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  1. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock Sold Out

    I, for one am thankful that it is not a supply & demand situation where the demand for the product would drive up the prices. Just waiting for the ground to thaw...some old homestead sites I want to try before I sell my X-705
  2. The world wide orders for the Nox 800 must be staggering. I hope the quality does not suffer in the race to keep up with the demand.
  3. "Patience is a virtue"....If a person orders a Equinox 800 from Cabela's is that not a pre-pay?? Will someone answer that for me??
  4. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock Sold Out

    If I am reading this right it said shipping from mfg. not distributer. I bought a chair from Cabela's and it was shipped from mfg.. Took 5 1/2 weeks........It will be interesting to see how this pans out on the Cabela's order. I am not going to ask a dealer with whom I have done business with for 15 years, to refund my pre-pay so I will just wait...NOT STRESSING OUT over the wait. I'm sure there will still be treasures to be found................!
  5. How To Get There? Top Camp...

    Great video, Thanks for posting. ...Where I am the ground is still frozen and we got snow last night..
  6. I do not know where I stand as far as getting mine from the second shipment but I hope that I do. If I am I will drive 200 miles to Boise and pick it up, spend the night in Boise and try the machine out on the way home. If I am part of the 3rd shipment I will most likely be back to work and not make the trip. Maybe just wishful thinking. We'll see.......
  7. ***fixed Audio*** Nail Test Revisited

    Thanks for the video, keep up the good work. I did not see any problems with the video and I think you got your point across very well.... .....Al
  8. Equinox 800 Park Hunt Video

    Great vid, thanks for posting.
  9. I had that neat little book but I gave it to a friend that had a White Gold Master. He Never used his detector and I do not think he ever read the booklet, but that's ok, he is a friend and I will not ask him to return the book. Good little book.
  10. Equinox Caught Fire & U Started It

    I Don't quit understand the why General Motors manual. Joke??
  11. What Is Your Reasoning For A New Equinox?

    Well Gerry, I ordered one because you would never steer me in the wrong direction.
  12. This is starting to sound like someone who thinks everyone at a birthday party should get a birthday gift, I pre-paid because I had the money to spend at the time, not to be first in line or anything like that. I hope to get mine this month. If I do then I do, if not, well I will get it when I get a call from my dealer(Gerry). and I am OK with that. My hat is off to Minelab for their marketing strategy. That is my 2 cents worth.....IdahoAl
  13. Garrett ATGold for sale comes with extra coil(supper snipe dd) very good condition. I do not use it much since I got my 2300, same goes for my xterr705. Asking $450.00 shipped..