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Someone is selling a Fisher 1212-X in NZ at the moment, looks mint condition, $50 NZD, about $30 USD at the moment with no interest in it.  I'm very tempted to buy it.  I've always wanted a classic, at the moment my GB2 is my classic but this looks the ticket.



I am guessing other than the coil it comes with I'd be stuck with no alternative coils though, no modern Fisher coils would work on it?  I'd imagine its quite good at deep silvers with it's 4.2kHz frequency, 4kHz on my Multi frequency detector is a serious deep silver frequency.  It looks pretty cool and for $50 NZD it's basically free.

The other interesting thing is they marketed it with a lifetime warranty, in NZ it's illegal to say that is to the original owner, so technically it's still under warranty 🙂


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