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  1. Jasong, depending on which part of Nevada you decide to visit, and since you will no longer have a functional 14” coil, if need be, I can meet you in the field so comparable tests can be completed on undug targets. I can bring my 7000 and 5000. Also, thank you for the youtube videos, especially the USGS import to Google Earth, its fantastic and very helpful! Brian.
  2. We came home via Hwy 50 last weekend and the S. Fork of the American was moving fast and cold. Not too many gold spots up that way, but all that water is headed downstream; moving boulders, eroding banks and overall redistributing gold in pay streaks. Thanks for sharing, Brian.
  3. Im certainly no electronic wiz, merely a user, but I wonder what would happen if we were to install multiple ferrite filters on our detectors? Would it have double the benefits? If one is good, why not two and so on! Have a great one, Brian.
  4. Congratulations on your first QED gold. Brian.
  5. Wes, I would contact the claim owner and get permission to prospect the claim. Before you upfront any money, as Steve said, verify it is what you think it is. I hope it is :) Brian.
  6. Congratulations on your purchase Simon. I look forward to reading your reviews. Brian.
  7. A few days of detecting and almost found 1/2 oz, very impressive! Thanks for sharing. Brian.
  8. Congratulations on the gold, where there is some, there is more! The desert is sure pretty in the spring. Thanks for sharing. Brian.
  9. Wes, do you have the ability to make them even wider at the hoe end, say 7"? I found having a large hoe works great in Nevada. Thanks, Brian.
  10. Nice chunks! Hope your luck continues in Australia.
  11. Nicely done JW. When do we get to see a picture of Simon's big nugget?
  12. Do you need it? If so, make sure you test it and make sure the battery will hold a charge if its original. My first Minelab was the Extreme, great machine. $600 is a fair price. Brian.
  13. Ok Sourdough, I didn't write down the GPS coordinates but I know I was in the Nevada desert as I remember seeing sage brush😊 The big one weighs 5.9 dwt and was down 11", wasn't a screamer as I was running very conservative settings but an obvious target through the smooth threshold. Brian.
  14. Phrunt, with the hot settings you were using on the 4500 and the Evo coil, im surprised you were unable to hear some of those targets. Can you go hotter, perhaps another timing? I would imagine with your mild ground you are a coil scrubber, i know i am :) The power of the 7000 and these new X coils are really amazing. Beautiful country you live in. Brian.
  15. I agree, the Volume on the 7000 can do wonders to the response of a target, however, for clarification, there is no Target Volume adjustment on the 7000, only the GPX has Target Volume. The 7000 has Volume and Volume Limit. Keep finding those lobster nuggets :) Brian.
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