objects like coins and bigger the Minelab does better. Few years back I built a stud finder that hits the bb at about 1/2" away haha. Wish I had a PI to test with and let you know. Having a hunch what you already have is going to be about the same when it comes to tiny stuff.
  23. I believe that a vlf may pick up more on tiny finds better than a pi that may or may not go deeper. The Profind 35 I have has an iron signal with a low uneven vibrate that does help when it works. It is super sensitive but unfortunately I feel the quality isn't there and probably a hit or miss when purchasing. I use the pinpointer mostly in parks where I don't heave out a pile of dirt to the side and swing my detector over it, the grounds keepers tend to frown on foot high mounds of mud all over the place. Between the 2 vlf pp's I have they both detect small objects with no issues and the newer profind does go deep. I would lean towards the vlf over a pi in this case. Just my hunch you might be better off. Whites has a good rep on customer service so they do have your back.
  24. Not sure but seems after reading the posts the TRX might be the best bet. PI is good if you have really really bad soil or use them in the salt. In the salt it is almost useless to have a pp since you use a scoop and when you scoop run the detector over the hole and if it doesn't ring LQQK in the scoop. Pretty brainless hunting. Would be nice if the vlf pp had some sort of discrimination where you could nudge out iron. Can't tell ya how many times I dug big holes and had to sift through nails and bits of rust to find what I was looking for.
  25. Was looking at my AT Pro that I run with a big coil and trying to figure out if I could make a counter weight or not and looking under the armrest I discovered Garrett put a wire clip! After all these years I never noticed it. After giving up on the idea of a counter weight I hooked the headphone wire to the clip and discovered the wire had a nasty slice through it and was only held together by the copper shielding! Dug through my box of stuff I use for electronic repair I had a container of liquid electrical tape. Looks like I'm good to go. Close call as I plan to hit the beaches this weekend.
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