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    So I wanted to go back to my favorite beach since this time I would hit it at low tide. Not a great low tide, but enough to expose a good stretch of wet sand where I am dying to try the Tone (and Mute) modes where there is a decent amount of iron present. Today was not that day. Completely sanded in so I will have to wait until this beach gets ripped up a bit. It does not help that they groom the beach every morning. Last time the grooming guy came out of his way to circle me, trying to intimidate me into leaving I heard almost no iron, so I knew it was deeply hidden. 2 1/2 hours flies by and I'll probably have to wait until my good season hits this fall. I guess I'll have to cough up some cash and buy that Xtreme scoop so I can maybe hit some lakes with it. I'm not strong enough to handle those rough waves at these exposed beaches like you veteran water guys are The surfing dudes will be scraping me up out of the water. I'm not disappointed in the machine, just in the beach conditions and of course the short time allowable to hunt.
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    Yesterday I went out on a hunt. It was at my 'bit beach' which produced the gold cluster ring on Sunday. I skipped this beach on Tuesday because I went down to a beach about one hour south but that is another story. Yesterday the finds were 'thin' as the wave action had taken some of the targets back down the slope and I had also found many of them. As I was detecting I started to think about these waves and the slope and the thought came to me that I was getting good targets on this slope because the targets had been moved by wave energy. The targets had been moved by gravity and tides to the 'staging area' and when the waves came at the right angle and tide they were cast up to be found. I had looked at the energy charts for surfing and there was a lot of energy even tho the intervals were long. So these waves broke loose the sand and over came the gravity holding the targets in place and sent them 'flying' high up the slope. Now I'm just going to call them 'anti-gravity' waves for short. I'll look for storm or swell events that will create these anti-gravity waves to kinda use a science fiction term for beach hunting. During all of this idle thought getting targets I got another two rings. I got these in spite of two other detectorists coming on to my little beach but they hunted the blanket line and not the slope. The second ring looked to be silver and I put it in my Minelab pouch along with the other finds and trash. When I got home I told my wife I got another couple of rings and some change but I couldn't find the silver ring. I went back out to the car where I had emptied the pouch and it wasn't there. Where could it be? It was time for me to take my son to the park so I told my wife we were off but I went back to the beach first. I had emptied my pouch in the parking lot and I wanted to check there. It was not at my parking place. The only other place I could look would be near the trash can. I had taken some ragged glass bottle tops off the beach and put them in my pouch when I first started. As I was leaving the beach I stopped at a trash can to throw them away. I don't normally do this but ... So my son and I go to the trash can and I hunt around it with the detector without my headphones. I don't hear or see anything but I look in the can and I see that the beach maintenance people have taken a Styrofoam cooler with a lot of old french fries and other food garbage and put it in the can. I was certain this was the can but I couldn't find my broken glass. My son couldn't wait so off we went to play. About 30 minutes later it was time to go and I wanted to give one last chance to find the ring, again. This time I laid the can down and dug through all of the wet stuff and mess. The seagulls started gathering around. My son is looking in the can with me and we see the bottom. I find one of the glass tops but no ring. Luckily there were not many people around or someone would have wondered about an old man and a toddler looking through the beach trash. I wondered about it myself. It was just a ring. I put all the stuff back in the can and set it up with no ring. I wasn't going to have a happy ending. After I set the can back up I turned on the Nox and swung it about 3 feet from the can and I heard the 24-25 I was looking for. Sure enough it was the ring. We went on to the park. After I showed the ring to my wife and said here was that other ring. She knew nothing about the 'story' until I told on myself at dinner. She got a good laugh and so did I. Here is that cheap little silver ring. These are the other finds from the day. The day after I found the 5 rings which included the gold I found 3 more rings. That would be Monday. One is a silver bow-tie ring. The beach hunt I went to on Wednesday didn't produce much there was a stainless steel ring. Finally I have some other 'find' pictures without a story but that makes for 12 rings this week. The End
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    My 5th outing with the AQ today at another beach I've had success in the past. My gold virginity with the Impulse is still intact. In fact, I didn't find any jewelry of any kind today. That monkey is getting heavy! I'm actually having an easier time finding coins with this detector than finding jewelry. I hadn't found a coin from Cuba before. Today I found 8! None of them were together, but, all were found in about a 25' circle. All were between 12 and 16 inches deep. I was hitting cobble on each one. A few U.S. coins too, some shallow, some deep. It hits on nickels loud, clean and with a high tone. Everything else is a low tone.....nice and smooth low tone. Some bad targets down there too, but, not many. As you can see, this thing just loves pull tabs....at all depths. Some were down in the cobble too. I searched in all metal, switched to Tone on all targets and then decided to dig or not. Mixed signals were mostly ignored as the few I did dig were iron junk. Smooth low tones and solid high tones were all dug. Still not getting more than 3 hours on a charge, but, my pin pointing is getting slightly better. Here are the grim results.
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    Got a message while I was out of touch in Nevada. Holly? said they were reopening their Oregon repair center for 3 or 4 weeks. She said they'd take care of my GM24K problem, under warranty. Best news I've had since Tuesday Morning...LOL Jim
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    I just got home from a 3 day Nevada trip. Went back down to the drywash where I found the multi-oz nuggets in June. Boy, was I in for a surprise. The 6 x 10 coil on my GM24K is bad, and I really wanted at least a 10" coil, so hauled out the old GM3. It rewarded me with a multi-pound hunk of copper....or at least it's got copper in it. Same grayish metal clear through. Weighs just over a kilogram. I sent the bigger nugget I found in June to an assay lab. Should, know what the metal is in a couple of weeks. This nugget, along with another golfball-sized nugget were found about 100 yards up the wash from the last one I found in June. This morning I covered the area carefully with the 6" coil on the GM3, but found zero gold, or other nuggets. I think this one is close to it's origins. I can't see something this hefty moving very far in a relatively dry climate. I need to go back and do some digging, but just can't manage it in this heat. Going to have to wait for late fall. Jim
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    I think you'll find every product ever made has a failure rate, and the more sold the higher the number of failures will be. If you think waterproof White's detectors don't fail in the water I do believe you're kidding yourself. If they'd ever sold as many of their detectors as the Equinox I am certain you'd be hearing about people having them drown on them. But anyway, that's what warranty is for and Minelab are kind enough to give you a 3 year warranty. A Whites GMX has a 2 year warranty, oh wait... possibly no warranty at all! I personally hope my Equinox is outdated when my 3 year warranty runs out as I want to replace it with the Equinox 1000 and then my 800 will spend its senior years resting in my detector cupboard.
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    Hi all! I'm pretty much a newcomer compared to many here with decades of experience, but I'm slowly trying to work my way out of that status. I got started less than a decade ago with a Fisher F2, then F70, then F75LTD2, and a month ago I got an Equinox 800. The soil around my home is 4-5 bars on the F75, and I the 'Nox hasn't disappointed with its ability to deal with these minerals. The heat and high humidity has been oppressive this summer in my area, so the new machine hasn't seen as many hours as it should have. Anyway, I've been reading this forum for several weeks and it looks great. Happy hunting, and stay safe!
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    I received a text message from a friend yesterday telling me that one of our neighbors up the street lost his wedding band while playing on one of those large inflatable water slides. He asked me if I could help. Of course I said yes and my friend picked me up in his golf cart and we headed to the man’s house. Our neighbor was standing by the water slide staring pensively at the ground--his face and body language told me the whole story. 😰 He pointed out where he was standing when he shook the water from his hands and felt his ring fly off. He and his young son had searched the area for over an hour...even using a magnet in desperation--not very effective on a gold ring. 🥴 Fortunately, the suspected area was only about a 10 foot square. I cranked up the EQX in Park 1, noise canceled, lowered the sensitivity since this would be a surface find and started to grid the area. I hadn’t gone 3 feet when I got a nice solid mid tone. I pulled out my Pro Find 35 and told him to look exactly where it was pointing. He parted the grass, which was about 3-4 inches high and there was his ring. The look on his face was one of total relief and incredulity. He couldn’t believe I found it that quickly (neither could I). I’d spent all of 1 minute at the most swinging the EQX before it sounded off. To say he was mightily impressed would be an great understatement. He then asked me all about my equipment and detecting since he knew zero about any of it. His wife came running out of the house and thanked me profusely saying her husband was no longer in the dog house! Quick find; quick return and all is well. 🙂
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    That's a lot of hunting and nice to recapture one that got a away. I hate unsolved mysteries when it includes something you just had in your hands............ I don't mind loosing a silver but it kills me when I loose a gold. I lost three gold rings last year. And only found one. One got knocked out of my sifter by a wave, gone. Second and third got stuck to my gloves ..........they were small...though they went in the pouch but they came back out with out me noticing......... Only found one of those and I recognized it right away. This time making sure It got in the pouch and zipped up.. All it takes is one hunter in the area and for sure he could find it, I lost a silver ring a month ago, hunting with the AQ..took a friend back to the spot..........he found it...I was glad, ................. it solved the mystery and he got something.
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    Create a controlled learning environment at home. Bury some coins and mark them. Run your detector over the targets and note the different sounds and ID readings. Make a map of your test garden if needed! Above all else, be patient with yourself and the new machine. It takes time to form a bond with a detector. Unfortunately as I know all too well some machines are not for everyone. Do not expect to go out the first time and get pockets full of coins or other valuables. Be realistic and know there will be good and bad days for all of us. Do not give up!!
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    Hello all, A little primer first; as some of you may know, my Equinox is in "the shop", due to previously posted issues! No worries; using the old trusty At Pro! So between Covid, and the horrendous heat wave we are experiencing, i haven't been out much to detect! But many of you have been out, and posting! So i just had to suck it up, and get my butt out in it!! Summers here used to be a nice balmy Easterly breeze most every day! The last several years have been unusually hot and humid, with little to no breeze, and record temps! Dangerous conditions, if you don't hydrate well! So, i decided to hit a few local parks, that I've hunted previously, a year or two ago! And stick to the "shaded" areas to make it bearable! Yesterday i had the 5x8 stock coil on, and did about 3 hours, before it became unbearable! I was soaked, but did well enough for what i expected to find! Today was much the same, in a different park! With the 8x11 stock coil! This park has very large tree's, so the added depth helps here, due to very rich soil! My results; as you will see below; are fairly typical of my park area's! Oldest coin was a 1955 D nickel! Along with a few early 60's; and up to present day coins! Not exactly ideal finds, but goes with the age of the area's that are accessible here! And it keeps my skills up! I included some of the junk items in my "paper towel" displays for future reference! I'm looking forward (probably 6ish weeks) to getting the Equinox back, and get back to the beaches! 👍👍
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    This is what I love of prospecting. Really inspiring to see the effort, the clues research and the patience looking for gold and it's source.. I still take fists on my face multiple times when I'm wrong with plans in the beach after over a decade but when gold appear, every wound is canceled and everything is like the first time again...
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    Oh, there was more trash! The rest goes in the cans at the parks! "No trash, No treasure"!! Or for me, "Much trash, No treasure!" Must be my "Lucky" Irish side!!🤣 👍👍
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    Maybe by the time some of us get our Impulse AQ's you first owners will have all that trash cleared out of our way. Seriously though, every bit of information helps us better understand the machine's capabilities so thanks!
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    When I made head phones several years ago I got some coiled cables in that were tight and were only 3 foot. I though I got a deal at 3 dollars each but when I seen them I figured 10 for the trash can...But I got looking at them and the were so tightly coiled I did the same thing you did, but one step further. I headed them with the heat gun...after about two runs with the heat gun they were 4 foot long and looked perfect..with lots to spare. The things we do to customize are machines!!
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    Not as much mineralized soils in the areas I like to use the NOX, as the original material was already mined and many times the dirt is washed away. This particular area has more dirt than some of my normal sites, but since it is not in its natural state, the mineral content is not concentrated and or as dense. I would say light to almost medium. Now there are sites there on the hillsides they did not channel water, so those are virgin ground and there the ground conditions becomes worse.
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    Cool, like catch and release! What a better way to re-nourish your favorite hunting spot with your favorite finds! Almost endless fun 🙂 You're luck it wasn't in the trash.
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    Always had a feeling we were being stalked hahah. Welcome to the gang.
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    No problemo😉 Pointed questions or remarks can only generate progress and new ideas. I know the whole history of that project from its beginning when it was still named 'Manta' back in 1990. Since then, Alexandre and I have worked in closed team complementing each other with our respective technical backgrounds. I still keep in close contact with the Impulse project (and with El Paso) while working on my own project(s) and I am happy to answer any technical question posted on THIS forum if it does not infringe the NDA I have signed with FTP.
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    I tried the gold chain from my Gmx test with my 11" coil on my nox and this machine just walloped it on multi freq. gold2 mode with sens. at 22.It gave me the proper #4 id mostly on this 7" target with a few 3or 5 numbers if I was off center a bit.I could raise the coil over 10" and still get it.In 20 kz. at 22 sens. it hit it very hard with very bouncy id from 2to 11 .In 40 kz. at max sens. it pounded it very hard also with less bouncy id from 2to 8. I am very impressed with this mode on this target.
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    Today my replacement Sampson T-handle has arrived from W.W. Manufacturing Company. You've got to give them credit, I sent an email saying my few week old Samson T-handle bent, they replied quickly saying they're going to replace it for me if I give them my address bypassing the local Fisher dealer who sold it to me as he went bust. I never got that reply as it went unnoticed straight to my junk email, a few months later they followed up asking if I wanted a replacement as I had not replied..... Who does that? beyond unbelievable. Either way, I noticed the second attempt in my junk mail and gave them my address. Then it all went silent as the panemic hit New Jersey where they're located. Then out of nowhere a month or so later an email saying my replacement was sent.... Then, a couple of months later due to "pandemic" shipping it arrived today! Pretty incredible service from a small business. I expected they were some giant corporation with a big factory like the Chinese tool manufacturers pumping them out by the million, but no, just your regular small business. I found this out with the power of google.... Exceptional service and customer care. The W.W. Manufacturing Co factory in New Jersey US of A. You really can't fault their customer service.
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    When I had one 800 for some tests and footage shooting, I was amazed to air test a tiny 18k ear ring lock... Unluckily the gold mode 2 or 1 is not workable in the salty beach/water...Tried 20/40/multi w/wo Gb /auto Gb...Nothing but noise, incredible noise. Very sad..
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    I was waiting for a place report...But almost sure I sent You in a hell as there's no trace or words of southern beauties🤣
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    Here are my last 2 gold finds with the NOX. Was in Oregon over the 4th and as I always do I like to hunt areas most other have issues with, the old workings that has the iron trash. These 2 finds are very different kinds of gold and pretty far apart, but yellow metal no less. The large specimen is 3.96 ozt and the small nugget is 1.6 grams. Did anyone else get out for the 4th or recent hunts and add to their heavy metal collection?
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    Still dreaming to make one of the amplified GG...Even if on the Ctx the treshold is all but an help and I solved the scarce audio output just increasing pitch Hz...
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    Then what is the coin that I circled?
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    Howdy All! A week or so back I was hitting a backyard of a small preschool over the weekend when nobody was around. I got permission from the school after researching that the old house was the original farm house there from the late 1800's. Using my Nox 800, I found the usual sea of trash, lots of toys, a ton of modern clad and a few cool relics. The old Yale lock pictures below is pretty neat and the arm still functions (won't lock though, too much wear and tear) The buckle is something that I am trying to figure out.. I'm not sure if it's old or pretty modern. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance !
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    That's a lot of clad and not much trash- congrats!
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    You got me to thinking if I lived in or around Reno, I'd be NOX'in out on some serious ore dump piles. So many people pass on them and there is good gold be to found in a few. Usually crystalline or wire type gold, but those are some serious money makers.
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    Not sure if it can get much better than that, but I'll take your "best wishes". Actually, my video editing guy and his son invited me to do a hunt with them this weekend, so I might chase an old coin or two. I have not went for old coins in a few months. Here is a video he did of a cool find he made near where we'll be this weekend. Thanks for the wishes.
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    You got out and was able to play some ...........that is all that matters. I think one reason I do well is most of the spots I hunt are 30 minutes average travel time. When you have a two hour drive you have to take what your served, I get bad conditions I just go somewhere else or go home. Your time is coming, Fall- Winter- then Spring.. 💪
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    I'm having similar results on my second hunt. At least you hit cobble. My beach is so sanded in, all that remains is more shallow targets(under 12") and a lot of open space and smooth threshold. If your hitting cobble you should hit gold if it's there. Pull tabs sound nice when they are deep I don't know your beach conditions, but sooner or later some sand should move and the targets will light up. Looking forward to your next hunt.
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    After cutting the wire I took a static bag and placed the mother board in it warped the wires and taped them. It ran great for me.
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    Now to work out the best way to connect these to the CTX3030 style fitting that I have on my Excalibur ??
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    Coil connection may be loose. Nokta waterproof connectors are hard to tighten with the cord wrapped around the shaft. I recommend you tighten the connection prior to wrapping the cable around the shaft. Once the connection is tight, then rotate the lower rod to wrap the cable. I have to do this with my Gold Kruzer or I can't get the connection tight. Once you can rule out the coil connector, Do a factory reset. If you are getting noise while holding the detector still, turn down the sensitivity to the lowest setting. Should go quiet. The raise the sensitivity until the chatter resumes. Frequency shift and see if you can find a quieter one that will allow you to raise your sensitivity higher. If not, lower your sensitivity until its quiet. That is your hunt setting. If you want to hunt with a noisy detector, raise the sensitivity and go for it....but the whole purpose of the sensitivity control is for just this purpose. HH Mike
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    Wow, that's great, that is almost back to normal delivery. Used to take 7 to 10 days then it went all the way to 30 days. Doc
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    I’ve put together a couple of 12v units, used for sailboat maintenance, some recreational diving and metal detecting, the latest runs approximately an hour on a small 7amp battery, I have two in the case, so switch out if needed, works fine for me, I use it in less than 10ft, I think the Nemo would be a great little unit though, better than my DIY. I think the biggest danger of shallow water diving is getting hung up in fishing line, make sure you can cut yourself free.
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    After the first 200, the TDI used an Atmel micro that had a tendency to randomly lock up. When you turn on the TDI it would just squall. A lot of units were shipped and the problem didn't show up until after some usage. I found a nearly pin-compatible PIC micro, rewrote the code, and we had a drop-in replacement. Until I got that done we swapped out a lot of units. Sometimes more than once. The SL started out with the PIC so it never had the problem. I was never able to figure out why the Atmel locked up.
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    Thanks, Kac! That lock appears to be early 1900's, easily - https://us.yalehome.com/en/about-yale/our-brands/ I'm starting to think that buckle is some old horse tack after some research.
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    Congratulations on your great 4th finds!!! Chris
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    Gerry, did you have a lot of mineralization? Or…? (beautiful finds…the Nox does rock in the right circumstances)
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    Yep they do it. I know of a large hydraulic mine in my area partially held by an enviro group. If the mine is prominent, well known, and would look good on their books, its a possibility.
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    Take a chance on calling the claim owner and tell them you can do a survey for them at no charge if they let you keep what you find. Sign a waiver for them so if you get hurt they are not liable. There are still a few claim owners that will let you hunt if you ask them in the right way.
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    I feel your pain, but the way the claim system is setup, they dont need to do a thing to their claim but pay the annual maintenance fee (no onsite work required) or file a small miners waiver which requires some minuscule work done on site. Its a bummer as it locks up good land that could be mined by people that want to mine rather than dreamers hoping to flip the property one day. Or I think many just like idea they own a mine, and its just paperwork sitting in their portfolio of investments.
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    Congrats Gerry on those finds and wish you better luck on your next hunt!
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    Gerry: Just love those Yankee specimens - :) Nice work!
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    A 24k with the same coils makes more sense, considering balance and weight. But the GMX come with the headphones and this package has the two coils I want the most for use in Australia. So the GMX won the coin toss. The GMX simply won because of that 6x4 DD coil, the added durability and waterproof capacity are great, but the lighter 24k has a lot of appeal. Goes to price and coil selection. The Minelab Equinox 800 with the smaller 6 inch coil, water proof, local support etc was a real competitor. The Equinox or its successor may later replace my Explorer Se Pro and Musketeer Advantage. This White's package with two coils and the headphones beat the local competition on local prices. So the GMX looks as if it will be my last new White's machine. Given the local lockdowns and restrictions in Melbourne Australia, I have not managed to dent my holiday/party budget. So that money instead goes to the GMX purchase. I'll be brewing my own coffee and baking my own muffins for a while yet, saving in the process... Santa came early this year.. All the best, take care and be kind to yourself and others.
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    I know you're being facetious, but I really do have a sickness when it comes to owning things that are widely considered one of the best of the best. Whatever my father's motivation was, it was deeply ingrained in us kids that those things weren't for us. We'd never have them. If we ever got them, luck would never have it. I remember reading issues of Hot Rod magazine and daydreaming about a mint condition red 1979 Trans-Am with T-tops etc. "Don't kid yourself, you'll NEVER have one." Years later when I got one I almost couldn't believe it was real. I had to keep looking out into the driveway. Same when I bought a house, an iPhone, MacBook etc. Sometimes It takes some doing, but I always find my way up, and it means a lot to me when I get there. I look at the collection I have now and from where I started I feel like I should be on the outside looking in.
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    Finished my battery pack mod today and got to test it along side the Whites stock NiMH rechargeable pack. This test was done with targets in the ground. 1 foot long 2" diameter PVC pipe buried vertically with a 1 foot long 1 1/2" PVC insert. Inside the 1 1/2" insert is a removable styrofoam tube with slots at 1" increments cut into it that can hold coin sized targets. Ground around it is 4 to 5 bar Fe3O4 (F19 reading) dirt that reads -2 to +3 ground balance on my Equinox. TDI SL with ground balance on 7, gain 8, pulse delay 10, frequency 12 o'clock, conductivity low Clear 2 way tone (not just threshold waver) Nugget Finder Sadie 8X6" 11.8V stock NiMH battery 14.8V four Panasonic 18650B 3.7V Li Ion rechargeable batteries .25 gram flat lead 2" 3" .5 gram flat lead 3" 4" .75 gram flat lead 4" 5" Nickel 4.8 grams 9" 10" Miner John folded mono 12X8" with the same settings Nugget Finder Advantage 17X11" 11.8V NiMH 14.8V Li Ion 14.8V Li Ion .25 gram lead 1" 2" 2" .5 gram lead 2" 3" 3.5" .75 gram lead 3" 4" 5" Nickel 4.8 grams 9" 12" 13.5" Jeff
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