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  1. No worries 2Valen, I really appreciate your willingness to help.
  2. Wonderful, I knew someone would know. Thank you caprock.
  3. I would say the rust is minimal. Keep in mind it was found in the Nevada desert. It freely moves but with limited movement due to its age and the spike is in a fixed position.
  4. Greetings, Today was my first time relic hunting and I really enjoyed it. A tip from my neighbor led me to an area that was frequented by prospectors. I wasn’t sure what I would find today, maybe a stash of $20 gold coins or perhaps something more modern. Well of course my first target was a bullet, then the casing and of course square nails. It wasn’t until I detected under a tree that I got a booming iron grunt. Since I knew it would be deep, I decided to dig. After about a foot down I could see the iron staining from the target. I knew I was getting close so I slowed down on my digging. The iron staining is a great indicator of where the target lies. Once out of the hole, I was optimistic that I had found something special, at least I hoped, but what was it. After about 10 minutes of staring at this item, I decided it was very cool and I would figure it out later, because I had no idea what it was. Once home, I cleaned it up and I could see writing on it. It appears to say patented July 17, 1849. I searched the internet but found no useful information. I have pictures of the item below and I’m hopeful that someone on this forum will be able to identify it or provide some ideas. Thank you, Brian
  5. Christmas came early for Steve this year😀. Have a great time. Brian.
  6. Congratulations receiving your new toy Steve, I hope its the detector that checks all your boxes. Brian.
  7. Looks like you’re all having a great time other than the heat and poison oak. I had to chuckle when one of the Hawaiian guys was sitting in the poison oak and didn’t know it. I have done that myself with an itchy outcome, hopefully no one came down with poison oak. Jeff is moving rocks and digging without gloves, he must have well seasoned hands. I look forward to your next video. Brian.
  8. I wanted an ear bud with volume control so I purchased these Avantree earbuds, https://avantree.com/e171-over-the-ear-earbuds however, they only adjust the volume from the source so I returned them, even though they were very comfortable. I wanted ear buds that have volume control for the speakers. How do you know if the volume control works for the speakers or the source? Thanks, Brian
  9. I came across this you tube video of the Apex being “field tested”. After watching the video, it’s not much more than a promotional video, however there are a few areas of interest. Brian
  10. I’m not sure when the dealer conference is or if it already happened, but is there any new information on this topic? Thanks, Brian
  11. Mitchel, I’d say you did very good considering the beaches have been closed and I’m sure there are others detecting the beach as well. The one time I detected a beach, it was at Lake Tahoe. I used my racer 2 in beach mode as the black sand was driving me nuts, plus I’m a gold nugget guy, beaches were and are still new to me. It was an eye opener for me as I had no idea there were so many man made rusted sharp items lurking beneath the sand. I had a couple people come up to me asking what I had found and when I showed them the rusted sharp items they were grateful and also unaware of what lurks beneath. I was thanked for removing those items and I’m thankful of you for removing sharp rusted items while being rewarded with gold and silver. Keep it up, the gold and silver golds will keep your pockets full and have a great day, Brian.
  12. I didn’t see square nails on the list. I would bring pounds of square nails so I can lose every single one. Lol Brian.
  13. Very pretty opal! Is it that iridescent indoors from light bulbs? thanks for sharing, Brian.
  14. Chase, do you notice any additional hum/buzz while using this receiver/transmitter with earbuds? thanks, Brian
  15. My audio drops out from time to time as well on the wm12, yes annoying. I thought it was just my machine, or now it’s our machines. I have even tried switching channels, but always the same result. I’ll need to look in to the Quest. Take care, Brian.
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