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  1. Time For An Interlude

    Great musician .....thanks for the post.
  2. Animated Gold Nuggets. Lets See What You Got!!!

    10 gram...wire gold made into a stick pin.
  3. The New Tesoro Mojave

    Always enjoyed my Tesoro Compadre and Silver u max..
  4. Steelphase Hits The USA

    Let us know what you think of it...heard some great reviews on this product. Which detector are you using it with?
  5. 18" Elite Delivers !!

    Great point Luke.....I will give baking soda and hydrogen peroxide a try... and no you can't have the Elite back..... :)
  6. 18" Elite Delivers !!

    Thanks goldseeker, I will check out your article. I have been using wink on some pieces. Usually all I use is some water and soft toothbrush to clean the pieces.
  7. Jin, sell your gold on EBay. Ask spot plus, shipping cost and eBay fees. 16 gram solid nuggets can fetch you a lot more ... you just have to find a buyer. Otherwise take some pics and post it on all the forums....and asking price. Good luck!
  8. 18" Elite Delivers !!

    Ahhh they just keep coming....gpxpower!
  9. First Steps

    Skate, Being a former citizen of Ventura County, I used to go to the East Fork of the San Gabriel mountains....I detected the gullies and gulches that fed the East Fork, I had some success finding nuggets, none larger than a pennyweight or so. The next place to research is the Goler Gulch area around Mojave , all the way down to Baker area. You may want to visit Pat Keene at his shop and ask some questions also.To shorten you learning curve..join a good club like the Orange county 49ers, they have some good claims . Like some have mentioned its extremely difficult to find gold with a detector....very few places have sizable gold. Good luck out there...hope you find your first nugget very soon.
  10. My Last Three Weeks Activities

    As usual excellent and very informative post....your pictures and story enjoyable to read. Pretty country you have...thanks for sharing it with us.
  11. 18" Elite Delivers !!

    Brian, Good observation....Californians fires opened up some new ground.. :) long hikes but well worth it.
  12. 18" Elite Delivers !!

    Couple more............... :)
  13. Short Trip To Baja

    Sweet....nice adventure.
  14. Perfect Hunting Season

    Hey Rick I don't doubt that at all...the ability of the gpz to sniff out that deeper gold is obvious. Way to many owners are are two thumbs up on this detector...But I did't do to bad this week....even with the 4500. Take care and good hunting!
  15. If your ever in the area of Murphy's , California its worth a trip to the Ironstone Winery. They have some incredible specimens on display including many for sale in the huge gift shop. Pretty good wine too..lots to see.