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  1. Chuck, if I remember correctly, you were going to send a letter to Whites, have you done that and have you received a response? Brian.
  2. Scott, is the kid hunt still happening as posted? Thanks, Brian.
  3. Fantastic find, finding gold at Rye Patch in the heat is tough! Brian.
  4. The price is reduced to $300.00, which includes the careful packing and USPS shipping to the lower 48, USA only, or a local pickup. Brian.
  5. Paul, please let me know if that is what you have, as I'm still interested. Thanks, Brian.
  6. Depending on the ground your detecting, while using the Detech DD, you may be able to switch the timing to either Normal or Sensitive Extra for increased sensitivity and depth and you should try it on the 14x9 evo as well for kicks. Good Luck, Brian.
  7. Hi All, do you have a Detech 15" Ultimate Spiral DD coil that you want to sell? I'm looking for one in good condition to use on my 5000. Please pm me if you have one to sell. Thank you, Brian.
  8. I do want to upgrade my Racer 2 for a machine I can take into the lakes and rivers, this may be the one. Most importantly, thank you Dilek for being a contributor and a voice for you company. It certainly means a lot to me. Brian.
  9. Ground noise WILL mask a target, I have seen it! That's why I have changed my settings so that I listen to a threshold, an almost smooth threshold, which means I use settings that allow for this style of detecting. When able to, I hunt in HY/Normal, turning down my sensitivity and volume so that I have an almost smooth threshold. A friend of mine uses max settings and no threshold and is very successful. It comes down to personal preference. If your detector is making you crazy, then are you in the right mind to find gold, probably not. Of all the tips, tricks and procedures, I believe the most important setting is to have confidence in yourself and your equipment. Brian.
  10. Have you ever tried the Coin/Relic mode Simon? I would think that in your mild soils, this timing would give you the biggest bang. Let us know if you try it out and your thoughts please. Brian.
  11. Steve, when you say no ground balance, does this mean you don't have to depress the green button and pump the coil, or have I misunderstood? Thanks, Brian.
  12. Andyy, Since reheating is only a temporary fix, and as soon as you reassemble the shafts, the cable stretches out again. What if you were to somehow gently stretch the cable, thus eliminating the curls. It appears the curls are the problem. I know this will lengthen the cable, possibly presenting new challenges to overcome, but it was just a thought with the hopes of getting you going again. Brian.
  13. I think for a patch hunter, the 9x14 or the 11" would be the go coil. For many years I used a 9x14 coil on my gpx and it worked great, especially when your crawling through the brush. The stock 11" mono commander coil didn't fit as well around the bushes like the 9x14 did. Nice score on the SDC! Brian.
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