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    So today I thought it was about time I took my 2.5 year old daughter out to my gold claim. The claim is in reasonably rugged country with steep slopes and dense vegetation. Most of the gold is found as small nuggets on or near bedrock. There was one spot I could think of that was within 100m of the road where a river bank had been washed out and bedrock was exposed. That said I knew I'd have to cut a bit of a track through the vegetation to get the little girl through. We got to our location after a bit of a scramble down a short but steep slope with the aid of a rope. Was a bit of a performance with a backpack on my back and carrying my daughter. I set her up on a grassy bank next to where I'd be digging and surrounded her with snacks with which to entertain herself. As luck would have it I managed to uncover three small nuggets by clearing the gravels off the bedrock and detecting it. After about an hour she'd had enough and we clamberd back to my car. Needless to say, I'm very proud that she's now big and patient enough to take gold hunting! Oh, we got 0.8g total. However in this case the memories (at least for me) are priceless.
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    I got this piece yesterday down about 6" and until I cleaned it I was 99% sure it was another bird shot. Over the years I have been surprised how many of my bird shot have turned out to be gold. 🙂
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    As I was leaving this morning my neighbor in the motel was leaving and he was detecting near me yesterday as it turns out. He showed me 3 little bits he had found in the last couple of days. It was good to talk with someone using a 5000 and a 2300. That bit of research this morning on the way out the door led me to get a second bit today about .4g or so. It is the same size as the one he found. His buddy got skunked so I'm doing average for the last couple of days. More later ...
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    Hi, it's the war of marks, lol but it's not a problem the level of performance and separation gold / iron reaches such a level, that it is worth all the bulletproof vests :)
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    If you “Dew” think he’s a pain on Dankowski - have a look at the Beach sub forum at Friendly. Rough bunch over there - I got beat up regularly until I was finally declared to be sufficiently trained! Anyway as LE.JAG just said and as others have pointed out, it’s all just talk till experienced and credible operators have used the AQ and report their findings (and hopefully finds!). Till then every guess, opinion and limited report are fair game for anyone to comment criticize or condemn. That’s life. Happily here things are kept within the bounds of civility - if you want something like the bar scene in Starwars, just drop in on an Australian MD forum - wow! P.S. the guy in question is alright - he just gets overexcited and he asks endless questions and is very upset if you don’t answer. We are in Norway visiting friends and my wife’s family and I am reminded of an old Norwegian expression. “En dåre kan spørre mer enn tre vise kan svare” - “One fool can ask more questions than three wise men can answer”
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    I got the word that Jim Straight has passed away in recent days. I last saw and spoke with Jim a bit over a year ago. He spent several hours on both Saturday and Sunday in the ICMJ booth with me at the Pomona GPAA show. He was a good man and wrote many articles for the ICMJ. It is sad to see him go. Jim was a great pioneer in the world of metal detecting for gold. He was on site for a great many famous old gold finds with metal detectors. Yet ye was very tight lipped about those locations. A lot of great secrets passed with him. It was always great to chat with him as we traveled a lot of similar paths - we both graduated from the Mackay School of mines, but about 30 years apart. We both spent a lot of time prospecting around Randsberg, CA and the northern Nevada placers of Pershing and Humboldt counties. I will miss our talks, as will so many other prospectors.
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    A bit more scouting this arvo. No detecting though.
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    Mr. 1864Hatter. Sir. You should be ashamed. I was subjected to the same kind of abuse as a child and so instead of being a normal child I grew up with an appreciation for the wildlands of the Sierra mountains, a love for prospecting and the realization that I had a very special father. And now I am thoroughly addicted to prospecting with little hope for recovery. I am voting for your photo to be the "Best Photo of the Year"!
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    I couldn’t resist the good weather and one final beach hunt. First beach I hit was invaded by 3 bus loads of teenagers and a small pack of little kids. I think it’s one of those religious outings. One minute it’s quiet, the next minute it’s total chaos . So, I left to another beach and finished the hunt. This one is all GPX, as my metallic cuff for the Equinox was not in yet. I found a little bit of clad, with a decent amount of copper Wheats/Memorials and some nicely toned nickels. The good finds were limited to a Mercury, silver Roosevelt, silver wave ring, and a silver earring. No gold this time. Not a spectacular hunt, but a good way to end the season. Next week starts the archaeology detecting season that should go right into November. The last two pictures are from 2 seasons of CTX, Equinox and GPX hunting of beaches. I know a lot of people dread pull tabs, (especially park hunters) but on the beach Bobby pins and tent/canopy stakes kill me. Nothing like digging 16” looking for a stake that is really on the side of the hole at about 10” But I guess we all do our share of cleaning the trash from the beach.
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    Not to offend anyone but in Australia it was always known as Chinese whispers.
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    I've been considering a 12x8" for some time due to it's sensitivity to small gold, seeing I've got the 14x9" EVO I stalled on that decision being so close in size. I believe this 12x6" X-coil will diminish my desire for the 12x8" EVO. The X-coil package is in Christchurch at the moment according to the courier tracking number, only a 6 hour drive away. If I could I'd tell them to leave it there and I'd drive and pick it up I want it that badly. I think it will appear at my door Wednesday so I'll be going out for a swing with it very soon. I am sure it's going to be a nice coil after seeing the X-coils on the GPZ in action. My smallest GPX coil at the moment is the 10x5" Coiltek Joey which is bundle wound but judging by my shotgun pellet digging the 14x9 EVO and it's flat winding is more sensitive to small targets than the Joey. I've considered a Nugget Finder 8x6" Sadie for some time but I have a feeling the 14x9" EVO is about as sensitive if not more so, keeping in mind we have our detectors cranked up pretty high due to our mild soils here. Another thing that gives me this opinion is KiwiJW used his Sadie on his 4500 on a rare occasion the same day I used my 14x9 EVO on my 4500 at the same location, I came back with a pocket load of shotgun pellets, he had a small number of them. He is by far the superior detectorist with thousands more hours behind the wheel yet I found more pellets..... It was a confidence boost for me that's for sure and confirmed to me the flat wound coils are more sensitive to small targets. There is another story no doubt to come from JW about him going to a spot a couple of days ago I was certain I'd cleaned out with my VLF's and 4500 and he had gone over with everything he owns. My GPX with 14x9, Joey, GM1000 and Nox had given it a beating, he found 4 bits of gold in MY digging area, the exact spot under a big rock I moved with his X-coil on his GPZ and also almost 50 pellets in the nearby area I'd missed. He HAD to be getting these tiny targets deeper. I wouldn't of believed him unless I'd been there to see the other finds he'd made in hammered ground. For my own sanity I wanted to disbelieve him but I know it's true. Seeing NZ mostly has small gold sensitivity to small gold is pretty vital here, and the holy grail is a coil that detects deep small gold as most of the shallow stuff has been found. That's where the benefits of the GPZ X-coils are really shining here, getting those smaller bits out of other peoples reach. The X-coil 12x6" seems perfect for me, ground coverage plus small gold sensitivity.
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    When I first got into nuggetshooting, I learned a great deal from Jim’s publications. And a few years later I was fortunate enough to hunt with him in the northern Nevada goldfields. And then several years ago I ran into him in Randsburg, where he graciously took me on a geologic tour of the area. I will always remember his sense of humor and passion for prospecting. Rest in peace my friend.
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    I'd still like a Multi IQ gold prospecting machine, with more suitable coils than the Equinox like sold elliptical coils in maybe a 6.5x3.5", 8"x4.5" 10x5". 11x8" and a 14x11" and I'd be happy. Options for concentrics in some coils would be a bonus too. Also with 15/20/40/60/70 as it's frequencies, maybe throw in 80khz too seeing it's a wish 🙂 I know they can get away with larger coils as the 11" round on the Nox is brilliant for small gold. Stick with the VDI numbers, and the notching of target ID's but add on the GM1000's boosted audio. It even needs a super destruct button that you can press and it blows up any nearby detector within 100 foot range by sending out a sonic blast that the nearby detector picks up and amplifies which in turn blows its speakers or headphones thereby making all other detectors obsolete. Although I did hear from some guy that heard from another guy that saw on another forum that some guys wife's sisters cousins friend works at Minelab and he said they were going to be making a very similar detector ready for a December release priced at $2109.95, make of it what you will...
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    Have a good 10-15 hours on the first charge on these batteries and they are still nearly full with no loss in power. Machine performance is like a fresh set of batteries. I am getting the same performance I get from my RnB pack I got for my AT pro at 1/4 the price.
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    Location, location, location ... I moved today and the first place I stopped looked like all the others. There was some difference as the slopes down to the deep dig holes were wider and longer. I had my hopes up that this would be different but I came away with nothing again. I had another spot a couple of miles up the road to try before dark. I got there and I could see a difference. Quartz was strewn about and the oldtimer holes were not so deep. The soil was very red and I got excited for a change. My first few swings revealed a nice soil and without much trash. I decided to scout the area because I'd be back tomorrow. About 20 minutes into it I had gotten some trash, I was 'near' the road and I was digging this target. It warbled a bit but so had many others all day. I picked down a bit and there was quartz. I got that out of the way and there was still a signal. Could this be it? YES! It is a little one but my first one! I estimate about .8g but it changes what I write tonight. It doesn't remove all of the frustration from the last week and this might be the only nugget on that patch but I've got one. I'll be back tomorrow and work that area again. I'm not the first one there I assure you. A forum member Pat who makes the SP01 that I am using pointed me in this direction over two months ago. I plotted in the spots last night and got out of Wedderburn. On my way out this morning I talked to the motel owner a bit. He told me a couple of detectorists were in the hotel last night and they had found 3 little pieces in 2 days. Such is the way of gold. He also told me that at about the same time the 20 oz nugget was found in Bendigo someone in Wedderburn had kicked up (no metal detector) a 7.5 oz nugget! Maybe there is still overlooked gold in these obvious locations. I've got a long day to tell about but I'm going to cut it short and post a few pictures. I did see my first hand stacks here. I wondered how they were using them and then I saw a trench on the upper side. They were using it to channel water to the top of another gully. I had read something about lack of water had caused all of the miners to leave sometime in the 1850s or so and when the rains/water came back so did the miners. This trickle trench would have been used to feed a pond at the top of a larger gully. The order these pictures upload are just random. I've forgotten how to control the order but it doesn't care about the time the picture is taken. I have something to say about all the pictures except the scull. The teeth give it away.
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    Can't wait to try one of these coils on a QED. The Bulgarian carbon fiber CC coil has yet to come up to expectations so far.
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    Australian man finds 624g gold nugget worth $37,000 while walking dog 13 May, 2019 7:56pm The father said he had been informed the nugget would likely be worth more than the A$35,000 estimate if it was sold whole. Photo / News Corp An Australian family have literally struck gold after finding a valuable gold nugget during a Mother's Day outing. The family from Bendigo in Victoria, who asked to remain anonymous, were walking their dog — fittingly named Lucky — on the outskirts of town on Sunday morning when the daughter kicked something hard lying on the ground. At first, the father and his two daughters were unsure of what they had found — but it has since been confirmed by experts as a 624 gram gold nugget with an estimated value of at least $35,000 ($37,000). "I actually walked right past it but my daughter pretty much kicked it as she was walking. She then goes — dad, is this gold? I said, I think it might be," the father told the Bendigo Advertiser. The stunned family first took their find to an IGA supermarket to weigh it, with the rock coming in at 624 grams, or 20 ounces. The father said he had been informed the nugget would likely be worth more than the A$35,000 estimate if it was sold whole, and that he did plan to sell it eventually. He said the unexpected windfall had come at a crucial time. "We've come on some tough times so it's really good because we've been struggling financially. It couldn't be better timing really," he told the Bendigo Advertiser. "Just having it at home, I've been like where do we store it? I haven't been sleeping very well and we think it's best just to sell it." He said the "really random find" had inspired the family to return to the site and look for more gold lying beneath the surface. "Usually when you find a nugget that big, there will be more gold around so hopefully that's the case," he told the publication. However, it's not the first time an Aussie has struck it rich. Last September, a huge gold nugget worth at least A$110,000 was uncovered by a retired prospector in remote Western Australia. That find weighed in at a hefty 3.23 kilograms and was dubbed "Duck's Foot" because of its unique shape. And in 2017, Surfers Paradise gold digger Greg Cooke made headlines after finding several gold nuggets on a northern Gold Coast beach over several visits. In fact, Australia is famous for its treasure trove of gold nuggets, with eight of the world's 10 largest found in the country over the years. The "Welcome Stranger" nugget, pictured below, weighing between 2380 and 2284 ounces, is the biggest ever found on the planet and was discovered at Moliagul, near Dunolly in Victoria, in 1869. The "Welcome Stranger" nugget, weighing between 2380 and 2284 ounces, is the biggest ever found on the planet. Photo / Supplied Source: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=12230581
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    I think you just need to find a clean spot using the pinpoint option. Rich, Chase, thanks a lot for the discussion. LOTS of useful information. At the end of the day everyone can draw conclusions from it. I tend to go back and forth: sometimes I perform GB, sometimes not. Most of the time I just leave it at 0 since that is what Minelab suggests for the modes I use. Unfortunately, as you both pointed out, Minelab is not telling at what point GB should be performed. So maybe GB should be performed "just in case" everytime ? I guess I am running in circles as well when it comes to this 🤯
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    Mitchel; go back to bed it is only 4 a.m. there...you need your rest for todays digging!!! FOCUS...more! fred
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    I'm reading my research notes that I made 2-3 months ago before I came on this trip. I didn't know how true this link was until now. Now I've got an idea and agree with the way to hunt. https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?id=21826
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    took my new xp orx with 9 x 5 elliptical coil out for a walk yesterday in the northern az goldfields heres 2 from a heavily worked area with the orx this dog will hunt quiet smooth & ez to ground balance the small 1 is under 10th of a gram the orx gets it done i like it
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    Klunker, That is a really great photo but I'd have to say your affliction and memories have called for vote way too early before the mid-year mark! Lots of other kids and grandkids and even a few great grand kids will be out and about before the end of the year ... or they should. Keep the photos coming. The contest is still open. Mitchel
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    The Minelab Vanquish has been added to the Detector Database
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    Bobby pins are a pain - one of my least favorite targets.
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    I never had the pleasure of meeting Jim. He did correspond with me a few times, and without fail Jim went out of his way with kind commentary. A real gentleman for sure... Rest In Peace.
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    Do you remember that party game that is sometimes played where you are told a story and then you tell it to someone and they have to tell it to someone and it goes on about 8-10 times before the story is told back to the original teller? Well, that is what has happened to the Bendigo Nugget. Look at the version of the story here! https://www.gainesvillecoins.com/blog/family-stumbles-on-gold-nugget-new-zealand
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    I recently purchased these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07D9K2H9H/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 They are the proper 1.5 volt and lithium batteries. They work well in my Tesoro that tends to chew up batteries fairly quickly. Will see how they hold up. They should not fade in performance as regular Alkalines do. $20 for 4 is pretty good. Much less than the $80 I paid for my AT Pro lithium pack.
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    The EQ can be a chatty machine in the water near hardpan..... better in fluffy sand out there. If the Box and coil is under water its not EMI as much as the salt/minerals. The deeper you go the more effect the salt has on the machine. I also find it a bit irritating that the machine wraps around in the lower gold digits.... rather than the higher digits out of my way. That means you have to play with 5 tones or 2 tones.... 50 tones seems to work better for me to ID targets from that wrap around falsing. You can always turn down the GB...... but in hard pan your will really notice a depth difference since the machine is already working with reduced power. You can also turn up the RS.... but that kind of chops signals... and you still have to reduce sensitivity with to much chatter. IMO they need to play with the salt balance a bit more. I agree Clive its not CTX or Xcal in PP mode...... they seem a little more refined out there and can be deeper if you have to do a lot of adjusting to the Nox....... BUT the smaller shallower gold the Nox seems to pick up.
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    Gidday phrunt, you have to bribe kids these days. I had to get a tablet with cartoons out for a bit. The claim is patchy, have found less than today in a whole day on odd occasions.
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    My information was the new detector(s) coming out wouldn't interest me, thus not a higher than equinox detector (excluding the possibility of a new prospecting model). Mid-range and a gold machine sounds right to me.
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    Cosmetic if you are nice or gimmick if you are a cynic like me Now that DeepTech has dealers and a service center (green on map below) in the U.S. I will add their detectors to the detector database. http://deeptech-bg.com/contact-us
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    For all who are interested in getting a copy, my book will be online in roughly 2 weeks. The cover will be done tomorrow (Thursday May 16) and it is impressive. I am really happy with what this new graphic designer came up with. The website is being worked up right now by an outfit out of California and the site will go live in a couple weeks. There will be a pay pal button to pre order the books. My domain name will be goldseekerbooks.com . The first 280 paid preorders will get a hand signed book. The printer will be notified by email to begin printing once the first 280 copies are sold. This book will have 170 full color photos with detailed captions describing what I want everyone to pay attention too. Many photos have color coded graphics on the photos to go along with the captions. This book is high quality with premium paper and premium inks for better sharper images. It will be worth every penny of the $24.95 retail price.
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    Screw the beaches! We got those in the US.
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    99.9% of detectors with a small coil and operator with good hearing can do that. I tested out a Tesoro Compadre for a year in downtown Sacramento, CA small parks and pulled jewelry out left and right and more than a few silver here and there, especially near the meters and irrigation components. Crocker Park parking meter base got a silver @ 2-3 inches and by the time I was done the hole was 25" deep, 15 silver coins and another handful of clad.
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    DeltaDigger Yes is a big difference in tones. With the deus you can choose 2tone,3tone,4tone,5tone,Full tones, and pitch. On deus you can also adjust iron volume, and audio response. With audio response you can make those deep targets really come to life by cranking it up if ya like or feel the need to. Is a lot of detail in the 3 tone mode with the ORX. Try running your ORX like this. Iron volume off, disc at 9.5 and see what you think. My headphone for my ORX go extremely loud and clear. Hope you don't have a issue with yours. Prob just need to get use to the tones. Are a bit different sounding then most machines.
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    Last Saturday Simon & I headed back to the location of my recent success with the X coils for the third time. This time it was third time lucky for Simon scoring three pieces & getting a personal best as well. I was very happy for him as it had been a while between drinks for him & he certainly puts the effort in. All three found with the EQ 800 & 11" coil. Using the EQ to combat the hot rocks. Worked for him. I ended up carrying on from where I left off last time with the X coil 10 x 9. I dropped Simon further up & headed back to my spot. Still using the 10 x 9. Again I was playing mountain goat & detecting steep banks & rock faces. Straight off I got a nice little hit. Turned into a shot gun pellet. gosh, hadn't got many of those here. Climbing a steep bank detecting up an old tailing race I got another sweet little hit just to the side of the race in the bedrock. Tailing race is the gap at top center coming down to the left bottom corner. First signal was bottom right just to the left of that clump of grass. Signal lived on down into that crevice. Bing go Working my way up the tailing race & the banks either side I got nothing more. Bloody hard on the legs & ankles. Got up to the top & a bit of flat ground. Sticking the coil over & down the edge of the drop off I got a faint signal. This is going to be difficult to dig. Using the pick I just scooped a blade load of material at a time lifting & dumping it up on top until the signal was no longer in the hole. Number 2 Ended up getting another signal in the same hole. Piece number 3 Ended up dropping down the bank & traversing along it. Another nice little signal. Piece number 4 Along a bit further, yet another signal. Another piece of gold. Then things dried up on me. 5 pieces of gold & only the one bit of rubbish. Gosh, I was liking those odds. I then decided to head up the gully to where I had found a few bits with the Zed & ML 14" coil. On my way I passed Simon who had crossed the creek & was detecting a flat bedrock shelf that looked very promising. I had got gold off it back with my GP 3000 but nothing with the 4500 or Zed * ML 14" coil. Simon was using the EQ 800. I stopped & asked how he was doing. One piece he said. Cool I replied. Skunk broken. Good on you. Where abouts? Over there, he pointed to an area behind me. How about you? He asked. Five I said. FIVE Simon exclaimed, surprised. I wandered over to where Simon had found his bit. I saw his dig hole & had a bit of a wave around in the area. Bloody hot rocks. The X coils love these hot rocks. I gave up on that & carried on to where I wanted to go. Another thing these X coils love is concentrations of iron sand. Another spot I had to move on from. Heading towards an outcrop of bedrock where I had got a couple of pieces with the ML 14 " coil I detected at the base of this outcrop before working my way up on to it & where I had got the two with the ML 14" coil. I got a sweet signal in the dirt. No bedrock & the signal had moved. Not liking the looks of that I was prepared for a boot tack or some other bit of crap. But no. gold it was. Re scanned the hole & another signal. Another bit of gold I ended up getting another two pieces from this area & none were on bedrock but just in among the dirt. The last two just came from me digging deeper hoping to get down to some more, & did. It is probably going to be worth while to go back & dig some more. I then worked my way up to where I had got the two bits with the ML 14 " coil. I saw the old opened crevice of one of those finds & scanned over it. Nothing. Just below it though I got a faint little blemish in the threshold. No way I thought. Digging down on to it the signal improved. Top open crevice is the old dig from the ML 14" coil find. The one just above the X coil, & down pretty deep was this I was gobsmacked. The ML 14" didn't get this. Then a few feet lower down another very faint but positive hit. I thought this was just going to be a hot rock as there was a bit of depth of gravels. The previous find is just behind the detector. I ended up getting down to the schist bedrock & the signal was still in the rock. Had to smash into it & chip it out. Still the signal was in there. Finally I had moved it from that hole in the rock diagonally down to the left from the scoop. I couldn't believe it, but there it was. Another one missed by the ML 14" coil. Working up another bank I got another very positive hit. Bedrock to the right & left & a bit deeper ground where I got the signal. Down to the bedrock & the signal moved. That was my lot. I headed down to have a late lunch & a bit of a break. Caught up with Simon to tell him I was heading back to the wagon for a drink & a bite to eat. He said he had had lunch as he had his pack with him. He stopped detecting & was going to come back to the wagon with me. I told him to keep detecting & I will go get the wagon & drive it up to here. I did just that & when I pulled up & started having my lunch, Simon came walking over to me with his gold jar in his hand & a big smile on his face. I wound the window down & he said, "I'll show you what a consistent 15 on the Nox is". He handed me the jar. Bloody hell. It was a good chunk of gold. The biggest of the day & ended up being a personal best for Simon. I was so happy for him. After my lunch I headed to the bedrock shelf that Simon had finished with & had got nothing. I ended up getting driven nuts by hot rocks so gave up on that. Decided I had had enough & walked back to the wagon. Simon followed my lead & we both met back at the wagon. Simon had found a third piece not far from his big bit. Well & truly broke his skunk, & with the EQ 800 & 11" coil. 👍 My total was 13 For just over 3 grams. Loving this X coil. Cheers Good luck out there JW 🤠
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    That's very unlikely to happen, the whole point of cutting the cord is the security chip is inside the cord, if they start cloning that chip they'd get themselves in trouble. Even though you cut the cord you can still use your stock coil by just adding another end piece on it that then attaches to the adapter you've made. JW has a 10x9" elliptical X-coil. They've gone to 10" round now but if demand was there they may start pumping out a few more 10x9's? What I would consider ideal is if Minelab accept the X-coils are here to stay and start selling the chipped adapters as a genuine accessory. I'm sure people would be happy to pay decent money for them.
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    Yes, less EMI was an unexpected plus. I make sure to noise cancel every hour because my GPZ gets significantly quieter over time. As for full moon, it does help, but I have a couple different lamps that I bring with me. One is a Predator and I can't remember the name of my other. I will check when I get home. Both are adjustable and can get very bright. The benefit of the Predator lamp is that you have the Red or Green LED option, on top of the standard white. The colored lights also will not be seen by animals, sometimes, which is why hunters use them. The colored lamps aren't as noticeable by people as the white lamps either. And while I do not claim jump, I like being discreet. And if you like to see what is watching you, you simply holler out loud and scan with your light. You *will* see eyes within 500 feet of you and realize you are never alone. Just before finding the gold, I had run across a raccoon and a grey fox. You just won't see these during the day.. Also, certain times of the year, the colored lights helps with bugs. My only complaint is with the red light. Sometimes they kind of bother your eyes, where-as the green just gets seen as white, eventually.
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    Finally go the video finished of comparing equinox 800 to the gold monster 1000 on in-situ targets in the field. This is my no mean the comprehensive review as im sure the settings on the equinox could be tweaked more produce even better results. But from what i saw on my ground they were vary evenly matched. The gold monster seemed to pop a little harder on the targets, but the equinox still hit all the targets the gm1000 hit. Since i detect mainly creeks the equinox has a leg up since its water proof and i dont have to worry about it getting wet or falling in the creek. Hope you guys enjoy the video and ill take more footage as i work this little patch.
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    There have been like a dozen posts on finding gold nuggets with the Equinox and 6” coil since last year if you do some looking. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/7468-my-tips-on-nugget-detecting-with-the-minelab-equinox/ https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/9606-tiny-gold-hunting-with-the-equinox-800/
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    Broken antenna. All fixed now.
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    Jasong that is why taking a break or changing the tone or volume can make a difference for the better...
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    Thank you for this translation. It will be most interesting to see how this all shakes out, eventually.
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    This is only my opinion. I can' back it up with any facts but my opinions are always right. I have never used or heard of any detector that depth and sensitivity didn't operate, at least to some degree, inversely to each other. The 7000 is set up to make setting changes almost without stopping so it greatly reduces the compromise between depth and sensitivity. Mostly I use "difficult" with with high sensitivity. I normally have the audio smoothing in whatever it takes to keep the threshold smooth.Often I will cover the same ground twice first in difficult then in normal, again setting audio smoothing and sensitivity for a quiet threshold. In the areas that I detect, rarely do I have audio smoothing off. No settings will eliminate the need for careful operation of the detector and intense concentration.
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    i noticed this with my my machine as well....reacting to fresh green Vegetation...I'm glad it's super sensitive in a way probably means I wont miss any gold. strick
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    A high threshold and a loud threshold are 2 different things although you may not have meant what I am reading into it. Most take their threshold down to a point of where it can't be heard and then raise it up a notch at a time until it is a nice steady hum. On the GPZ this means starting at about 23 and usually ending up about 27 (which is also the factory default from memory). It means a 6' 6" person is standing in 6' of water. Their head is just out and they can hum. If you set your threshold much HIGHER then you are likely to miss small targets as they can't breach through the higher level. It is the same 6' 6" person but now you've put them in 7' of water - they just can't get high enough for you to hear them - even if they stand on their toes. If you are lucky enough to get a big target that is fine because the person then jumps like a madman and gets his head above water. Once you have your water (threshold) set at the right height you can use your booster to take that steady threshold as LOUD as you like - make them whisper, make them talk, make them yell. A lot of that depends on your surrounds. Noisy water, noisy leaf litter, busy road, quiet expanse of the outback. And, of course, you can use the detector to change the pitch of the 'voice' to suit your hearing. I know most old people I see at work can understand me because I have a low pitch voice - and I talk slow because I'm a dopey ruckman 🤣 I hope that analogy makes sense and I hope I'm not telling 'Grandma how to suck eggs'. Also happy for someone to poke holes in my analogy if it is a bit off the mark. As you have an SPo1 Phrunt, it would also be interesting to hear from SteelPhase where the settings other than volume come into play in that analogy - if they do at all? NE.
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    What an epic post, Simon! Way to go on those killer finds, but the ring is definitely the most...precious?🤔😀
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    Here's what worked for me when I was swinging a 3500. These settings will work equally well with small - medium mono coils and the stock DD coil. Set your controls to the following settings: Signal control - just off maximum (in noisy environments you may need to turn it down to 2 o'clock) Tone - the highest setting you are comfortable with. My preference was 3-4 o'clock Volume - 4 o'clock Threshold - just audible, but smooth - if it is breaking up it is too low Coil - Mono Soil - Sensitive Ground - Fixed If the ground allows it you can use Deep boost, but if it upsets the stability of the threshold, use Normal. Ground Balance as often as practical, and avoid running in Tracking if at all possible. Perform an Auto Tune as often as necessary. The most important aspect to the tuning process is to ensure the coil is held motionless. The easiest method I find is to turn the coil at 90 deg. and find the loudest direction of interference, and then place the whole detector on the ground, with the coil still vertical. With the GP 3500, you can keep the detector tuned by using the Manual Tune control. When you get a faint signal that you suspect may be a small nugget, play with the audio controls and see if a few small tweaks improve the signal response.
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