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    Today I decided to break our states stay at home rule today. Now they mandated us wearing masks ever time we go outside, I call BS. I'm in the middle of a 20 acre field with no one near me for 1/4 of a mile. I just got my new 11'' coil (AF-28) for the Multi Kruzer, which is the factory coil on the anfibio. I couldn't wait to give it a run. I started out with a couple of air tests to see if my numbers were comparable to the 11x7 and the 9 inch. The 11's numbers are a little different on gold in the 50's VS 30's on the other coils. As for other coins, silver and such, they are just a few ticks higher on the scale. I've hunted this spot a lot and thought it was pretty much devoid of finds. So today I decided to take some advise that Againstmywill posted recently, and I cut my gain way back and decided to hunt the top couple of inches of ground. Boy did it pay off, Don't get me wrong I dug a lot of trash, but this was to work out my numbers and sounds with this coil. I think this might be the best coil for the Multi Kruzer. The only downside is EMI . I thought I had a pretty good day on the coins and got a bonus silver ring, I can't complain about that. I want to give a shout out to Tom Slick another forum member who recommended the 11'' coil. You were spot on Total Count 8 Quarters - 7 Dimes - 1 Nickle - 19 Penny's - old iron ring, glass fuse, at least 100 pull tabs, brass buckle, And a nice little silver ring. Sometimes it's worth breaking the law!! ( no one was hurt in making this post and Dogodog is a purely fictional character. ) Stay safe my friends!!!
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    Old guy waiting for delivery of nox 600. First timer live in 1715 treasure coast area. Thank you for all your incredibly informative contribution as well as all others, I would be lost if not for all the advice herein. Will soon be posting a pic of a huge treasure find, probably a 50 lb emerald encrusted gold cross or that chalice thing they are always looking for.
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    Some detected weights from Tasmanian gold fields . I love finding these ! My grandfathers gold scales passed down through the family . The big stacked set goes to 3 oz .
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    Nope, you are the one breaking this news, and news it is! The good news - five key products!! The bad news - 2021 Though it does say fiscal year, which for Codan is July - June the following year, so if you want to hang your hope on that you might say this fall. I'll not be holding my breath though the way detector releases have gone as of late. The report where you got that (dated March 3, 2020)... https://codan.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Codan-Corporate-PowerPoint-Final.pdf I see X-Terra is missing from the recreational listing so soon to be discontinued. And looks like GPX 4500 is still priced in with GPX so rumors of its end may have been exaggerated.
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    Apologies if this has been posted before.
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    I have had the pleasure of hunting this property recently. Here are a few of the most notable finds. I’m hoping this is the forum to post pics. A Tshirt I made that I’ll wear on my hunts so you all can recognize me when I’m out there...The house itself... as it is today. My dog Draper. Would like help identifying this one. I can not make anything of it.... These twin coins were picked from the same hole in the front of the house. They are Canadian 60 year confederation coins given to each student attending schools in Ontario in 1927.
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    Hello my name is Riccardo, i'm from italy near Milan. i have 19 years old i like metal detecting in the field and gold prospecting Hello to everyone 😀
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    Watching it snow this morning, sipping coffee, happy im safe here.....Stay safe everyone.....
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    Big snow here wednesday ,sun is out and cows are being feed and calves are laying in the hay , nice peaceful day.
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    Frequency shift is a cool feature, I wish every detector had it, obviously your Nokta does so it's worth using it if you encounter EMI issues, I know this video I did was with the T2 but it does show just how well frequency shift can work
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    You mainly get better ground coverage. Depth depends on the target size and ground mineralization. First off, small coils get better depth on the tiniest nuggets over the larger coils, no matter the ground situation. Using a larger coil may get you less depth on the smallest nuggets in any ground. This Gold Bug 2 chart illustrates this well.... Coil Size vs Depth Fisher Gold Bug 2Source - Field Testing the Gold Bug 2 by Gordon Zahara In addition, a large coil "sees" more ground than a small coil and so is more affected by ground minerals. In low mineral ground you will see an obvious depth advantage on larger nuggets, maybe 10%-15%. As the ground minerals get worse, you will experience more feedback/overload and have to reduce sensitivity/gain to compensate, so you hit a point where there is no depth advantage at all. In very severe ground, a smaller coil may very well punch deeper even on larger nuggets, and especially on smaller nuggets. All coils are trade offs and none is perfect across the board for all situations, which is why you need multiple coils. There is no free lunch.
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    If Garrett came out with a multi tomorrow and priced it right, even if it did not match a Minelab exactly for performance, people would buy it because it's a Garrett. Garrett owners want a Garrett Multi, not a Minelab. Otherwise they'd already have a Minelab. Never underestimate brand loyalty.
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    Well, my solution to all these detectors with no wireless audio was to buy a Quest Wirefree mate from Phasetech. It's a real beauty too, so easy to use with no messing around. Turn it on and it's all go in about a second, no signal loss from my body like my WM12, crisp clear fast audio. I use it in places I can't use the built in speaker for the GBP when I need to be a bit more stealthy, there is no such thing as stealthy with a GBP, it's got the loudest speaker of any detector I own. The Quest even gives me volume control which is desperately needed with the GBP with it's big easy to adjust knob on the receiver end that you have on your body somewhere, it has a clip but I just run it under my shirt and into my pocket. I can use it on any detector that doesn't have it's own wireless built in. I've never had it's built in battery run out on me so I have no idea how long it lasts. I would guess a few days. I went for a bit of a detect in my yard with the Snake on the Bug today as you inspired me Steve with this Snake talk. My yard is unfortunately very junky, full of roofing nails and various other bits of junk, some giant iron too. A real pain to detect but I have found a silver coin before. This is my Bug with Quest wireless setup and Snake coil. Dig hole to the left where I found a ring 🙂 It has velcro on it from factory to connect to your detector, it only came with two bits for putting on detectors and I've got way more detectors than that so I bought an extra roll of adhesive backed velcro from a sewing shop so I could put it on all of my detectors. I don't really like headphones, I've got a number of pairs but they are all big bulky metal detecting headphones and I just don't like them, these Beats things are quite good, nice fit with good audio and not so bulky. It turned out it was worth exploring my yard, I didn't find much other than some scrap metal bits but I had a nice constant 76-77, I dug it hoping it was a $1 coin where the ID was a bit off which would read at 78-79 but it turned out to be a ring in my damn front yard of all places. 925 Silver! Score. It's a bit worse for wear, broken where it was resized I guess. Score for the Gold Bug Pro with Quest Wifi and Snake coil 🙂 Sure am making the most of this self isolation lock down stuff and my dog even got to tag along and help dig. 👍
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    Bored to tears and holed up like everyone else, but I can't bitch too much as I got a nice warm place to hole up in and enjoy looking out the dirty kitchen window at our local elk all bedded down in the yard. Pic taken today...… We worry about corona and the elk worry about CWD....
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    Greetings everyone! Newly minted detectorist here. I live in Moscow, ID, but spend a great deal of time in the Helena, MT area. I started prospecting for gold a little over a year ago, and decided I would add a metal detector to my toolset, not only for gold, but also for relics and coins. I’m currently hunkered down in Helena, socially distancing, watching a lot of YouTube, and Netflix. I’m also learning to use the new Equinox 800 I received a mere four days ago! This forum/website is mostly responsible for my Equinox purchase. I wanted a machine I could use for gold AND relic and coin hunting, and the info I was able to glean from all the posts and articles here helped me to make an informed decision. Thanks for that! The learning curve of the machine and the hobby is a bit steep, but very manageable, and again the forums and website make it all a damn sight easier! I’m currently staying with a friend in an 1890’s house, and have been detecting her yard the last couple of days. And I’ve found my first two non-trash pieces. A small enameled piece of jewelry, and an old chinese coin! I’m very excited to explore more of the yard when the recent snow disappears, and it warms up again! I’m sure I’ll have some questions along the way, but so far I’ve been able to get a lot of answers just exploring the site. If anybody is in the Helena, MT, or Moscow, ID area, and wants to share some knowledge and detecting time, I’d totally be up for it! Best luck to everyone, and stay safe out there! Mark
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    Here’s my lunar meteorite. Found in central Oman (check the coordinates on my GPS laid down next to the object) about 5 miles from the documented location of a described lunar meteorite. We spent 2 long days driving slowly along in this open flat desert with a sort of “kitty litter” like surface of sand and tiny pale rock fragments. Every dark colored thing was either a bit of rusty metal or a camel turd. Then there was this. A year later, back in the US, I contacted Dr. Randy Korolev at Washington University in St. Louis. He is the leading US expert on lunar and Martin meteorites. He was interested enough to ask me to slice off a bit and send it to him. With $$$ dancing in my head (lunars are worth thousands of dollars per gram) I overnighted my sample to him. A couple of months later I got his reply - just a rock! Ouch.
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    I guess I never answered. 1) What detectors you have purchased in the past couple of years? None, but I earned a Goldmaster 24K doing a test run/review of the final product. Been a serious lull in my getting new detectors once I got an Equinox. 2) Where you happy with your purchase(s)? Very happy with 24K, kept it and let my Gold Monster go. 3) Have you had to do a warranty claim on it, how'd that go? Nope, unlike my previous White's MX Sport, which was a disaster. 4) If you had your time again would you still buy those detectors or do you regret it? I'd get another 24K in a heartbeat. 5) Do you still use any of your other detectors, if so why? Equinox 800 for almost all uses, 24K for gold prospecting, White's V3i for jewelry detecting. last but not least...... 6) Your favorite detector of all time Hmmm, that's a very hard one. I have owned many detectors I liked but not many that stayed around more than a couple years. For general use I'd have to say Equinox 800. The Gold Bug 2 has been one of my most used/longest owned detectors. There is a reason they still make it after 25 years.
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    Since I just had to delete a post critical of breaking laws, let me point out that is tongue in cheek. The vast majority of us are under advisories regarding staying home and not congregating in groups. And in virtually all cases but a very few it’s ok to be outside, walk the dog, ride a bike, whatever. Just stay away from people. In other words, normal metal detecting. There can be no harm in detecting when nobody is within 100 feet, and it certainly is less risky than going to the grocery store, which people are doing every day. So let’s not go into “Quarantine Shame” mode here. Thanks.
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    One of the saddest things I ever read by Karl Von Mueller… "my sabre is bent and I don't get around well anymore." I reckon I could/should be saying that now... fred
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    I have a magnetic rake I got of ebay. Works really well and disturbs the soil just enough to suck up the iron in the top inch or so. It can also be turned over with the smooth side down to just get the surface trash.
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    Compare that to prices for most Minelab gold detectors and you will realize what a bargain it is.
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    Greetings and great choice on the Equinox! I have a sister that lives outside Helena and live in the Moscow area. Don't get to crazy with settings on the detector, learn the factory programs and move on from there. The equinox will definitely do its job, just learn what it is saying to you and don't worry about going over the same area 1,2, 3 or even more times - nobody gets it all!
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    I think that was the point he was trying to make. In other words, Garrett either needs to be attempting to compete with ML with comparable simultaneous multi frequency tech at lower prices or they need to lower their prices on their "traditional" single frequency detectors closer to where Nokta is going. The only "sport detector" niche I see for Garrett right now is undercutting Nokta with a selectable multi frequency detector in a Simplex-like waterproof package (ergonomics) at just above the Simplex price point. Hopefully it has similar or better discrimination and tones versatility bells and whistles, recovery speed, and rechargeable battery performance as the Multi Kruzer or Anfibio. Low to Mid Range "Sport" Market: Simplex + Cheapest fully waterproof, single frequency detector $350 Garrett full featured, fully waterproof selectable multiple single frequency detector at ~$375 [The Sweet Spot] Vanquish - Cheapest simultaneous Multi Frequency detector $400 Equinox 600 Cheapest full featured, waterproof simultaneous Multi Frequency detector $650 XP Orx - Cheapest and lightest fast recovery, selectable multiple single frequency detector $650 (accessory coils are expensive). Requires claptrap (antenna, waterproof bag) for submersible water work. Multi Kruzer - Cheapest Waterproof and Selectable multiple single frequency detector $750 (with economic accessory coil selection) Equinox 800 Cheapest full featured/gold, waterproof simultaneous multi frequency detector $900 If Garrett can wedge a selectable multiple single frequency detector with ground balancing, decent discrimination and tones, world class (and possibly adjustable) recovery speed, in a Simplex or Equinox-like waterproof package (perhaps with an S-rod), with online firmware updates, with built in wireless, and with a decent accessory coil selection at a price point between Simplex and Vanquish, BEFORE Nokta does it themselves, they might have a pretty popular little sport metal detector and it won't require an investment in developing their own multifrequency patent.
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    Wow - owning a GPX makes me almost "Professional", guess I need to move up to the ZED so I can be fully professional. Too bad I sold my Excal II after I got the Equinox, knocked me down a peg from almost "Expert" down to a simple "Enthusiast". Well someday I'll rate as a semi-good detectorist. Guess I just got to spend enough money. Probably wouldn't mind spending it on a "Multi IQ 2" based CTX replacement in 2021. The target ID at depth and discrimination sophistication of the CTX with the weight, recovery speed, versatility and programming simplicity of the Equinox. I can dream, I guess. A lighter weight (but just as powerful) version of the GPX or ZED would be nice too.
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    A couple of years ago I was prospecting an area in the southwestern Arizona desert and picking up a few small bits, mainly in drywash piles (dryblower heaps), when I received a decent, deep sounding signal from the detector in bench gravels above the present dry stream bed, which turned out to be a solid, dense 1/2 ounce beauty of a nugget. I searched the surrounding area thoroughly and turned up a few more small bits, but nothing more of any size. Recently, I decided to target the same area using a different detector mode that is designed to punch deep on dense, sluggy gold. Sure enough, in a spot that I had gone over multiple times before, I got a faint, repeatable signal that ended up being a lovely 2/3 ounce chunk of a nugget at nearly 2 feet (61 cm) deep. I’ll be giving this location another good going over with a large coil to see what other golden goodies may yet be lurking in the depths.
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    I can’t comment on the AQ, but I do have the first QED properly tuned to our power grid sent to the USA (according to the manufacturer in OZ). I don’t know what type of detecting you do but if you are looking for a solid PI the QED is a great detector for the money. Compared to other PI’s I have been around the QED handles EMI and other interference better than any of them. It is a great relic and beach detector and is vey deep in those applications. I have only used it twice prospecting and found no gold but did find enough bird shot at various depths to convince me it is a more than capable gold detector. The QED is very easy to navigate, uses cheap batteries, is lite weight and uses almost any coil that will run on a minelab plus some that won’t run on minelabs. I like it so much I will probably order another one as a backup soon. Also has a 5 year warranty. The price is well below other PI’s I am familiar with.
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    Just saw this and wanted to say that Paul emailed last week and he's hanging there, hunkered down like everyone else. He, like myself, doesn't get out detecting that much anymore but has a few irons in the fire when it comes to researching treasure leads. His wife Joan is also doing well. I miss those early days too... There's a link on my page, Treasure Expo photos, if you're interested. Likewise if you have any photos from those events please send them to me so I can add them....will give full credit (Glenn in Colo can I use the two posted above?) Y'all stay home wash your hands and have one for me. Dick https://stoutstandards.wordpress.com/2015/02/10/paul-tainter-mr-treasure/
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    Wow, a New Zealand warehouse 🙂 We do matter! Stand tall Kiwi's! Good to see they're likely not killing off the GPX 4500. I think it's still a very viable detector, I'm not shocked by the X-terra disappearing. Note they say Expanding Multi-IQ technology across the range, I think the 5 key new products are Multi-IQ based. This is also of Interest, Coin & Treasure, Key markets —Australia, USA, Europe, Russia Gold Detectors Key markets —Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America Asia pacific is interesting to me.... The list of country's classified as Asia Pacific, it does include Russia (Siberia) along with Australia and NZ obviously 🙂, North America is not on their target list which was a surprise with the massive population. I assume the key markets are based on sales performance. Well positioned for H2:•Strong backorders for Vanquish™, to be delivered in H2
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    Nicest place on earth ive visited so far (other than my homeland of Australia) The scenery and wildlife were amazing.
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    The famous Meteorite Men are together again! A new short film series starring Steve Arnold and produced by Geoffrey Notkin. Meet expert meteorite hunter Steve Arnold, one of the stars of TV's multi-award-winning Discovery Science series "Meteorite Men." In this exclusive YouTube series, Steve teaches you how to find fallen space rocks, and what equipment you will need out there in the field. Learn more by visiting Steve's official website: https://www.fireballsteve.com
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    That circuit is definitely not a Goldbug 2. As Steve said, it is probably some other detector circuit they stuffed inside. Therefore, there is nothing you can do. The GB pot and switches cannot be soldered in.
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    There has been a flood of fake GB2's recently out of China, the past 6 months or so. They have appeared at a lot of sellers on the Chinese selling sites for very cheap prices. The odd thing is they are often running the fake Gold Bug Pro coils on them, kinda says something right there. I'd recommend your friend try get a refund, with a photo like that proving that it's not a proper working detector he should be able to get a refund. It is not going to be a good reliable working detector for him even if you find a way to sort out the switches.
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    How close you can get the coil to the ground is determined by how much saturation signal is present. Saturation is caused by highly magnetic materials affecting the Tx creating a slight current change that is manifest as a response in the audio. If Saturation is present that response is going to impede a target signal or at the very least compete with it, especially the edge of detection ones. Any noise that is not signal related is counter productive, any noise that you can have a control over it is highly desirable to modify the way you use the detector to avoid it impeding performance. In the first video the coil is saturating really badly, so badly that the coil cannot even touch the ground without a loud response, clearly the only way to detect in this instance is to keep the coil above Saturation and try to allow any target signals the come through. And yes in this instance a lot of depth is lost because the coil has to be held further away In the next video that was filmed on the same ground using the standard GPZ14 coil you can see there is some slight saturation noise when I couple the coil to the ground but the coil can be swung much closer to the ground so therefore the GPZ14 coil in this instance has a close on 2 inch depth advantage over the previous coil. This is why I harp on so much about Saturation signal killing performance, a well designed coil will Saturate as little as possible. In the GPZ14 video you can see from the side shot how close the coil can come to the ground to achieve a ground balance (I actually couple the coil to the ground towards the end, you will note the Saturation is minimal with the GPZ14), any closer and there is a constant faint signal when the coil is pumped up and down. In the top video you can see where I pump the coil initially to achieve a GB but then see how far I actually have to lower the coil to be able to couple to the ground, in that ground that is how far up I need to hold the coil to avoid the Saturation signal from interfering with target signal. If the ground does not Saturate then by all means scrub the ground, the only thing against you is wearing out the skid plate, clipping the ground preventing a smooth pass of the coil which is required to get a good rang of motion and creating physical noise that might impede your ability to hear a faint target. JP Post Note: A highly sensitive coil will give a good response to tiny surface targets that are louder or stand out from the Saturation signal, this can give a false impression of depth if you scrub the coil. Deeper target performance gets killed by Saturation signal because the level of volume they can achieve is far far less than the Saturation signal so they get drowned out. SFERIC noise also KILLS depth in the same way, dependant on how much of either of these signals gets into the audio determines the percentage of outright performance lost.
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    One thing I would try, is get a PI, like the TDI and only look for lost gold items. I found the largest gold ring to date using my TDI in an iron, coal slack site. It might be worth a try. Set the TDI to low conductors, this will silence most of the iron, you may be surprised at what might come up. I will add, I had to increase the time delay to 17 but was shocked when I saw the gold. And that was at a site that had been hammered, for over a decade by the very best VLF machines in the world.
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    You should have connected the magnet gadget to the back of your car and drove around for an hour or so 🙂
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    My only weight and coin from new south wales australia. A 50 metre section of a small dry creek worked in 1855 gave up about 2 ounces in nuggets and the weight and chinese coin and a couple percussion caps. I could almost see the old prospector weighing his gold in the dry creek bed in 1855. Judging by what they left for me i bet it was a good weigh day and jovial night around the campfire.
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    For what it is worth this was a major deciding factor in my ditching my Gold Monster and keeping the 24K. Minelab's policy of limiting coils lost me and switched me to White's in this instance. Not only does the 24K have twice as many coils, you don't get the coil knock issues with the 24K to anywhere near the extent as exists with the Gold Monster. You can scrub the ground with the 24K with no problem. Plus more control options, better balance, does not roll over when set down, etc.
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    On most genuine gold and or platinum with diamond stud earrings, the Xcal and the CTX 3030 will not respond to them, but YES the Equinox does. As for the pinpointer I prefer selling to the folks who hunt micro jewelry and or small picker nuggets in bedrock, YES it is the White's TRX. SO many people just assume their detector and pointer will pick up the diamond stud. Why do they think so? Because they have found small items and sometimes even stud earrings, but I assure you those are sterling, or brass or other metals. Here is how I learned about my pointer preference and which ones did the task best: A few years ago an older wealthy gent called and asked if I was interested in making $500 to find a 1 karat diamond stud earring. Well that certainly peaked my attention and before you know it, I was on the road with 2 detectors (CTX 3030 and GM-1000) and my trustry pointer. When I arrived he took me to the back of the house into the Master Bedroom. This room was huge and all I could remember was the gorgeous view looking down onto Boise, just stunning. He explained his girlfriend lost the earring when taking off her sweater. Well ok that sounds logical, heck my wife has had earrings get caught herself. Then my feet and eyes see one problem as I walk into the room. I immediately notice there is really really really long shag carpet. In fact, the longest I had ever seen and he mentioned it was custom. Boy... is my easy money thinking starting to dwindle, but I still have my hopes up. He informs me they already vacuumed the carpet with no luck and they rented a detector with no luck. He even used a flashlight at night to find any possible glimmer from the diamond and still no luck. I was the last result before the carpet was to get pulled up and burned? Boy this earring must have some serious ties is what I was thinking? Who pulls up a custom carpet and burns it just to get a 1 karat diamond? I found out, it was a very sentimental family heirloom and needed to be recovered at any and all expense. My 1st attempted produced 1 penny, a few bobby pins, a couple small staples and hearing a few nail tacks holding down the carpet with the CTX 3030 and small coil. But no diamond. My 2nd attempted was with the more sensitive Gold Monster 1000, but it was to powerful, I kept finding every little tack and staple holding the padding under the carpet and the metal that was holding the carpet too. At least the Monster was finding what the CTX 3030 missed, but I needed to make some fine tuning. I had to use a trick I use when hunting for a recently lost ring in a park, turn the sensitivity down so I am only getting targets near the surface. After 2.5 hours and no $500 in my hand, I was starting to wonder if it was in fact not there, but maybe in the bed, her scarf, sweater or somewhere else. My $500 payday was dwindling as hopes were fading. Sometimes you need a change of scenery. An attractive young lady shows up and I assume it is his daughter. I tell her all the items my detector has found and that I gave them to her dad. She then grins/smirks a little and tells me, he is not her dad. OK...I sure messed that up. Long story short, I realize now I am speaking to the Secretary/receptionist/mistress who lost the earring. I ask if I may test her other earring with my equipment. She happily takes off the earring and lets me test. CTX 3030 would only hear it if touching and from 1 certain angle. GM-1000 had no issues and I was most certain it wouldn't, but I was too sensitive. My orange carrot was the real shocker as it would not hit the diamond stud unless touching and in the 1 exact same angle as the CTX. What is the chances of finding it now? At this point, I am lost, but I do decide to ask if I could go get some other detector tools from my place and come back? No worries, he she tells, me as it needs to be found and I was on a "Only get paid if found" mission. I arrive an hour later with my TRX pointer. I ask the lady again if I could test the earring and felt I might have a better chance this time. Sure enough, the White's pointer responded and I had new hope. What I ended up doing in the end, was grid a small 2 foot area and I ran the pointer from left to right at the same width and started working down as if painting the side of a barn. When getting a hit, I'd then use the pointer and separate the shag carpet (like looking for a needle in a hay stack). After about 45 minutes I'm starting to get an idea of signal strengths of the tacks used and how they are differ from the stud, which was a softer hit. Well another 10 minutes later and many more false hits, I finally open some shag to see $500. Yes I did in fact find that 1 karat diamond stud. What was even more rewarding than the money and the hugs I usually get, was that I learned more about the tools I use for my favorite hobby. To this day I have found 2 additional diamond stud earrings and both of them were using the NOX-800 and TRX Pointer. I'm not saying other brand of pointers won't work, but I know what the major sellers of pointers can and can not do. I have not tested them all and that is why I wanted to see results from other folks and what pointer they use. Now to be fair. My favorite pointer overall for most coin/relic hunting is the Garrett Carrot followed by Minelab ProFind-35 with the DISC mode...provided it does not break. Seems the ProFind 35's have the most issues of the major manufactures. My White's TRX is my nugget hunting pointer as well as Micro Jewelry. Just like our detectors, the pinpointers have certain tasks they shine at and some task they are not as useful. After all, that's why some of us have more than 1 detector right? So hopefully some of you learned from taking the test and or at least reading this post. Good luck everyone.
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    Very unlikely you have anything but rocks. Your photo collage images were not useful so I deleted them. You can edit you post to add individual photos or add them as extra posts in this thread. The bottom line is everything looks like a meteorite to beginners, and lunar and martian examples are the rarest of all. I doubt you just walked out and picked up a handful of them.
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    If I go deeper, I may find some rings. The problem with pulling up really deep rings is that by the time you investigate the target and dig down deep, someone who is searching for more recent drops (those in the last year or two) will have been able to recover 5 targets. If I find a gold ring for every 1,000 digs, that would likely hold true if I dug deeper. However, the time it took to do so would be 5 times longer. To me, it's all about covering the most ground on the fields. If I were searching for silver coins or relics, I would completely change my style to match.
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    Sorry to hear/read that. Best of luck on a quick recovery!
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    Regulated battery burned down (step up converter burned down). The reason is too high current consumption when the TDI start. It is possible to solve the problem by placing an extra capacity at the input of the DC converter.... ...but I have better idea. Here is a new version of regulated battery. This time using protected 2s3p Li-ion battery, and high quality step-up converter. I can pump-up battery easily to 16v. For the moment keeping it at 14v. Already tested and it works great.
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    Well, if they don't bring out a coil option for the Simplex, I'll be disappointed. (And I do mean 'if'. It is an excellent machine at the price and I would jump at coil choice. Maybe Nokta would like to jump in with advice? I know the world is in a state of flux right now and most of us are responsibly keeping to ourselves. Forums like this are a greater godsend but it gives us time to ponder our navels and I am biting at the bit to get out again. Probably why my patience is what it is.
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    There are places that I need help in getting permission to hunt also, but what you done was good. I am going to keep my eye on this thread to see if there might be something that I can use also.
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    That was a very hard hunt, but ended with a very nice find. Congratulations on your find and keep up the good work.
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    Norvic, You are getting a collection going there, very nice. Glenn, I have a set of scales, but did not find them. Cool pics. RedDirt, I love that style of weight and have only found 2 but I seem to have misplaced one of them. Here are some of the others I have recovered with my biggest as being 2 oz as well. Wonder if they had anything larger than 2 oz?
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    I've been having great success detecting. Always check your hole, I found 2 targets in this hole.
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    It has been mentioned elsewhere in this forum, but it's worthwhile to mention again. Historic and current USGS maps are on-line and you can effortlessly overlay one on the other at this site: http://historicalmaps.arcgis.com/usgs/
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