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Minelab Price Increases January 1 2024


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Australia price?

$1.55 Australian to $1.00 US today. That would be a $650 US price increase on the SDC, 5000, and 6000.

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Yikes, a 20% increase for a 900 is pretty spicy on top of what is already a significant premium over some more or less equivalent machines here.

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Minelab has run out of new ideas for serious performance improvements, so all they can do is things they should have done years ago, like telescoping rods and ergonomic improvements they should have also done years ago.

Now because sales have slipped on their once dominate profitable gold detectors they are upping prices to try and sustain profits for their stockholders.  Big Mistake, all they will do is chase away customers, their products were always over priced, But they got away with it when people could find enough gold to pay for those machines, THAT is getting much harder to do, even in their once biggest selling country, Africa.  Reality Check - Gold Machines need Price Reductions NOT Increases..!

If Garrett was Smart, They would not only keep improving the Axiom, (improved performance and Bluetooth) they would Lower the price, to make Minelabs prices look even worse..!   Keep in mind it is very likely Notka will enter the PI market in the next year or so.  Fisher is looking Comatose to the whole market, but there is opportunity.

Garrett -- Dig up that old Whites Combo VLF / Pulse detector patent I seem to recall..!  

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Happy 2024 everyone......Minelab....I think we all called it. At least Minelab weren't bluffing.

Jack up the price massively and then offer it "on sale".........marketing department geniuses !

Here's an example......only two days ago, the Excalibur was as cheap as $1800. Let's increase the price by $500 and then reduce it by $200 ("on sale" lol)......you do the calculations.


This is worse.....they need calling out for their BS advertising. Value $3098 !!!!

Only in Australia do they get away with this. You can't buy a standalone Manticore....everything is a bundle/package with garbage.



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Something we're all aware of out here in the trenches ..🤩

 Shareholders seem to be ignoring the reality of Karma !😵

Leading me to wonder...🤔

What's corporate's plan for when their obviously math challenged customers decide it's time to be greedy with their money ? Raise prices more ? 

Have a LUCKY New Year Minelab ! 

You're gonna need it. 

(BTW  I just got a "carrott" to replace my insane 35 !)    Terrible situation eh?  

"Instant Karma's gonna get ya unh huh".



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