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    I have been digging nothing but trash most of the summer and modern clad coins. Been a frustrating season. But I finally hit a small honey pot of an area. We have a historic park and residence thats been used for almost 200 years. and its several acres. I know that literally hundreds of detectorists have been combing this park for decades, they say theres nothing left there. Well, I beg to differ. I have started probing into the least likely areas that most detectorists wouldn't venture into and it paid off the first day. I spent an hour digging stuff just along a 50 foot strip from the car, one modern coin, one really old pull tab etc every 2 feet until I flipped one plug to find 4 coins! 1907 Barber quarter, 1923 Mercury dime, a buffalo nickel(no date), and a 1919 wheatie. continued to dig clad quarters and pennys every 2 feet then a diamond ring, says 18k in the band. Then to top it off dug up this old token from a billiards room, did some research and it was a members only billiards room that ended in the 1920's in town. This one 50 foot strip of grass wore me out lol but I guarantee I will be back next weekend. Even the modern clad was all from the 60's and 70's so thats promising. And some might disagree but as long as I'm digging super old 1960's pull tabs that is still promising to me this area isn't over hunted yet.
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    I went out today for a couple hours to a school not visited previously. The old wood chip tot lot was the target area. All I ended up finding were 4 quarters, 2 nickels, 7 pennies, a small button off something, a rivet off some clothing or a shoe, and a strange metal piece that showed up in the foil range. There were indeed some junk items today but not in the picture (can slaw, a zipper, foil, a few pencil tops). I had the feeling someone else had been at this spot before because it was really quiet. Well they didn't get these! It's getting more and more difficult in these places and the finds are more difficult to pull. All the other counties around us where there are probably good things located within school grounds have a strict "KEEP OUT" policy and don't allow any kind of public activity on school grounds.
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    Well, Day 11 had it's ups and downs, first, I arrived at 9 and left at 11 so a shorter than usual day, I still didn't have much stream left after yesterdays dig it all effort and I have lawn mowing to do all afternoon. It started off like every other, coins in short order although on this occasion mostly worthless semi modern coins, maybe they're finally starting to run out. Undeterred I kept at it. And stumbled across a silver, 1933 sixpence. It was stupidly deep, deeper than my carrot, the VDI number was bang on too but very faint Next decent find was a bit of a heart stopper, I couldn't believe my eyes! At first I thought it was a NZ $1 coin as it looks about the same size, same colour and same feel to it, although as I cleaned it off it clearly wasn't a $1 coin. A 1910 Gold Sovereign...... doesn't look that great in the photo as the dirt and sun on it made it look rather bland. Next up a 1965 One Shilling, unfortunately not of the silver age group. Then a nice penny, in good condition too. I don't understand why some go bad and get green growths on them and others stay quite good. It was pretty deep too and lucky last as I was walking back to my car to leave, another old penny.... I now made the drive to JW's house to show him my sovereign. We examined it and I was starting to question it's authenticity as it just seemed to good to be true, it also didn't feel as heavy as I expected it would. Mr's JW pointed out the colour didn't look like that of a gold nugget, not as dark yellowish and more pale, I tended to agree. JW said I should weigh it and compare it to the weight on the internet, he had no scales as he was just at his rental so I took off home to weigh it, unless my scales are out it weighs a little bit less than it should, you would think it's weight would be exact.... so I think it's a fake, I just don't understand why a fake would be there..... The usual semi modern stuff, still fun to find but of no real value. The good stuff and possible fake sovereign. I also realized just how crap I am at walking a straight line, first up in the morning there was dew on the grass, when I got to the end and turned around to go back I saw my walk line...... embarrassing 🙂
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    Madtuna, I know who this person is. So do you. Obviously we cannot name him, and I received a threatening phone call from this grub when I called him out over comments he made on Facebook. He is still involved in his 'tours' to WA, so you best be on the lookout for him next season. He is not only an environmental vandal, but a racist and has left one person that I know of with huge debts over his financial fiascoes. Not at all good for the prospecting scene.
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    I've certainly experienced big iron giving ID's up around 13, so if they're fixing that, excellent. I'm sure 600 users will appreciate the lower light backlight.
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    Totally agree Reg, and yep we keep an eye out on him each season. That Lanacoorie (sp?) gold bash thing coming up should not accept his sponsorship
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    The trash in National Forest campsites is particularly noticeable and annoying. Glass, cans, paper,.... You can see it without digging and if you dare turn on your detector to hope to find a few coins you really get an ear full. But these sites are frequented by lots more than just detectorists/prospectors. What get's my goat the worst are the target practice idiots shooting up anything in site and leaving their shells laying on top of the ground. At a GPAA claim in the NF outside of Idaho Springs, CO, I was finding plastic pigeons (disks). For the most part the GPAA claims I've been on are pretty well taken care of, with a few exceptions, of course. Northern Nevada deserts have some unfilled holes, usually large&deep as if either the excavator was PO'ed he didn't find anything or too tired to fill it back in. Not making excuses for them. I fill theirs in as much as I can without spending too much of my time doing their cleanup. One surprising postive experience I had in one of the mountain towns outside of Denver. I was detecting a city park finding old coins a few ring-and-beavertail pulltabs, and old rusty crown caps. I found almost no square tabs nor fresh c-caps. I suppose it could be park employees going around cleaning up but I suspect that in this particular area people are more respectful of shared land. Not enough of that in this world, that's for sure.
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    Must have run out of money as that stainless roll holder looks pretty average .
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    Nah Reg, Ticking the post, not the rubbish bit. BTW, Worst rubbish I ever saw was at a Rolling Stones concert back in the 70's next morning while looking for my wallet. Naturally, never found it - but found some illegal substances - - -
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    Sorry for the off topic post, I just wanted to get this out there quickly and please delete if this shouldn't be here. I had a ton of stuff stolen in Arizona, not sure what exactly yet as I have to drive down now to find out. They abandoned my RV on the road since I sabotaged the wheels to prevent theft (after they dragged it 1000ft ruining my axles and drums), but took everything inside, and took a 40ft Conex worth of tools and gold prospecting equipment. So much stuff I'm not even sure what all was in it until I can do a full inventory. So, if anyone sees someone in NW Arizona trying to offload a bunch of drywashers, crusher stuff, cleanup stuff, sluices, especially if they seem like tweakers, please let me know. Also, a Yamaha Grizzly ATV, green, 400cc. Tons of tools, most the battery powered stuff was Makita. Had a Troy Bilt gold vac, a smaller keene drywasher (is it the 141?), a bigger Keene drywasher (black), a puffer Keene drywasher. I'm forgetting a ton of stuff but, you get the idea, if some tweaker is going around trying to sell gold prospecting stuff for cheap to people, get a name if you can. Mohave county Sheriff is out there now, if anyone has heard anything at all, please let the sheriff know. Had all my detectors with me in Wyoming so none of them were stolen. If anyone hears anything, anyone mentioning anything about who did this, please let me or the sheriff know. The gates and the chain were cut, plus cut through 4 large boron carbide shackles. they had tools and it was planned. It wasn't in a place that someone randomly would have found, I suspect they are local and/or prospectors at this time. It sounds like some of my con buckets were stolen, which would look like dirt bucket to someone who didn't know it might be valuable so if they weren't prospectors, they must be familiar with it to take buckets of dirt. It may have happened a few weeks ago, I just now got someone track me down from some papers they found in my abandoned trailer and let me know about it sitting there in the middle of the road. It's been 110 or hotter out there so there weren't many prospectors around but one said he thought he saw my trailer moved at least a few weeks ago. If anyone has info leading to an arrest with at least some of my items found so I know it was them, I will give you $1000 cash. We can work it out anonymously if preferred. Thanks
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    Do a little more research...the weights and purity of coins changed from time to time.... the one I found had no denomination on it...easier to adjust the value I was told. fred
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    I hunt almost every day year round for 2 to 3 hours when the weather isn't below 25F or above 100F. It's good exercise, my dog gets to go too, and I get to detect!!!! I change up the pattern sometimes but 90% of the time I am hunting for coins and jewelry with my Equinox 600 with 11" coil or my Fisher F19 with Detech Ultimate 13" coil. Usually my Nox is in Park 1 or Park 2 discriminating -9 to +4 and my F19 is in disc mode, iron volume 11, tone break at 55, discrimination 35. Today, like most days I was concentrating on the pull tab, ring tab/beaver tail, zinc penny range looking for gold jewelry. That's roughly +6 to +23 on the Nox and 50 to 80 on the F19. If I am feeling pretty good I will dig anything in that range. I live in suburban Denver so no shovels, only screwdriver coin popping. It is really hot and dry here at the moment too, so I was only willing to dig shallow surface to 4" targets today so I wouldn't destroy the turf in the park I was going to. I was planning to dig lots of pull tabs, ring tabs, beaver tails and zinc pennies. If I dug a nickel, copper penny, dime or quarter in the mean time: Great! That definitely happened. I skipped over a few pull tabs/ring tabs and dug 41. Dug 11 pennies. So roughly 50 possible gold targets in 1 hour and 30 minutes. Amazingly enough before I recovered the 8 gram 14K gold ring ($240 melt value ?) the first thing in the hole was a beaver tail. It was actually on my screw driver - perfect bull's eye. I was NOT thinking "#$%%^^ another tab! I did what I usually do and rechecked the hole with my handheld pinpointer. The original target ID on my F19 with the Ultimate coil (thank you phrunt for constantly recommending it!) was a really steady 70 to 72 at 2 inches, so I was a little surprised with the beaver tail ring tab. Usually the numbers jump a little more just because of all the varying surfaces on the target when the beaver tail is still attached to the pull ring. So, I wasn't surprised that there was a second target (I was thinking maybe a zinc penny) but I was really happy that my remembering and practicing three important things payed off with a great ring. I don't find gold rings every time I hunt. I do find rings (junk and bling) at least 3 times a week along with earrings, chains, pendants etc. Some are gold or silver, most are bling. I would say that the ratio I experience between trash and jewelry is about 50 to 1. This hunt was right in line with that ratio. DIG PULL TABS/BEAVER TAILS DIG ZINC PENNIES RECHECK THE HOLE FOR OTHER TARGETS Jeff
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    Congrats on the finds! I would have to think there's more around there to. Good luck and HH!
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    I don't like it, they put the multi-iq in the car with the brake applied.
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    Your CZ is a good detector. More hours in the water will probably work better than another VLF. If you do not have a PI then getting one also is worthwhile in my opinion. Since you have a good detector already, just a little more patience will eventually see the Fisher Impulse AQ to market. There unfortunately are many reasons a detector can be delayed. I personally prefer they take the time to get it right rather than rush to market.
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    The Mode advantage of the V440 was primarily due to Multi IQ and it's performance on wet salt sand (which ML appears to be attributing to "Jewelry" mode based on their marketing literature as there is no dedicated beach mode as there is on the Equinox) vs. the single frequency ACE. I threw in the ALL METAL comment primarily as a neat feature (not an additional mode) due to the fact that you are one touch away from running with no discrimination (what ML calls AM but which is actually just NO DISC). I am not aware of that feature being present on the ACE other than setting up a custom program slot with NO DISC. HTH
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    Sorry for the delay in getting back on here been dealing with family health issues. I did do a factory reset on it, and auto balanced it I tried the park 2 setting and it would not pick it up at all the gold 2 setting picks it up but the number goes from 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,11 and when i lock in 4 or 5 the detector is like detecting phantom things it will show something is right there, dig, sift through even take any rocks found out run it past and nothing and then check again and now the focus mode shows it several inches away from where it previously showed. It picks up at the earring at currently between 1 - 1.5 inches at my best guess here is the detector running over the earring
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    So you're on the wagon for now, but you (and everyone else here) know how easy it is to fall off!
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    Haha, yes sooner then later is good. I think we did meet, you pulled up on the ATV. I'm 6'6", stick out like a sore thumb in the dessert
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    I too have wanted that back button. That is why I choose a compatble "2nd" mode for whatever site I'm searching to plug into the user profile slot so I can quickly toggle between the two in the field. E.g. Field 2 and Park 1 or Beach 1 and Gold 1 (on dry sand), etc. for interrogating targets etc. A back button would be helpful navigating the settings menu also. Variable target ID is a strong indicator as to whether I am dealing with junk or not. Especially if I am using 50 tones, "flutey" sounding targets are a great audio cue of a bottlecap. If the target is a coin or ring, then I usually get a solid ID and it really says dig me unless it is a known junk target ID associated with a pull tab, etc.
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    1.2 grams is pretty impressive still... sounds like you've had a good time and that's all that matters. Great post.
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    I like and i dont like . I like it is multi frequency . I like the stem , though would prefer straight stem. I like the coils . But , I dont like the colour . Though the cover is black , why not the box? I dont like 1/8 inch socket for headphones , and Bluetooth gets interference in high electrical areas on my beaches . I used my Nox 2 weeks ago on a field with pylons and the only way to stop the noise was to put into single frequency , I thought they were obsolete ! . I have heard of issues with the Bluetooth headphones on the Vanquish disconnecting with the machine , that happens on my beaches with the Nox . Is there a module ? If not then can we plug in adapters for our own headphones ? There doesn't appear to be many settings and as said above the segments might be too few , fewer than the Terra 705 ? And will the coins be all in one small area like they are on the Nox ? Except for the Pound/2 Pound coins . There are other things to do with settings but they have been mentioned above . On the whole , i still want to see one . But for me i can see it not being what i want . Something my dealer said to me when we first heard about a new machine coming . There are other machines coming too , i have heard of the Simplex as we all have . I have heard of a new Nokta/ Makro multi frequency but is that true ? And now i have seen a video about a new C. Scope called the Evo 6000 . That will be interesting , they haven't brought anything new out in Donkey's years . And the Evo in the video was seen in the surf ! Single or multi freq ? Looks like 2020 might be an interesting year for detectors !
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    I'm pleased you managed to make your patch lead and all credit to you for giving it another go, it must of been scary doing the snip again! Great to see you back in action... fingers crossed you find a big nugget to pay for the misadventure. Gotta love those Davsgold picks, looks like you'd need it for that ground.
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    The LS they are selling looks exact same as mine, maybe it's just the name, classic twill is just the pattern on the carbon fiber I think https://www.amazon.com/Detect-Ed-Carbon-Minelab-Equinox-Detector/dp/B07R1ZX6JP/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Ed's+Equinox+detectors+shafts&qid=1568659643&sr=8-1
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    I should add that when I talk about water hunting it is all fresh water. I am many hours away from any ocean. The simplex will be a decent choice for freshwater hunting for all the non coastal folks. The vanquish for salt beaches well away from the water, the equinox 600 for salt beaches at or in the surf line (assuming everything works as well as we hope). Its a pretty decent lineup of choices really. All that said I'm still glad I bought the equinox 800 which does everything pretty well.
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    I am betting nobody ever dug the four coins in one hole as on most detectors that would be a crazy all over the place target ID, I've found similar situations and the Nox can sometimes identify coins right next to other coins and give you multiple ID's but lock onto each ID rather than a random mess of numbers. That's a fantastic result, you are going to have a ball at that location.
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    Yep totally enjoyable video well done XP.
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    From the detect ed site for the upper shaft only. "Easy Installation Simply remove your control pod (with the hex key we provide), remove the arm cuff, install them on your Detect-Ed carbon shaft and slide in your existing lower shaft and coil" so you should be good.
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    The Vanquish uses Multi IQ which is a proprietary multi frequency scheme used by Minelab on the Equinox and Vanquish detectors. The Multi IQ frequency profile is not specified and varies depending on the mode selected. Similar to Equinox, I expect the Vanquish Relic and Jewelry modes would tend to favor higher frequencies for mid-conductive (i.e., brass, lead, gold, nickel) and small profile relic and jewelry targets, whereas the Coin and Beach modes tend to favor lower frequencies for high conductive silver, copper, and clad targets. HTH. btw - can't find where ML advertises that the 540 provides "a customizable frequency range setting" in the official specs. Looks like something Kellyco threw in their description but it really doesn't make sense in the context of Multi IQ as I explained above.
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    Also a nice comparison chart on Minelab's site here. https://www.minelab.com/vanquish-series The million dollar question is will the Vanquish coils work on the Equinox... 8" x 5" Double-D anyone.... Not making it waterproof seems a bit odd (coil only).
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    Thanks for that explanation and double thanks for linking to Steve's excellent article (original from 2010?). Even though I had read it before I had forgotten about it AND it hadn't really sunk in. Both are common for me these days. 🙄
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    Sometimes “old school” is the best solution.
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    Wow. Without anything next to them for comparison it is hard to tell size. I had that bigger bit pegged for an 8-10 gram piece. Nice character in it. I’ve seen the damage a 15” Evo can cause - great coil 👍
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    Beautiful gold indeed. Nicely done! Thanks for sharing, and all the best, Lanny
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    Nugglorius, Got two with my 800 yesterday using the 6 inch coil-so thanks. The Equinox does not handle the hot rocks at all and maybe because I don't know what to do yet. And it isn't as user friendly as the Gold Bug 2. Very sensitive to gold at depth though. Gary
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    The jewelry I find is neat but has no sentimental value so at 1500 an oz. I cashed in and plan to use the proceeds to fund new adventures and some new equipment to enjoy. I will say take a lot of pictures of your finds for future reference, just never know.
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    The Tdi Pro is in my humble opinion a very stylish and functional design, as is the Tdi SL. In a sense they are brothers so your confusion Jim in Idaho is understandable. Karelian
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    A lot. I don’t have any way to quantify that, it’s just been my experience using the smaller coil.
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    Gentlemen Steve is correct on a lot has been said here about White’s . I’d say we have express the good the bad and with some indifference. I started detecting with White’s in 66 so you can see that I’ve been at it for a long time. I wish I could leave this world with a White’s detector laying next to me and a smile on my face knowing that. If I could find a lamp with a genie in it I hope for one wish. White’s it would be for you at one day you will be number one again detector company. Chuck
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    The sad but true story is on my last trip to England I was with two separate groups of random people all from all over the U.S. and not one U.S. made detector among all of them. If that does not say it I don’t know what else does. That’s not being mean or biased or bashing, that’s just open eyes looking at reality.
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    White's 24K is one of my favorite dedicated VLF gold detectors for finding gold. It is even better when you use it to find gold nuggets. It is unstoppable when used to find and return a 14K gold ring with natural Alaskan gold nuggets in it, weighing 1 ounce. The owner was broken hearted and thought it was gone forever. Now he is all smiles and very appreciative. His exact comments are posted in the Finding Rings Forum of DP, but I wanted to give a little love to White's for making such a fine 24K detector.
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    Looks like all NZ silvers differ from here in Oz being either 50% silver content (up to 1946), or cupro/nickel from 1947 onwards. Australian silvers are 92.5% silver up to and including 1945, then changed to 50% from 1946 onwards. Seems you also have the same curse of the prolific 1c & 2c coins as we have in Oz. Pictured is an example of a mix of 92.5% & 50% Australian silvers from an old racecourse I detected recently. Keep up the good work Phrunt, good to see some coins from a different part of the world on what looks to be some virgin ground.
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    Lower frequency weighting in Field 1 is less sensitive to coke. Also less sensitive to weak gold targets than Field 2. Notching out target id numbers 1 & 2 will eliminate most thin gold chains.
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    Steve - I'd like an autographed copy of your website please. Thanks. ?
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    These Soudpeats Engine buds also work. The newer (and more expensive) model of the Soundpeats Engine does not appear to support APTX LL so avoid it. The drivers of the Engine appear to have superior quality to the Q12's and that is backed up by a more robust audio (I own a pair of Q12's also) and the small neck band puts less stress on the buds than the hanging cord which keeps them more securely in your ear. Bonus, they cost less than the Q12's. HTH https://www.amazon.com/SoundPEATS-Headphone-Earphones-Sweatproof-Smartphones/dp/B07KPWCTDR/ref=mp_s_a_1_fkmrnull_1_sspa?keywords=soundpeats+engine&qid=1551181581&s=gateway&sr=8-1-fkmrnull-spons&psc=1
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    I like mine. A few posts on this forum, newest first.... Switching Between 6” And 11” Coil 6" Vs. 11" Coil Air Testing Results... Bad 2 Directional Falses After Upgrade With 6" Coil In Iron Nox And The 6" Coil... First Hunts 6 Inch Coil Hunts And Results (6 Inch Coil) Beginner's Luck? 6" Coil On The Way! 6 Inch Tid Numbers Compared To The 11 Inch Numbers Dithering On 6" Coil Equinox 6" Coil First Hunt With The 6" Coil First Time Out With The 6 Inch Coil Eqx 06 Coil Review For Gold Prospecting 6" Coil Making Me Happy First Day Success With Eq 800 & 6" Coil 6” Coil Test On Freshwater Beach - Gold Ring First Gold With 6" Equinox Coil Equinox 800 6 Inch Coil Gold Hunting Early Air Test On Nox 6 Inch Coil Compared To 11 Inch Coil Depth Meter Testing With 6” Coil First Relic Hunt With 6 Inch Coil 6 Inch Coil Test Nox 6” Coil Hunt 3 Rings On The Beach With 6 Inch Coil!
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