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  1. The question is how much are you willing to spend for this new dectector and how long are you willing to wait? The GPZ 7000, when it first became available topped the scales at $10,000. When and if this newer machine comes out, it will no doubt cost more! Also, are you willing to possible wait years for this new technology and leave gold in the ground for someone else to find? I suggest spending as little money as possible, go with a vlf, cause if the oldtimers were there, i have no doubt there will be metal trash everywhere and it will drive you crazy being a newbie. Its always best to find gold first on this exclusive land and then match the detector to the environment. Good Luck, Brian.
  2. Nevada Brian

    Twelve Days At Rye Patch

    Incredible, nice going Lunk and way to stay disciplined! Brian.
  3. Nevada Brian

    Xchange2 Updated Software

    Fantastic news, about time!
  4. Nevada Brian

    Peg And Zed’s Big Adventure

    Peg and her blue pants :) Congratulations on finding a goodly amount of gold. Until the next trip. Brian.
  5. Nevada Brian

    Apex Picks....????

    Oneguy, there are so many variables; however, I have the 18" Apex Badger which I use with my GMT and a 28" Rogue pick that i cut down to size for my GPZ. I prefer the 28" length as I don't have to bend over as far and it has a large hoe for those GPZ holes, 24" was just too short for me, Im 6 feet tall. A short handled pick is great for hands/knees detecting and of course less weight. Because I don't need a heavy duty pick with my GMT, the 18" Apex Badger is ideal, and the 24" would be overkill, IMO. Since you have the GM 1000 listed as your detector, i would suggest the 18", Hope this helps. Brian.
  6. Nevada Brian

    Gold Mode 2 Strikes Again

    Congratulations Simon, looks like Minelab hit a home run with this machine. Brian.
  7. Nevada Brian

    First Day Success With Eq 800 & 6" Coil

    JW, you live in a beautiful place, incredible! The tiny gold the Equinox detects, is almost as impressive as the landscape, almost! Thanks for bringing us along on your adventures. Brian.
  8. Nevada Brian

    Popped My Zed Cherry Today

    Nice going Stephen, great looking gold. Sounds like there wont be much training going on, just finding nuggets :) Brian.
  9. Great stories Condor, I really enjoyed reading them. The N. Fork canyon sure is remote but a pretty area. A few years back, i hiked the Green Valley Trail down to the N. Fork, tough hike but would be easy on your Rokon. I saw dirt bike tracks on the trail, not sure if its allowed, but worth a shot. Im guessing you don't get bothered by poison oak but maybe your gf does. Any snakes? I look forward to your next adventure, Brian.
  10. Nevada Brian

    Follow The Monster

    Hi Peg, i bet there is more gold under those rock piles :)
  11. Nevada Brian

    First Gold Of 2018

    First gold of 2018, total weight is only .5 dwt. Found with the GPZ in HY/Difficult. Brian.
  12. Nevada Brian

    Last Gold Of 2017

    Beautiful piece Steve! My last trip of 2017 ended in a skunk, but i still enjoyed every minute of it.
  13. Nevada Brian

    Xchange 2 Compatibility With Latest GPZ Update

    I look forward to your findings Steve, thank you. Brian.
  14. July 2017, is the latest update for the GPZ. However, this update made the Xchange 2 software program no longer compatible with the 7000. I find this to be very frustrating as I can no longer save my find or way points, as my detector’s GPS memory is full, nor do I have a way of downloading this data. At this point, the only solution I know of is to delete, which is counter productive to having an on board data log. According to Minelab https://www.minelab.com/usa/customer-care/product-notices?article=313853 the new compatible version of Xchange 2 is supposed to be available within the next few months. This statement is from July 2017, I believe its been more than a few months. Minelab, the innovative company they are, should of have had this compatible before the release in July. Please get this fixed Minelab! Has anyone heard of when it will be compatible or know of a work around? From the Minelab link above: Important Notes: 1) … 2) This update is currently NOT COMPATIBLE with XChange 2 and therefore will make XChange 2 inoperable with the GPZ 7000 detector. A new compatible version of XChange 2 will be available within the next few months, at which time full compatibility will be restored. Any data you have stored on XChange 2 will not be lost when you carry out the GPZ update and when this new version of XChange 2 becomes available. 3) … Brian
  15. Nevada Brian

    Steelphase Hits The USA

    Did you make it out last weekend? Curious to hear about your findings Scott. Brian.