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  1. TerryinHawaii

    Beach Hunt #6

    Glad to be of help.
  2. TerryinHawaii

    Beach Hunt #6

    Your ring marked 585 is 14K. The ring marked 14 FG is an old gold 14K ring that need to be cleaned. The class ring maybe 14K because most old class rings that are 10K will have green coating due to the copper leaching out.
  3. TerryinHawaii

    Last Nox Beach Finds For April

    You possible have something wrong with your Equinox. Do a power on reset to see if that helps you. Remember the Equinox 800 is really a computer programed to be different detectors.
  4. TerryinHawaii

    Last Nox Beach Finds For April

    Yesterday I dug a 18K gold ring, 3.5 grams, size 7 at 12 plus inches using Beach 1 here in Hawaii in damp sand. The same ring air test close to 16 inches. For me, the Equinox is giving me almost PI depth with target ID.
  5. How did I contact Jeff Herke?

    Thank you,

    Terry Crenshaw


    1. Jackpine


      Hi Terry

      I contacted him on Findmall (Jeff in North Georgia), but his email address is "jjherke@yahoo.com"

      Are the Japanese tourists still leaving you those nice Platinum presents?


    2. TerryinHawaii


      Tom, thank you for Jeff's e-mail.   They now show movies on the Japanese airlines on how easy it is to loose your rings.  While they still does loose some platinum rings.  It is nothing like before.  My best year was 18 platinum rings.



    3. Jackpine


      Your welcome on the email.  The Sand Bar on Torch Lake was my gold mine back in the early 2000's as I usually had it to myself all summer.  Might see one or two other people detecting once in a while. Now guys hunt it in the middle of the afternoon which only reminds people to take their jewelry off. 


  6. TerryinHawaii

    Gold Monster On The Beach

    I do use my GM here in Hawaii on the beach to find gold. I did buy the GM just for hunting for gold jewelry here on the dry sand. Having in the past lived in California and I did hunt for gold nuggets. I knew that I would be digging a lot tin foil, tiny pieces of different metals. But if you do put in the time and dig enough targets. You will find gold jewelry. Granted some of it will be very tiny pieces broke off a larger gold item. No fine gold chains yet but that just means to me that I have been over one yet.
  7. TerryinHawaii


    Having worked for IBM on the leading edge of technology. I too, want as much information that I can get to better understand what the Equinox does and can do. But then on the other side, no information can lead to a lot of experimenting to find out what works best for your type of detecting. So if we share what we learn using the Equinox. We all will gain more knowledge faster about the new technology that the Equinox uses. Terry
  8. TerryinHawaii

    Official Equinox Release Date Announced

    Having worked on the leading edge technology for IBM. I know how hard it is to get every thing right. I just hope that some of the first production units are given to people to test that have never even seem or touch one before. Because it is possible that they will found problems with fresh eyes. But hopefully there are no problems to be found.
  9. TerryinHawaii

    Gold Monster & Hawaii Micro Jewelry

    After I get the Equinox 800 and if it closely matches the Gold Monster in finding small gold jewelry as I think it will. Then I will only use the Equinox 800 for hunting here. I also ordered the 6 inch coil for hunting in between rocks in the ocean water. I must admit that I expect to have several fine gold chains now with the Gold Monster. But maybe I just have not been over the top of one.
  10. TerryinHawaii

    Gold Monster & Hawaii Micro Jewelry

    Here is a picture of the gold jewelry found with the GM 1000. A dime for size. The 18K gold diamond post was found around 3.5 inches deep but the stone is fake. And it was a good signal. A lot of the gold are just very small pieces. But bottom line, if you are willing to dig a lot of targets. You have a very good chance of taking home gold jewelry.
  11. I am using the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 here in Oahu. So far I have found 16 gold jewelry items. And yes, I do dig a lot of tin foil and many small pieces of other types of metal. Most of the time, I can operate in manual sensitivity level 9 or 10. In some areas, I do have to switch over to auto sensitivity + to be able to hunt. I do have high hopes for the Equinox 800 here.
  12. TerryinHawaii

    Minelab CTX 3030 and GPZ 7000 Weight Comparisons

    Steve, This is an excellent post and it tell me every thing that I wanted to know! Love the side by side picture comparison of the 2 detector bodies and the battery packs. Mahalo
  13. I would like to know the weight of the 14x13" Super D Search Coil with a Coil Cover? Has any one tried the GPZ 7000 for hunting wet sand at one of the California beaches?