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2 For 2 At The Beach This Week

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  • The title was changed to 2 For 2 At The Beach This Week

4 minutes ago, rvpopeye said:

Good day ! 

The karma ring should help make your next trip mo bettah 😎  

It usually does RVP, except that day I returned the iPhone to the nekkid woman at the hotel at this beach. 🤣

When I saw the diamond sparkle I was hoping it would be one my wife could wear, but she graduated elsewhere and had no interest in it. Heck she got a nice birthstone ring this week anyway 😍

I may or may not go back, that sort of hunting is brutal for a geezer like me. Had to drink some diluted vinegar as soon as I got back 🥴

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4 hours ago, F350Platinum said:

In my last post, I wrote that I was going to take advantage of the full moon low tide, and because it's going to rain on the day I wanted to go (favorable wind), I decided to go to the beach today.20231029_081222.thumb.jpg.c349c0b6b562eb910cfdf8ad046435c8.jpg

Nice warm October day, started out at 64 and went up to 87. I rigged up the Deus 2 with the 9" coil, the new black waveguide, and used the BH-01 bone conduction headphones. I wore waders because the river is still full of jellyfish and the water is getting colder.20231029_090114.thumb.jpg.0478b4b5502b8c53316d6b86864a68b7.jpg

This is just a small spot in the water. There were thousands. The largest one I saw was about 5" in diameter, and they kept getting stuck to my detector and scoop. I had my CooB Shark V10 with a SteveG carbon fiber handle. I also had a floating sifter ala The Hoover Boys.

The tide was going out when I got there and the river was flat, no real wind today. The tide was a bit higher than I encountered last Monday, but I was going in the water and didn't care.

I have to give y'all that do this all the time credit, water hunting is twice as hard as beach or relic hunting, even without waves. Some boats came by and added that element 😵 you feel like you're moving around on another planet and people are pushing you around. 😅

The 9" was much easier to swing than the 13" elliptical I normally use, and I was tweaking up a new water only program that worked very well. I dug maybe 7 pieces of trash today, no aluminum pull tabs or iron - just weird bits like a large capacitor, a sinker, a broken brass knob, and some odd bits of copper. I threw it out at the beach, it was all in the pockets on my chest waders.

The D2 was really finding coins today, I felt like someone was there before me because they left a lot of pennies. Ended up with 8 Zincolns and 3 copper memorials. Some were pretty deep, but I never completely submersed the D2 so they were fairly easy to dig.

Here's the total haul today:20231029_181457.thumb.jpg.1af9d916202b160fe93e8f5a6f095263.jpg

I was after gold and I got it.20231029_131437.thumb.jpg.327a3db3d310530fc7baf26a2b86626e.jpg

Got a nice solid 59, and three or four scoops later I had this 10k college class ring:20231029_171200.thumb.jpg.741e8645686a591304a5a1b03a3c7d5a.jpg

It has 7 diamonds, I'll have to find my tester to see if they are real, but I'm pretty sure they are. It's dated, has "AB" for Bachelor of Arts, and has initials inside, I'm pretty sure I have already located the owner and will return it. 🙂 it is a woman's ring.

Also got this gold plated Disney pendant from the movie "Frozen", too bad water got to the picture and the gold plating is off in a few spots, it looks a lot better than it does in this photo.20231029_180223.thumb.jpg.d89c52e3fc20f255717bde631d0f59bb.jpg

And last I got a pretty rare token:20231029_180843.thumb.jpg.49914977de6d7c451cdb477d36957a77.jpg

A Bally game token that is a 72 in rarity on Numista. The stuff people lose in the water... 🤔20231029_180857.thumb.jpg.bde2bd44f6bf793b700e19b8031a2a3f.jpg

I didn't hunt the beach and only got 3 sections of the water done, I'm sure there are other finds out there so I may go back, but I was done after 6 hours.

Sweet gold ring 350 - congrats! I've been looking at that Deus 2 and liking what I see. I always felt that the Nox 800 was a bit under powered on the beach but the Deus 2 seems to punch deeper from what I have heard.

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Great hunt 350, you are getting some good rewards since the naked lady.

Great finds and hope you get in a few more hunts in before the end of the year.

Keep those feet warm while your out.

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7 hours ago, midalake said:

Nice work!!!  Man, big jellyfish. 

Thanks! You should see them when the water is warmer 😬 they get to be about 8" diameter and have an angry red tint.

I was wearing gloves and my waders are thick neoprene but I had a quick dry T-shirt on so my arms were exposed. Sometimes I just scooped them and threw them out of the way. It was slow going.

It's probably both the reason there is and is not gold there, the upper beach gets hit hard by a couple people I can think of, so it's pretty wiped out now that the summer is over. People get in the water, lose the ring, see the jellyfish and decide that they aren't gonna spend a lot of time looking for it 🤣

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7 hours ago, Compass said:

Sweet gold ring 350 - congrats! I've been looking at that Deus 2 and liking what I see. I always felt that the Nox 800 was a bit under powered on the beach but the Deus 2 seems to punch deeper from what I have heard.

Thanks Compass,

TBH I've been watching you heavy duty water hunters lately and knew I had to give it a go, the water is where the gold is. I'm glad I don't have to deal with big waves there, don't think I could stand it for long. The boat wakes are bad enough. You can see on a windless day the water is flat at slack tide, so timing is everything.

Regarding the Deus 2, if you poke around a bit you'll see that since V2 it got much better on gold. The reason I personally prefer it over the Equinox is that the IDs are very tight for a 99 number machine, the XY graph screen is very useful, and overall I trust it more. It's also lighter and easier to grip for me. With the 13" coil on the beach I have to laugh at what I find people missed, particularly quarters and dimes at a foot, but it's a lot of digging just for clad. Most of the hunters I've seen there use the Equinox and now the Manticore. 🤔

Another thing I'm noticing is that the D2 is way better with EMI now, I got the ring in a place where there was a lot of it. It was always really good but I feel they improved it.

On the other hand, the Equinox is a venerable gold machine, and if you have big hands the Deus might seem small.

I tried the 15" on the Equinox and couldn't take swinging it for long, and I definitely get more false positives with it overall.

The D2 is an "acquired taste", if you hunt relics with it was well you have to keep attaching and detaching the waveguide for the water as it gets snagged in the field. I go through a lot of zip ties these transition to fall days 🤔 It's also a bit less convenient to keep charged. It's a simple choice for me, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Sorry for the random thoughts. 😀

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