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Need Help , Daughter Wants A Metal Detector!!!

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26 minutes ago, Hard Prospector said:

Hey Fred,

The  SDC 2300 is about as simple as they get and will find  the smallest nuggets around your foothills and jewelry at the beach.  The Gold Bug Pro / F19 is super simple to operate, has good discrimination  and could fill in the VLF nitch.   Both detectors can be picked up dirt cheap these days  but still very effective.  

 The SDC 2300 is a very very nice detector thats for sure, I had a chance to use one for a bit and like you said turn on and go detector. Its one detector I would consider owning as its effective on small gold and its collapsable.

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Hopefully where you detect a VLF can handle the ground mineralization as hearing hot rocks all days is very discouraging to a young detectorist.

If you are getting a VLF though the newer multi-freq. detectors can perform like your MXT and find smaller gold than the MXT.

The March sale on the Equinox 600/800 also has the free 6" coil added to the package. 

Pricing as follows:

Best Buy! Equinox 600 $599 corded headphones 2 coils & 3 year warranty.

Note: Park 2 works on small sub grain gold .03 gram in it's multi-freq. mode. You give up about a quarter to half inch difference compared to the 800 in prospecting mode. 

Equinox 800 $899 wireless headphones 2 coils & 3 year warranty.

Legend $499 no headphones one coil 2 year warranty.

Legend Pro Pack $699 wireless headphones 2 coils including 6" 2 year warranty. 

Should be a good year in the Sierra's for you both, especially if the snows melt off quickly!



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If not too late, my vote would go to the Minelab Vanquish 540. From what others have said, it hits hard on coins and could always be used as a backup.

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Well my daughter made her decision and chose to order the Nokta Legend Pro package. She got the detector all put together and now we are setting up a time in April when she visits the Sierras to test her detector out on some old miners camps I regularly hunt. She found a local dealer in her area and decided to make the purchase on her own, which is good ? with me. Thanks to you all who gave me some advice! Will update after our first hunt.




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