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    My 1st silver coin in 10 years and found with an ancient Detector Pro Headhunter Diver VLF detector in a bedrock bottom river in Indiana. My friend pinpointed it with the Whites TRW waterproof pinpointer in a small divot in the bedrock. He had to use electrolysis and Limeaway to get the crud off. We are pretty sure its an 1873 Seated dime. Hmm, my photo seems to have disappeared??
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    I bought the TDI Pro predominately for deep hoard/relic hunting here in the UK,so i also geared up with a selection of larger than stock size coils,and this does work very well and of course the occasional use on the beach and a couple of highly mineralized inland sites that a normal VLF machines just wont work on. The TDI does exactly as i wanted it for deep work,but when using it with smaller coils ie 7.5DF,MJ 9x5 folded mono and stock coils when i tried coin shooting and after say 6 months of trying,i came too the conclusion that although its possible it was not the best machine for the job,it was not a enjoyable experiance altering the setting to run smoothly and then decided that after making headway i would just carry on using it for hoard hunting and beach work,this excels at. So basically for everyday use or coin shooting the VLF option was so much easier and also less stressful,the TDI does have uses and these days i just use the raw power and run it in straight PI mode,this then does everything that i want and basically what it is best suited for. If i want real depth on say single coins or large deep items with real discrimination then i bring out the Nexus SE too play,that not only gives me the same depth as the TDI and possibly even deeper when using the dual 9'' coil but with real discrimination then its a no brainer which machine to use. As Steve often quotes 'Use a VLF when you can and a PI when you must' i have come to the exact same conclusion,but only after using the TDI for detecting scenarios it was not designed for,it is a very adaptable machine but does have some limitations like any detector,so once you find out its limits or what it was not designed for then use it accordingly.But when you do use it for what it was designed for then its a pleasure to use. Of course we all use a machine differently and i dont nugget hunt as i live in the UK,but it is the right tool for the job when hoard hunting in pasture land,then all it takes is one decent find which could pay for its keep many times over.
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    Hey Guys, just a short video from a few weeks ago, in the video I quickly sweep over an area to clean off the surface targets so I can work the area later with the GMT, good example of using two cheaper gold detectors to your advantage. oh' don't watch it if your sensitive to swearing or dogs feeding themselfs. Enjoy, I'll post up another video later on.
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    Back from Rye Patch, what a hunt. Highly recommended if you have not been. We did send an email to registered MX Sport users before posting on our website. Definitely a good idea to fill out your warranty registration in order to get updates on products. To folks who have been watching the MX Sport rollercoaster ride - the only way you will know if it's the right one for you is to put some time in on one and see if it's the right fit. Nothing wrong with reading others' opinions on machines... but at the end of the day it's up to you to "vote with your wallet" and make your own decisions. If you are on the fence about the updated units, keep your eyes peeled - I think you will like what you see from MX Sport owners.
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    I agree Rick. The TDI coin trick thing is more an oddball quirk to play with for those that already own the machine. It negates the depth of the machine to use it set up like that and any VLF would do as well or better. The OP has probably already found everything with his MXT that the TDI with the "coin settings" might find. I have coin hunted for targets deeper than a VLF will reach by using the TDI with normal settings that retain depth and just dug the low tones only, isolated targets with no double beeps, just a nice round low tone. This will get some deep high conductor silver and copper coins but it only works where there are not lots of deep nails. We do have some parks here that are not full of nails. For most locations and coin hunting scenarios though a good VLF is the preferred option.
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    Well i'v been keeping quiet on the subject but... it works quite well, I did compare it to the 4x6 shooter on a few targets but swapping coils each target started to pi$$ me off so I came to the conclusion pretty quick that the 6" stayed on. sorry for the audio as I was using headphones "oh" and the naughty word too'
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    As soon I put battery's in it indicates totally flat. I think I found the reason though, I had 2 sets of shop brought battery's and both only lasted 10 mins. I brought a expensive brand out worked perfect. I'm just going to have to guess both sets were faulty and stick with the rechargeables or the energizers that's in it now. Cheers for your replys
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    Is the GEB switch set to on? Coin Detecting With White's TDI
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    And some even newer ... (Dime is Tared Out of Weight)
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    Today I sold a Whites TDI pro to a customer, we set it up and turned it on with the stock coil and did a few air tests. He heard that Minelab coils would work and other PI series coils. I suggested we try some Detech coils with the following results. The new 14in Mono Spiral wound ran quieter and air tested a little deeper on coins than the stock dual field. The little 6in Detech mono was a surprise as it hard and loud on targets for its size. When the weather gets better we are going to try a variety of the Detech coils and see which are worth having for the TDI, outdoors with more realistic buried targets. I`ll post what we find out.
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