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  1. p.m. sent Luke, I'll take it.
  2. Thanks fellas, yeah I am going to pass on this one.....theirs one on Ebay 75.00 bucks if anyone is interested in it.
  3. Hi folks, I am interested to know if this coil is any good? It looks like an older model Nuggetfinder...If anyone is familiar with the performance of this coil please let me know. Only reason i ask is because I would like to buy it, but I don't know much about the early Nuggetfinder coils quality. If any Aussie shooters or here in the States have any info, I would appreciate to hear what you think of it. Thanks !
  4. Big Coils -- Do You Still Use Them?

    I've hit spots dozens of times with different size coil...after all that of course the ground is what I call " DEAD " but for some reason or another...I'll go back and find another one, and at times way bigger than I would expect!! So, its a mystery...mind you that dead ground doesn't give up as much anymore...as it used to.
  5. If anyone has a large coil they want to sell or trade ( Gold ) I am search for a coil ranging from 16-18" Mono Round . Nuggetfinder-Coiltek- or detech would do just fine. Used is great as long as its works. Shoot me a p.m. If you have one and maybe we can work out a deal or trade.
  6. First Winter Storm

    We're also getting some rain today..thinking I should have bought an sdc 2300 and a raincoat. But come to think of it I can wrap a bag over my control housing of the 4500 and a waterproof coil. Thankfully No snow....that would put a damper on my hunting time...
  7. The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    I continue enjoying this thread, thanks again. To hear these stories of the old glory days of electronic prospecting is a treat.
  8. Should There Be An Off Topic Forum?

    I like the forum as it is Steve....if it ain't broken why change it. I'd rather talk detectors and nuggethunting than politics with my fellow forum members.
  9. A Lighter Weight GPZ 7000?

    You have to consider many of us hunt grounds that are not flat like Australia. Up here in the Sierras it's mostly steep slopes and ravines. Most of the ground is covered in manzanita, buckbrush, and many other varieties of bushes that make it difficult to swing a heavy detector. When I detect I am constantly on uneven footing either walking up or down.swinging the gpx .crawling on all fours under bushes and trees...This is one reason I have not upgraded to the GPZ....so yeah, I lighter detector will come one day, when that day comes I will get it, but for now my gpx4500 works just fine. Just my 2 cents.
  10. 16" Nuggetfinder Avantage Coil

    JW, I have that coil...nice coil but I am finding that I like the round mono coils better do to the fact it just responds better to deeper targets than elliptical. I need a deep punching coil as I have the smaller coils covered...been trying to get the new Detech 15 superdeep coil but it's not in the U,.S, as of yet. Think Australia has them...but again a 15 compared to a 16 or 18 " coil ...I am thinking 16- 18 coil will get the punch advantage.
  11. 16" Nuggetfinder Avantage Coil

    I had the 20 " at one time, thankfully I found enough gold to pay for it and than sold it as it was way too large for most of my hunting grounds . I Am thinking the 16" will be as big as I need with enough punch. May just go for it and give it a whirl and see what comes of it...goldwise.
  12. Just wondering has anyone used a 16" round advantage mono coil as of lately and if so what did you think of it? I know many of you have upgraded to the zed, and most of the talk lately has been on the zed but there's still some of us with the gpx. Been silencing my old patches of trash and gold and been thinking of a new coil to get to hit the old patches and hopefully squeeze some nuggets deeper out of range of my Orange 15" Coiltek mono. I am thinking a 16" - to a possible 18" advantage coil max for the areas I hunt.
  13. A Few Days At Rye Patch

    Could it be a Goldmance........sorry I had to go there. Nice nuggets !
  14. A Few Days At Rye Patch

    Pretty gold.....
  15. My Last Weeks Activities

    Thanks for sharing your story about your family and like always great pictures. Awesome video of pit slide.