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Panning & Sluicing Adventure - Black Sand Update

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I ran 2 Ozt of my -50 mesh, black sand concentrate through the Blue Bowl.  It came out to .5 gram.  This was 2 oz dry concentrate off the top of the container, I suspect the bottom my be richer after all the jarring around for the past 2 weeks.  I'll send the Blue Bowl tailings and about a couple lbs of concentrates to Rege in PA to see what his Miller Table can do.  If I could fill the back of my truck with this stuff it might be worth something, but as it stands not really a game changer.

Still waiting on Rokon parts, then back to Gold Country.  I've got a new plan, of course.  118 degrees here in Sunny Yuma tomorrow, but it's a dry heat.  Yeah great!


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Great stories Condor, I really enjoyed reading them.  The N. Fork canyon sure is remote but a pretty area.  A few years back, i hiked the Green Valley Trail down to the N. Fork, tough hike but would be easy on your Rokon. I saw dirt bike tracks on the trail, not sure if its allowed, but worth a shot. 

Im guessing you don't get bothered by poison oak but maybe your gf does.

Any snakes?

I look forward to your next adventure,


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    • By Bigdaddyhawk
      How can I make a dredge for fossils. I don't want the fossils to go through the pump. I haven't bought anything yet...just using bucket classifiers and its painfully slow with all the blue & purple clay and leaves. We are on a small creek that runs through a swamp in South Carolina. Right now we are just going through piles of excavator dirt from the creek bottom but would like to get into the hand size teeth in the creek bottom. We are considering just using an excavator and a gas powered preasure washer to wash the fossils off the clay. Any help would save me time and money. Thanks🤑

    • By 1515Art
      I was cleaning out the shop and came across some extra PVC fittings and a 1/2” thick sheet  16”x9” of a black Corian like material I picked up as scrap from tap plastics a while ago. They claimed it was something special they had for some project and the material was very resistant to things sticking to it? Figured I’d see if it was good for use as a miller table, so I collected the odds and ends I could find cleaning my junk and Home Depot was kind enough to fill in the gaps.tomorrow if I get a chance I’ll run a little dirt through it.
      DIY Miller Table; 
    • By 1515Art
      All the bad weather, snow and to many things I need to take care of no chance to get away for a trip to gold country, been watching tons of YouTube gold related videos on prospecting related stuff and the occasional Jeep roll over compilation just to scare me into not doing that stuff with my Jeep on the gold trail😲. Lots of ideas on the web for idle hands to foolishly venture, not that I don’t have anything to occupy my time, but a little sucking device somehow seemed like a good idea, so off I go... I’ve been building my little Jeep friendly recirculating sluice and thought I would try making a nozzle for use with the pump I already own, just a few pipe fittings and a little part here and there. I already have a Keene high banker setup and 90gpm Honda pump I can’t use in California, but something small for Jeep travel where it’s ok might come in handy, so I build the first one paying attention to everything I can think of to reduce friction and any head pressure and the little bilge pump was inadequate for the task.  

      searching the web for 12v pumps it’s hard to find anything that produces both volume and pressure at a reasonable price, the rule 4000 utility pump was the most powerful at 66gpm open flow and max lift of approx 30’ with over half its rated volume at 15’, but at a cost of 20amp hrs power consumption, they even made a two stage model rated at 134gpm same rated lift. Only problem the rule evacuator pump line are discontinued and I could only find one seller in the US that still had 3 in stock, every one else was out and the product is no longer listed one the manufacturers web site. I passed on the rule4000 and found a reasonable priced 1000 gph utility pump with a rated max lift of 7m out of Korea and ordered one, it won’t arrive until sometime in April I find out so we’ll see but I suspect it was a waste.

      I should have stopped reading about water pumps, but didn’t and found another 12v pump that looked better with more volume than my bilge pump or the Korean pump and with a rated max lift of 7m burning only 13amp hr from my battery and ordered it.

      superior pump came today and I outfitted my nozzle with the new pump along with a water proof power switch and cigarette lighter socket power cord, even with the power of this pump (1/4hp) the suction is inhibited by the discharge restriction and lift enough to make it not quite just enough suction to be practical, however pumping directly into a container without the lift it will suck dirt and gravel more than enough to be worth trying out for bedrock cracks. Everything but the battery weighs 8# total out of the water and in the water it’s slightly negative buoyancy keeps it on the bottom without feeling heavy it also feels fairly well balanced.

      Before the superior pump arrived eBay kept nagging me about the rule4000 and I still couldn’t find a replacement for this now discontinued pump, so with only the 3 left I figured it was only a couple hundred and I’d might regret it more later if I passed cause I’m on a mission now and pulled the trigger on the rule pump, estimate it arrives on Friday. At over twice the power and capacity of the superior 12v pump it should pump material into my little highbanker if I get a larger battery.

      Anyway more to come...
    • By PG-Prospecting
      So i love building innovative equipment for prospecting almost as much as i love prospecting.  I usually try and build things that solve problems that i see with current designs or builds that help me get to hard to reach places.  
      One of my biggest issues with any high-banker/ mini trommel set up is that regardless of the size of the hopper and depending on the angle you would either have baby feed material in from a five gallon bucket or you would be clearing off the grizzly bars constantly with your hands or a combination of the two.  
      Ive noticed most of the big equipment fed plants and trommels use a vibrating feed system to provide a nice even feed of material regardless of the amount dumped in the hopper.  But i have found that no one makes a system like this for smaller equipment and small scale prospectors, so i decided to build my own small version and see how it works.  
      This video is the first time out testing my build and i will say it needs some modifications, but the overall concept worked amazing.  My buddy and me couldnt keep up with feeding it, probably need about 4 people shoveling into it.  It will take up to three 3/4 full 5 gallon buckets at a time.  Should be an awesome tool for leveling old tailing piles, and when paired with a mini trommel should really help with emulsifying clay.  
      Hope you all enjoy the video, please comment and let me know what you think, and like, share and subscribe as well!
    • By 1515Art
      So I finally got around to ordering a bilge pump and gathering up spare parts at home along with a couple trips to Home Depot to assemble my little recirculating high banker project. The pump I ordered is a 1200 gph 12v Atwood tsunami submersible bilge pump that seems to deliver adequate  water to operate my setup although I have not had a chance to run any dirt yet. The hopper is made from a plastic desk top office bin outfitted with 1/2 copper spray bars that have 26 3/8 outside diameter nozzles to wash dirt through 1/4“ SS  mesh. The 3 bins probably hold around 15 gallons of water and with the small container inside the 1st trash bin have 4 separate tanks to separate particles in the water from the pump, hopefully keeping the water reasonably clean. The jump starter battery pack claims to provide 90 amp hours that should give me 15 hours run time with the little pump at 50% discharge on my battery before needing to recharge.
      still a tiny bit of tweaking to control any water leaks.

      the pump and most everything fits inside the trash bins for storage and transportation.

    • By strick
      The wife and I sometimes like to bring home some dirt from the foot hills and run it on through a recirculating sluice at our leisure...(after work on our front porch with a beer) if you get the picture. The one I built several years ago is getting tired and I was wondering how others set theirs up? is there a better sluice set up already made from the factory? I've been hearing about this gold cube sluice? any and all recommendations are appreciated. The pic below (copied off the internet) is kinda like how we had ours set up..

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