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Minelab 4500 Vs Garrett Axiom

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Hard to say since the Axiom is not in customer hands as a finished product, and I have never tested it where you are. I’d say “probably” is the best answer you can get at this time. Unless you are just all fired up to sell your 4500 now, the best bet is to wait and see.

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I really appreciate these responses from experienced Minelab PI users that have also used the Axiom. 

The wait for the Axiom is kicking my butt.

So is my Minelab PI detector inner fanboy that wants me to call up a guy near me to negotiate for his SDC 2300 that is already priced really well. 

I went down the SDC 2300, GPX 5000, GPX 6000 road already and know for a fact that my body and hearing (GPX 6000) does not want me to play with those anymore.......unless I get some kind of incredible stem cell plasma treatment for my gradually falling apart body.

Thanks for reminding me that the Axiom is the most ergonomic of the bunch, it's plenty sensitive to smaller targets and is capable of being a very versatile PI which is what I really want from a PI.

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That's were I'm at when it comes to the Axiom. I've owned a GP 3500, GPX 4000, 4500 and 5000 and after getting the 6000 I'm not going back to the being tied to a battery and headphones. I've swung Steve's Axiom and I don't care if it's not quite as good at some things the GPX 4500 might be good at. It's just not worth going back to any of the GPX models except the 6000 which I have no intention of getting rid of at this time. The Axiom is well balanced and can be swung all day long, fun to use too. At some point I will get one, but for now I'm happy with the 6000.

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9 minutes ago, Dain Blackburn said:

Thank you everyone for your input, it has help a lot making a decision. Then when I see Steve holding the Axiom with one finger, that's it iam going to sell.


I'm not telling you to keep or sell your GPX-4500, that's for your to decide.  If you have had great success and know the 4500 well, then it's harder to let it go.  If you are pretty new to the 4500 and only found a couple ounces, then it's easier to go with the Axiom.

I started my PI career with the old green SD-2100 and have owned every one ever since.  A couple of them were really hard to convince myself to upgrade to new...as the amount of ounces recovered with the old reliable was (we'll just say they're paid for).  Anyway, then I realized how the pattern from Minelab has proven that each of their newer models...is finding more gold.

Now with Garrett, this is really only their 3rd PI.  I've owned the other 2 and found gold, but it's hard to keep wanting to use them when I also had the Minelabs.  It's a different story this time around as the Axiom is a big leap for Garrett and for most folks, I feel they will like it.  I also realize there will be those who won't for one reason or another and nothing I can do about that.  Those folks are the ones who pretty much complain about every detector they own.  I guess a few folks enjoy finding complaints more than gold.

As a Multi line user/dealer, my job is to give quality built detector options to my customers.  If you know me well enjoy, you can read between the lines and see which detectors and models I enjoy swinging and sharing success with.  Those are the same tools I think will get results for folks if they hunt the same kind of areas/targets and styles I hunt.  I'll never post on a forum for someone to sell their older trusty detector, but I might give opinions and advice of why the new one is more fun and exciting to swing.  You get to make the final decision though and I am totally fine with your decision.B-S5.thumb.jpg.4a10f40afea71dd2e61aef058ce1d371.jpg


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Hey Steve and Gerry,

   Great information as always.  I think the Garrett will be a huge hit in the US.  I'm excited for a USA made unit to be honest.  I have supported Minelab since the early 90's, still do 100%, but I'm super excited Garrett got this one right.  I wasn't a huge fan of the Infinium or ATX (due to the weight), but the Axiom looks and sounds like a real winner.  

I think Minelab recently countered with the "GPX 6000 Artisanal" which I do have a few left.  It's the GPX 6000 International package, which comes with the 11" Round Mono & 17 inch Elliptical Mono and then are tossing in the 14" DD & extra Li-ion Battery for FREE.  You are getting all three coils in this package plus extra battery.  It's the same price, $6000.  

Good to see some good competition between manufactures, it only will benefit the end user for potentially better products and maybe better prices.  

Wishing you all a poke full of gold.


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