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Garrett Atx Coil Cable Extension?

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Hello everybody. Any of you have ever done a Garrett Atx coil cable extension?I have an infinium coil and I put the unit behind my back into a bag.It's very light to use but I like the standard 10*12 Atx coil! Maybe this coil cable extension submersible in water? Thanks so much

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Hi Luca , have done various mods to the ATX . To do one for your intended configuration. Dismantle stem on coil down to last section. Remove connector from cable. Splice appropriate diameter and length of straight shielded cable long enough to reach your pack an also lay down when you are down on the ground. A waterproof splice can be done by degreasing cable jacket in splice area slipping a short section of some sort of tubing over splice area and then potting with an appropriate compound . Reconnect cable end and connect to control box passing through a handle of of your own design ie- I used a piece of carbon fiber tubing same inner diameter as o.d. Of coil stem.and made a handle and cuff from my parts pile. You could alternately make a handle that worked with the existing shaft by using a piece of tubing that fits into the existing collapsible shaft and working up a handle from that platform I just didn’t because I already had parts laying around. Hope this inspires you to build. Post pics when you finish. Have fun 


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Hi Jerseybones thanks for your answer

I need to know what kind of cable to use for the extension.

Do I need a 4 wire and screen cable?

And you cut the Atx cable near the coil or near the connector?

It could be used a two component resin and a heat shrink tubing?


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