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  1. Simon, out of curiosity, do you recall what timing you were using during this comparison? Thanks, Brian
  2. Nice gold Rick! I assume the scorpion is not part of the rock garden, lol. See you out there. Brian.
  3. I wonder if the antenna is for the Bluetooth or GPS? GPS would be great especially if Minelab increased the gps storage memory. Brian
  4. If the photo is accurate, it appears the coil cable will wrap around the shaft, allowing for existing gpx coils to be used. That would be a big win! in 14.2, ...when they are holding it by the handle or pressing the buttons. The antenna location was above the display... No more knobs or dials and it will have a display similar to the 7000 like Jason eluded too. Hopefully the screen has improved Definitely a great find Dave! Brian.
  5. Chet, Due to Minelab not providing enough on board memory for our plentiful gold finds and you introducing me to Gaia, I have been storing all find points, way points and other points of interest in Gaia since my phone accompanies me while detecting. This allows me to have all points of interest available to me at all times including tracks. Also, I can see the screen on my phone much easier than the 7000 screen. Brian.
  6. If the pine tree area is next to a big round rock then I know exactly where you were, if not, then I have no idea, Lol. Either way very nice finds Chet, glad your finding gold and happy with the 10x15. Brian.
  7. I use this app on my iPhone every time I go detecting and have found it to be invaluable. What are your questions or concerns? Brian.
  8. No worries 2Valen, I really appreciate your willingness to help.
  9. Wonderful, I knew someone would know. Thank you caprock.
  10. I would say the rust is minimal. Keep in mind it was found in the Nevada desert. It freely moves but with limited movement due to its age and the spike is in a fixed position.
  11. Greetings, Today was my first time relic hunting and I really enjoyed it. A tip from my neighbor led me to an area that was frequented by prospectors. I wasn’t sure what I would find today, maybe a stash of $20 gold coins or perhaps something more modern. Well of course my first target was a bullet, then the casing and of course square nails. It wasn’t until I detected under a tree that I got a booming iron grunt. Since I knew it would be deep, I decided to dig. After about a foot down I could see the iron staining from the target. I knew I was getting close so I slowed down on my digg
  12. Christmas came early for Steve this year😀. Have a great time. Brian.
  13. Congratulations receiving your new toy Steve, I hope its the detector that checks all your boxes. Brian.
  14. Looks like you’re all having a great time other than the heat and poison oak. I had to chuckle when one of the Hawaiian guys was sitting in the poison oak and didn’t know it. I have done that myself with an itchy outcome, hopefully no one came down with poison oak. Jeff is moving rocks and digging without gloves, he must have well seasoned hands. I look forward to your next video. Brian.
  15. I wanted an ear bud with volume control so I purchased these Avantree earbuds, https://avantree.com/e171-over-the-ear-earbuds however, they only adjust the volume from the source so I returned them, even though they were very comfortable. I wanted ear buds that have volume control for the speakers. How do you know if the volume control works for the speakers or the source? Thanks, Brian
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