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I was hiking in an area in central Indiana not really known for hotrocks.

I  went to check a creek island out for kicks and found out it is covered with rusty red rocks, and purple and pink rocks.The island is roughly 100 feet long and 20 feet wide and 4 feet high above the fast moving creek.It is jam packed with these rusty red rocks. Downstream is all a sheet of bedrock and small gravels and NONE of these rusty red rocks. I was told I could not pan, not so sure about detecting unless maybe my Falcon Gold Probe? How does one use this detector to check for ferrous and non- ferrous rocks exactly? I need to get some small gravels/dirt maybe and pan offsite.

So, why is this island , or my so called Hot Rock island , like this? We usually only find red hematites and black sands and white gravels  in Indiana creeks and not very many of them. But gold is usually found where the red stones are at and chunky black sands.

-Tom V. 

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Can you bring a bucket of dirt home?


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maybe a ziplock bag is all I dare take altho access to this place is right difficult and I've never seen a soul there besides me  and a few beer cans...you can barely park a car and barely hike in, I almost fell over a 25 foot cliff,no warning signs at all...they seem to care more about trash than people...

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