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  1. Time To Be Careful

    Happened to me once and I had my little kids and wife with me. I backed out of the drop zone after I made sure it was what it was and made a phone call. Please call any cartel activity in..we don't need that chit here. Just so you know, the police stake it out remotely and wait for the fools to trigger the alarm. Than it goes BANG !! Be a good citizen....
  2. Yes , spoke to Sam at Armadillo Mining....and Pat a few weeks ago....I believe this is the last week of old prices...If you are going to order order this week.
  3. The East Fork had some chunky nuggets....I've seen a few lunkers up to an ounce and a half....the further you go up towards the narrows the bigger they seem to be. I primarily detected the gullies feeding the river....one in particular was named "nugget gulch" , friends of mine and I got 10 ounces 3 feet down to bedrock.
  4. Yup, spoke to Pat ..looks like I may be going to Chatsworth....was looking for a deal, thought I'd ask on forums sometimes people have stuff laying around and may want to get rid of it....never know unless you ask.
  5. If anyone wants to sell a Keene 151 box & riffle tray only let me know...
  6. Okay Time Travelers Back To The Early70’s

    Those were some great reads...although I was but maybe 2 years old in 71 I was fortunate enough to be given many of these as a gift. Very well written stories that fed the dream of treasure and gold.
  7. 4500 Vs 5000

    A good ole Minelab 4500 is a killer deal these days if you can find one....highly recommend it. The early model the better.....
  8. The Proline 14" Pan..cannot be beat! Black or green....plastic last long, and its one tough pan.
  9. Big Coils -- Do You Still Use Them?

    There's a place for large coils, for me a 18" Elite is max size for the areas I hunt....I've found some deeper gold in place I have cleaned up, and just yesterday a small tid bit of 4 grains at 3" ....
  10. Animated Gold Nuggets. Lets See What You Got!!!

    10 gram...wire gold made into a stick pin.
  11. The New Tesoro Mojave

    Always enjoyed my Tesoro Compadre and Silver u max..
  12. Steelphase Hits The USA

    Let us know what you think of it...heard some great reviews on this product. Which detector are you using it with?
  13. 18" Elite Delivers !!

    Great point Luke.....I will give baking soda and hydrogen peroxide a try... and no you can't have the Elite back..... :)