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    So I titled this as such because when it gets especially hot (here in Arizona) I start my hunts at midnight and go thru until the morning until about 8am. For me, this offers multiple benefits. There is more time with the family on weekends, which for me is #1; I cherish this more than gold. And secondly, if it is hot out, I cannot keep my ground balanced, as some put it. When it starts getting hot, I would tend not to look as hard and rush through areas. Anyways, back to the gold. I was in a wash last week when I ran into some pretty good gold. I found 11 small pcs adding up to almost 4 grams. Now, for my night hunts, I won’t go every weekend, I usually skip 1 or two so that I get my sleep cycle working again. But then there is Mother’s Day coming up and so my wife briefly mentioned that I should go this weekend, too. An hour later I am charging batteries. She walks by and says, “wow, you really have the fever don’t you”. I just laughed. She knows me. She has seen me prospecting for 5 years and put up with it for 5 years. One of the best decisions I made was marrying her. I explain all of this because it was nice to come home and show her the source of the fever. So I went back to this area with my GPZ and started walking through more washes I had marked out on my gps. Nothing for the first one, but the second one, I got a nice strangely shaped 2.75 grammer. Now, I can kinda see a patten on my gps when I look at my finds. I finish the wash and go to a wash that is in the direction of the gold distribution. Good topography … I am in. First couple of minutes of slow hunting in this wash yields, nothing. And then I start focusing on a bench that is maybe a foot higher than the rest of the wash… and I get a signal. A clear, still loud, but smooth signal. My heart jumps as I begin to dig. The dirt just fell away until 15-16” I hit gravel. By now the target was booming. I scrape the gavel back with my pick and I see a large piece of gold flip out! It replays in my mind over and over. Needless to say, you may have heard my scream at 2:15 in the morning (Arizona time). LOL. From there the gold kept coming. I got a couple more pieces farther up the wash and then came back and placered the area for a couple more little ones missed by depth. Wide range of sizes. THAT is why I love the GPZ. And it was nice to see my wifes face change to a smile when she felt the .86oz chunk fall into her hand. Priceless. All in all, my findings came to just over 1oz. Who needs sleep ... Andyy
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    We've been out every morning for a few hours since Sunday practicing for the summer of Aussie Gold. Today was my day on the big gold. I was detecting a desert wash bench zone, and got what the Aussies call a Zed Warble. Down here in Sunny Yuma the Zed Warble usually means an old rusty bent nail. A bit of digging down to the hard pack maybe 15 or 16 inches. I switched detector down to Sens 1 to try and pinpoint, bit it was still overloading with the warble tone. Dennis and I took turns breaking up the hardpack and scooping out the hole till this nugget rolled on out. The small stuff I found over the past 2 mornings, I think I'm going to throw them back for seed on the big ones.
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    New PB for me 35 grams, bit over a foot deep, very happy! 😀😀
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    This past weekend me and a buddy got out and did some prospecting, on saturday we both dredged with 4 inch dredges, I did ok got 2 small pickers and a bunch of fines. My buddy killed it and got three nuggets and some pickers. He has basically located our next paystreak that we will hit hard in the coming days. The second day i decided not to dredge due to an old injury that was acting up, so i packed my dredge up and went down stream and decided to pull out the GM 1000 and detect around where my buddy was finding nuggets with the dredge. Just up stream from where he was dredging there was a nice large area of exposed bedrock in the creek that was pretty soft and decomposed, so i fired up the the monster and started detecting. Low and behold the first hit i get is a little picker, second hit another little picker, and so it went. During the course of about 1.5 hours, i got 13 little pickers in about 5 square feet of bedrock. I was stoked, this is basically the first gold patch i have found with a detector. Ill be taking the equinox back there later this week to see what it can find. Once i clean it up with detectors we will dredge it to get all the fine gold that is hiding there. Should be the start of a pretty rich paystreak/patch. All in all a fantastic weekend and i cant wait to detect that spot more as well as dredge that whole section of creek bank to bank. Should eventually get a video together of the weekends events.
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    JW asked me last night if I was keen to go back to my hot rock skunk spot for another go, I knew he'd do well there so I wanted to go to see the action, I didn't have too much faith in myself but I was determined to at least break the skunk. I arrived at JW's and he had a gift waiting for me, a Minelab melon warmer, perfect timing right before winter kicks in, maybe it's my lucky beanie. We've gone to this spot the past couple of weekends, JW has been absolutely killing it at this spot with his X-coils getting double digit gold every time. I had been skunked both previous times but this time was different, I was determined to break the skunk, the past two skunks were getting to me so I was going to find gold and gold I found, as Meatloaf would say, two out of three ain't bad... It's a nice spot, I enjoy being there wandering around The grass growth was bad, consistent with this year at every spot we go, it's been a bit wetter than usual That little plant in the bottom left of the photo is lethal, it doesn't look dangerous but it will stab you to death with its sharp spikes. I found out the hard way. I started off using my GPX but the hot rocks were driving me mad, as you probably remember from my last two posts about this area I'm really struggling with this area and it's green hot rocks. On the GPX they come up such nice signals, especially when they're underground, surface ones are simple to deal with. The smaller they are the more annoying they are. I quickly got sick of digging hotrocks so swapped over to my Equinox. The Equinox although is just as bothered by the hot rocks can at least tell you they're hotrocks with the -8 and -9 on the VDI's. I prefer to use my Equinox in all metal mode, I don't like how if you notch out numbers it just nulls the audio but you hear broken audio from any overlap in the VDI's that cross to another number. Here is a video of the Equinox on this ground with no discrimination - I'll put better quality videos up later, Googles taking forever to process them. I put up with all metal mode for a while but gave up and notched out -9 and -8, not long after that I found my first bit of gold. A nice 6 to 7 on the VDI's Not too shabby, It was quite deep too, I didn't bother to work out the depth but I'd say about 7", a decent weight too You'll notice on all my dig holes in this post I clear the surface around them, that's to get rid of as many hot rocks as possible as they can disturb the signal and effect the VDI's That was it for me for some time, I spent the next couple of hours detecting around and found very little, the good thing about this spot is its relatively junk free, there are just bucket loads of hot rocks to make up for the missing junk 🙂 JW walked past on his way to another spot and I asked how he's going, I think at this point he was at 6 or more, I can't remember exactly but I wasn't surprised, it's the x-coil factor.... Lately my best gold has come from the most unlikely places, so what's exactly where I went to explore next. My GPX was behaving nicely, I'm not overly certain what people consider a smooth running GPX is but this is mine in sensitive extra with gain of 15 and audio in boost, the signals it's getting are the hot rocks. Going over ground and finding a small underground hotrock Going over my .3 of a gram nugget I just found, I throw it in an about 6" deep dig hole from someone else. I gave up on the GPX again due to the hot rocks and lack of discrimination and went back to the Nox with 11" coil. I was in Gold 2 with sensitivity 25, all else defaults but -8 and -9 discriminated out. JW wandered past as he was going back to get lunch, I'd already had mine so he said you may as well stay detecting, it's lucky he said that as I was about to give up on this spot but decided I'd stay a bit longer. Soon after I had a solid 15 on the VDI's, never changed.. absolutely solid. I thought maybe I had an old coin or something but no, it was my biggest piece of gold ever!!!!! Look at that lump! You'll note I got my Carrot out for this one, I thought it was an old coin so I used my Carrot to locate it, which it did a quick job of. Down 3/4 of the depth of my carrot. Oh yea! my biggest ever! 1.208 grams 🙂 A few foot away I got another nice signal, a very repeatable 5 on the VDI's this time Only about 2-3 inches down A very good day to me, but no match for JW and his X-coils! 🙂 Some may wonder why I used the 11" coil on the Equinox and not the 6" when prospecting.... to me there is not that much difference, the 11" will find tiny gold, I wanted the ground coverage and the extra depth as I've seen from JW's experience the gold at this spot tends to be deeper. The 11" isn't that far behind the 6" in sensitivity to tiny gold.
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    Had fun and it's a start!!!! No ticks this trip unlike last trip and weather was GREAT!!!!!
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    I asked and got permission to hunt an old yard in the older part of town. I was told that it had been detected several times over the years and a $20.00 gold coin was found there about twenty years ago. I said that technology had gotten better and I would like to try my chances. I was very pleasantly surprised with this coin
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    We had a friend come by the studio with some opal samples she brought back from a friend of hers who has an opal mine in Australia. The pieces she brought this time over to the studio were small samples of Boulder opal. The mine is a 3 day drive from Melbourne and over 200k of that drive is off road into the bush a very difficult and somewhat risky drive she says requiring careful preperation and notice to the locals to come looking for you if you fail to come back out is also a good idea. This is a chunk of the local boulder opal, The next question on my mind was is there any gold????? I’m thinking Australia, minerals and gee I wonder and if so, is the owner finding any gold? She didn’t know and sent him a message asking because a friend was interested to know, he’s going to be visiting the US later this month and I invited them both back for a visit when he is here if they have time I’d love to learn more about his adventures. Anyway, my friend sent over some plctures I think might be of interest, seems there is a few nuggets to be found here and there along with the other goodies in the ground.
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    My summer season consists of a lot of VLF detecting at some old tertiary channels with quiet ground and exposed bedrock. I’ve been using a Gold Bug 2 with a 6” coil for years and found thousands of nugglets with it for quite a few ounces. It decided to crap out on me and I thought it was time for a change after seeing a Gold Monster squeeze out some good gold from old ground. After researching I decided to go with an Equinox 800 I picked up from Chris Gholson. I can say it exceeded expectations with the 6” coil. I only had an hour to spend at an old patch that was hammered with GPZs, Gold Bugs and Gold Monsters. FIRST SWING popped out a gold bug caliber speck. In a half hour 4 more popped out and I decided to give it a try at a cabin site where I found some great relics and bottles and an 1872 seated dime and 1911 nickel. It was a wooded cabin with foundation intact and long period of occupation so the trash density is as high as you’d expect. I’ve hit it hard with an XP Deus but thought this 6” coil might have an advantage. The ground is incredibly hot, as in hot with a GPX and GPZ, it drove the Deus nuts and definitely was a chore with the Equinox but with patience I was able to get new and impressive targets. The cabin was built on gold ground and sure enough a foot away from where the nickel was found I picked up the biggest flake in the photo. It’s a flake at only 1.8 grains. I don’t know how this thing picked it up in that ground with that much trash. I also picked up a handful of birdshot lead and small copper sheet scraps amidst everything in the heart of the site. Needless to say this thing rocks. And yes it can find gold as well as a gold dedicated machine. It’s the first dual purpose detector I’ve ever seen that can perform at the top of the spectrum with both. No coins or relics this day but I only had a half hour to look and it found unbelievable targets in the most difficult of sites. I think it could excel on half dimes and $1 or fractional gold coins if they’re around. So many of my patches have cabin or town sites around them and now I don’t have to hike in two machines or spend the full day with only one. Can’t wait to see what more time will produce with this thing.
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    I hate to distract us from the spirited discussion of ZED aftermarket coils and new gold detectors, but I've been working on a plan to spend a few months downunder detecting WA. I sold some gold to finance the operation and convinced my Baja detecting partner we need to get us some Aussie gold. Just so you know I'm not a idiot and going off half cocked here, I purchased the premium edition of Nurse Paul's primer "Yank's guide to plundering Aussie Gold". Some very helpful information..."when handling sharp digging tools, always wear flip flops". Or the timeless, "When drinking a few cold ones with the locals, the acceptable ratio is 3 to 1. Buy 1, drink 3, it makes them feel superior." What could possible go wrong with that kind of wisdom at my disposal? Yeah I know, $16,000 worth of detectors got stolen while he slept on watch, but that could have happened to anyone. He's matured alot since then. Seriously though, we leave May 19 and don't expect to return until my 90 day visa expires. Paul has in fact helped me get a handle on the geography, Ute selection and basic gear requirements. We'll be boondocking it, living on road kill and brown snakes with a case of Vegimite for emergencies. I've already purchased one of the new X-coils 17" for the Zed which will be waiting for me when I arrive. I had a sacrificial coil cable for the jumper connection since I destroyed the original 14" stock coil, long story, but apparently you're not supposed to drag that coil behind the Rokon at cruising speed down desert dirt roads for a couple miles. Who knew they were so fragile? Wore right through the plastic housing and exposed the copper windings, bummer. But, I've got me a $900.00 Minelab chipped coil cable so the glass is half full. Nevertheless, an adventure is at hand. I'll post updates and photos as opportunities present.
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    Forget chips in cables. Everybody please remove chips from shoulders now, retreat to respective corners right now, and take several very deep breaths before posting again. We had one guy join with the express purpose of joining the fray and so he was shown the door. Responses to him were also deleted so the discussion is a bit disjointed. It is good to know where people are coming from on stuff but questioning people’s motives is dangerous ground on this forum. Everyone playing with the new toys can sound like a salesperson. Salespeople are not banned here anyway. Number one clue not to hit the post button? If you are posting about another person’s behavior instead of a detector.... think twice. It all stops now. Just assume everyone is biased, take your grains of salt, and get over it. I am sure the discerning adults here can decide who they want to listen to or not all on their own without a bunch of cross talk.
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    Location, location, location ... I moved today and the first place I stopped looked like all the others. There was some difference as the slopes down to the deep dig holes were wider and longer. I had my hopes up that this would be different but I came away with nothing again. I had another spot a couple of miles up the road to try before dark. I got there and I could see a difference. Quartz was strewn about and the oldtimer holes were not so deep. The soil was very red and I got excited for a change. My first few swings revealed a nice soil and without much trash. I decided to scout the area because I'd be back tomorrow. About 20 minutes into it I had gotten some trash, I was 'near' the road and I was digging this target. It warbled a bit but so had many others all day. I picked down a bit and there was quartz. I got that out of the way and there was still a signal. Could this be it? YES! It is a little one but my first one! I estimate about .8g but it changes what I write tonight. It doesn't remove all of the frustration from the last week and this might be the only nugget on that patch but I've got one. I'll be back tomorrow and work that area again. I'm not the first one there I assure you. A forum member Pat who makes the SP01 that I am using pointed me in this direction over two months ago. I plotted in the spots last night and got out of Wedderburn. On my way out this morning I talked to the motel owner a bit. He told me a couple of detectorists were in the hotel last night and they had found 3 little pieces in 2 days. Such is the way of gold. He also told me that at about the same time the 20 oz nugget was found in Bendigo someone in Wedderburn had kicked up (no metal detector) a 7.5 oz nugget! Maybe there is still overlooked gold in these obvious locations. I've got a long day to tell about but I'm going to cut it short and post a few pictures. I did see my first hand stacks here. I wondered how they were using them and then I saw a trench on the upper side. They were using it to channel water to the top of another gully. I had read something about lack of water had caused all of the miners to leave sometime in the 1850s or so and when the rains/water came back so did the miners. This trickle trench would have been used to feed a pond at the top of a larger gully. The order these pictures upload are just random. I've forgotten how to control the order but it doesn't care about the time the picture is taken. I have something to say about all the pictures except the scull. The teeth give it away.
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    Hi guys, last Saturday Simon & I were going to head to a spot that Simon has been to quite a few times now, but on hearing the weather forecast was for rain in the afternoon I decided to not go that far. I was scratching my head as to where to go. I then decided to take Simon to an area he hadn't been to before & I hadn't been for ages as it had dried up on the gold take for me. I did well there back in my GP 3000 days & the 4500. Even managed a few more when I hit it with the Zed & 14" coil but even the Zed had come stop producing. I wanted to try the X coil 10 x 9 & break my skunks that I had been having with it on the two previous times I used it. We got there & Simon elected to start with his EQ 800 & 6" coil. I the Zed & the X coil 10 x 9. I had broken my swing arm & the area had a steep bank that I was very keen to run the coil over as I had done well here in the past. I knew it would be very difficult detecting with the 15 x 14 coil without the swing arm working this steep bank. The 10 x 9 was effortless. It looked so strange seeing this small coil on the end of the Zed. There was quite a bit of grass growth on the top area above the steep bank, but this is where I started, working my way towards the drop off down the bank. I was getting heaps of green schist hot rocks & so was Simon. I was slowly going over areas where I had got gold previously. Tell tale dig holes from those times that the rabbits had dug back out again. Running in High Yield/Normal. Sensitivity on 19 the coil was running very stable. I was getting nothing but these green schist hot rocks. I worked my way towards the top edge of the bank drop off. The old timers had ground sluiced the top flat area & had stacked a few rock piles but the shallow bedrock gave me no gold. On the edge of the bank I came across an old dig hole & I got a faint signal from it. MMMmmm...had someone got a bit of rubbish & just thrown it back in the hole? I scraped into the old dig hole & the signal was still in there. got a bit more aggressive with the dig pulling out rotten schist bedrock now & the signal was still in there. My hopes now increased ten fold. My very first bit of gold for the X coil 10 x 9. 👍 Not four feet away I got another faint little hit. Small piece of gold No 2 I worked my way along this top edge but that was it. So I started detecting down the bank. It wasn't long before I had another little hit. Piece No 3 This just continued along this bank. Biggest bit of the day Got two from this dig when I re checked after back filling Tiny The bank is steeper than it looks in the photo. Especially when you are digging & trying to stop the detector from sliding off down plus maintaining your footing. Note the rock pile from the old timers. If you look hard you will see Simon's head at the left end of the pile. The rain then came in so we made a hasty exit. Unfinished business. Unfortunately Simon got skunked. Even when he went back to get his 4500 & 14 x 9 Evo coil. All up 9 bits for 1.52 grams. I was more than happy with that & a good way to break the skunk on the X coil 10 x 9. Third time lucky.👍 Cheers Good luck out there JW 🤠
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    Hi guys, After my Anzac day post, which most of you probably saw before Steve took it down as it was non gold related, you will have an under standing of what Anzac day is all about for us Kiwi's & Aussies. After a morning of remembrance I decided to head out to a little local spot of mine just down the road to try the 15 x 14 X coil on an old area that had dried up for me with the Zed. I thought this would be a perfect test for this coil. It also involved taking the E-mountain bike. There was a good area of schist bedrock with little growth but more than what should have been there & more than I had ever seen there before. So I slowly got into my stride. There were power lines not far away & they were giving me a bit of grief. Even a dusting of snow on the hills in the back ground. Something these coils do not like. But I persevered with it listening intently among the noise for a different signal "noise". It came pretty quickly on the outside edge of a schist bedrock drop off. I had never got a signal here before with any of my other detectors. It ended up being very deep into the schist. Having to smash into it. The detector & coil is sitting on the top of the bedrock & I smashed out down into the shoulder of that corner down to forming that lower ledge when the signal had finally moved. .44 of a gram Going very slowly over this bedrock it wasn't too long before I had another faint little signal. This proved quite difficult to locate as you will see where I have smashed into the schist between the coil & the pick. Until I got into that crevice & that was where the signal was coming from.. Small bit of gold .14 of a gram First piece was in that schist face in the foreground & that 2nd bit where the detector is sitting. I then went on to the edge of a schist bedrock drop off into deeper ground. Got a nice signal that had me taking out a fair bit of loamy top soil. MMMm....maybe not. But then I got into a couple of crevices & the signal was down in there. Signal ended up being in that deeper crevice next to the coil. A .75 gram piece. Nice bit of character. Looks like a little elephant with out a trunk, or something. That was it apart from detecting & tree root, & breaking my swing arm in the process.🤬 I called it quits at that. I was happy with that considering I had got nothing off here on numerous other occasions with the Zed. Loving this 15 x14 X coil. It speaks my language. GOLD 👍 I have yet to be skunked with it on 7 outings with it. That is telling me something. Cheers Good luck out there JW 🤠
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    What an adventure. A lot to tell about the experience but short on time. Dug a lot of trash, nothing good but this. It's hard to put words to the happiness the family members are experiencing. 😊
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    I have been working an old area that mostly has fine gold, though I have detected and recovered a few nuggets up there. But it's not a big producer. There are bench deposits of old river gravels on bedrock above the main channel, so naturally I worked to bedrock. The deeper I dug, the worse values turned up. Bedrock is key, right? Not here. Turns out the gold is actually sitting on top of the ancient hard pack! Once I learned that whenever the gold was deposited, it could go no deeper than the crunchy stuff I was able to get some nice chunky gold out to add to my collection. Hope this helps someone else out. Interesting that it must have weathered after the river bed was cemented, and it's rough enough to show that it hasn't travelled far.
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    I`m sure some will remember when the 7000 first came out I was not a big fan of it, but here it is 4 and a bit years later it`s obvious to me the fault was with the operator, not the detector. Just lately I`ve lifted my game again with the 7000, I`ve cranked the gain a bit and cut target volume down to almost nothing and I now always work very slow, and it amazes me some of the pieces I am now getting at depth that I had previously missed. This is not a big piece by any stretch of the imagination, but for the most part, I am detecting ground that in the last 40 years has seen literally thousands of detectors. This one was the tiniest break in the threshold and down about 6 or 7" in very hard ground. Hopefully there is a big bit waiting for me 🙂
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    Had a great day hunting in West Texas at a very target-rich environment. I was using the 800 equipped with the 6-inch coil, that's a deadly combination 🙂
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    Last Saturday Simon & I headed back to the location of my recent success with the X coils for the third time. This time it was third time lucky for Simon scoring three pieces & getting a personal best as well. I was very happy for him as it had been a while between drinks for him & he certainly puts the effort in. All three found with the EQ 800 & 11" coil. Using the EQ to combat the hot rocks. Worked for him. I ended up carrying on from where I left off last time with the X coil 10 x 9. I dropped Simon further up & headed back to my spot. Still using the 10 x 9. Again I was playing mountain goat & detecting steep banks & rock faces. Straight off I got a nice little hit. Turned into a shot gun pellet. gosh, hadn't got many of those here. Climbing a steep bank detecting up an old tailing race I got another sweet little hit just to the side of the race in the bedrock. Tailing race is the gap at top center coming down to the left bottom corner. First signal was bottom right just to the left of that clump of grass. Signal lived on down into that crevice. Bing go Working my way up the tailing race & the banks either side I got nothing more. Bloody hard on the legs & ankles. Got up to the top & a bit of flat ground. Sticking the coil over & down the edge of the drop off I got a faint signal. This is going to be difficult to dig. Using the pick I just scooped a blade load of material at a time lifting & dumping it up on top until the signal was no longer in the hole. Number 2 Ended up getting another signal in the same hole. Piece number 3 Ended up dropping down the bank & traversing along it. Another nice little signal. Piece number 4 Along a bit further, yet another signal. Another piece of gold. Then things dried up on me. 5 pieces of gold & only the one bit of rubbish. Gosh, I was liking those odds. I then decided to head up the gully to where I had found a few bits with the Zed & ML 14" coil. On my way I passed Simon who had crossed the creek & was detecting a flat bedrock shelf that looked very promising. I had got gold off it back with my GP 3000 but nothing with the 4500 or Zed * ML 14" coil. Simon was using the EQ 800. I stopped & asked how he was doing. One piece he said. Cool I replied. Skunk broken. Good on you. Where abouts? Over there, he pointed to an area behind me. How about you? He asked. Five I said. FIVE Simon exclaimed, surprised. I wandered over to where Simon had found his bit. I saw his dig hole & had a bit of a wave around in the area. Bloody hot rocks. The X coils love these hot rocks. I gave up on that & carried on to where I wanted to go. Another thing these X coils love is concentrations of iron sand. Another spot I had to move on from. Heading towards an outcrop of bedrock where I had got a couple of pieces with the ML 14 " coil I detected at the base of this outcrop before working my way up on to it & where I had got the two with the ML 14" coil. I got a sweet signal in the dirt. No bedrock & the signal had moved. Not liking the looks of that I was prepared for a boot tack or some other bit of crap. But no. gold it was. Re scanned the hole & another signal. Another bit of gold I ended up getting another two pieces from this area & none were on bedrock but just in among the dirt. The last two just came from me digging deeper hoping to get down to some more, & did. It is probably going to be worth while to go back & dig some more. I then worked my way up to where I had got the two bits with the ML 14 " coil. I saw the old opened crevice of one of those finds & scanned over it. Nothing. Just below it though I got a faint little blemish in the threshold. No way I thought. Digging down on to it the signal improved. Top open crevice is the old dig from the ML 14" coil find. The one just above the X coil, & down pretty deep was this I was gobsmacked. The ML 14" didn't get this. Then a few feet lower down another very faint but positive hit. I thought this was just going to be a hot rock as there was a bit of depth of gravels. The previous find is just behind the detector. I ended up getting down to the schist bedrock & the signal was still in the rock. Had to smash into it & chip it out. Still the signal was in there. Finally I had moved it from that hole in the rock diagonally down to the left from the scoop. I couldn't believe it, but there it was. Another one missed by the ML 14" coil. Working up another bank I got another very positive hit. Bedrock to the right & left & a bit deeper ground where I got the signal. Down to the bedrock & the signal moved. That was my lot. I headed down to have a late lunch & a bit of a break. Caught up with Simon to tell him I was heading back to the wagon for a drink & a bite to eat. He said he had had lunch as he had his pack with him. He stopped detecting & was going to come back to the wagon with me. I told him to keep detecting & I will go get the wagon & drive it up to here. I did just that & when I pulled up & started having my lunch, Simon came walking over to me with his gold jar in his hand & a big smile on his face. I wound the window down & he said, "I'll show you what a consistent 15 on the Nox is". He handed me the jar. Bloody hell. It was a good chunk of gold. The biggest of the day & ended up being a personal best for Simon. I was so happy for him. After my lunch I headed to the bedrock shelf that Simon had finished with & had got nothing. I ended up getting driven nuts by hot rocks so gave up on that. Decided I had had enough & walked back to the wagon. Simon followed my lead & we both met back at the wagon. Simon had found a third piece not far from his big bit. Well & truly broke his skunk, & with the EQ 800 & 11" coil. 👍 My total was 13 For just over 3 grams. Loving this X coil. Cheers Good luck out there JW 🤠
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    Hi guys, Simon & I ventured back to the spot where I got my first gold with the X coil 10 x 9. I was very keen to try the 15 x 14 coil on it to see if there was anything at more depth. We got chased out by rain on our last time in there, so had unfinished ground to go over. Ground I have been over in the past with my GP 3000 & 4500 & with the Zed & ML 14" coil. I left the 10 x 9 coil on as we had had some rain during the week & the ground was still holding moisture & I am a firm believer that damp ground gives me an edge with my detecting. So I went back over the same ground where I found my gold last time. High Yield/Normal. Sensitivity on 19. Coil running as quiet as a mouse. I approached it all in the same ground covering order of the time before. Nothing initially. I then came to that drop off edge that I spoke of before & waving the coil over the end that had some exposed schist bedrock I got a very very faint blemish in the threshold. More one of those hunch type signals that could very well have been nothing as it wasn't always there. I certainly wasn't convinced but something nagged at me give it a scrape. Ended up opening a few crevices as the signal improved. Finally it was out. Moving along this bedrock a bit further, another very faint signal. Scraping the bedrock the signal moved. Small gold Same run of bedrock, another signal Another bit of gold Getting into a bit deeper ground off the edge of this bedrock I got another faint hit. Getting down into & smashing out the bedrock before the signal moved. You can judge from the photos the depth for these small bits of gold. Then things dried up for a while. I covered all that slope that I did well on the saturday before. Nothing more. I was going to try the 15 x 14 on this area after lunch but in the mean time I just carried on detecting ground that I didn't get to last saturday. Again targeting bedrock. I got a good little hit Another small bit of gold. Another wee hit, down to bedrock Another small bit of the good stuff I then wandered onto some deeper ground & got a very loud hit. Thinking it was just going to be shallow rubbish but the signal lived on down to a reasonable depth when suddenly it was out. no bedrock so I feared the worst. But Wooo hooo Ended up getting 5 pieces out of this little glory hole. Decided at this pint to stop for a late lunch. So downed tools & headed to the wagon. Simon off in the distance saw my move, so we met up back at the wagon. Exchanged the usual "How did you do". Nothing Simon said, how about you. Not sure...lost count. WHAT...he said. So I tipped out my bottle & counted out 12 pieces. I felt bad for Simon. As he sure puts in the effort. After lunch he headed back to his spot & I back to mine. Still with the 10 x 9 coil on I got another hit. Another bit of gold. I think that was the thumbs up one that Simon put a photo up of. Two feet away another...but got no pic of that one. At this point I decided to put on the 15 x 14 X coil & go back over all the ground from the previous saturday. Long story short. Not one more piece of gold. I then noticed Simon was working his way over towards me so when he arrived I went over to where he had been. Not 5 minutes into it I got a good signal. I could see many digs & scrapes from Simon but this signal lived on down to a good depth. Signal still there. On to bedrock & it was still there. I was feeling pretty confident now. Scraping the bedrock the signal moved. I didnt even bother with the magnet as I was so sure it was going to be gold. WHAT...a bloody big old rusty boot tack. Couldn't believe it. Back filled my crater & moved on two feet & got the same kind of signal. Again I was down to some depth & even hit the bedrock again. Not getting my hopes up this time I waved the magnet over the bottom of the hole. nothing lept up on to it. So I carried on smashing into the bedrock. Peeling it out I could see a couple of crevices developing. Hooking the pick into that one in front of the scoop & racking it out the signal was out. Well I will be buggered. Biggest bit of the day .85 of a gram for the 15 x 14 X coil. That was the one & only bit on this day for that coil. Nothing more. We were stuffed so called it a day. Simon again got a skunk. Poor bugger. My total was 15 for 3.55 grams Got to be happy with that.👍 Love, love loving these coils. Cheers Best of luck out there JW 🤠
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    I sent this piece home with a fellow that knows what he is doing with HF acid.A quick and dirty SG test showed about 4+ozt.I am sure it was passed over many times as trash.
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    I got this piece yesterday down about 6" and until I cleaned it I was 99% sure it was another bird shot. Over the years I have been surprised how many of my bird shot have turned out to be gold. 🙂
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    No worries JP. I am fully on board with built in GPS and XChange being a waste of money and resources if that is how you see it and will no longer advocate for the system. Silly really if even Minelab does not care about it, as is rather apparent. They broke it for a year so it's obviously not something to get invested in as it could be abandoned at any time. Back to Garmin for me. It's unfortunate though as it is a system unique to Minelab and could have been leveraged for competitive advantage. The fix I propose has nothing to do with hardware and would take a 14 year old coder a day to implement. Too much to expect I guess so I give up. The good news there is I don't have to bother writing part 3 of the series I started and then put on hold when Minelab broke it. I'll possibly do a different thread instead on how to export out of XChange to move on to something else. Which is why there is no need for me to participate in the thread. I wanted a small coil for the GPZ and I won't get a SDC to have one. I also am not interested in the aftermarket stuff. Like Jason I kind of thought the GPZ would have more legs as a developing ecosystem but it sounds like Minelab is already abandoning it to work on whatever comes next. As I have stated elsewhere I am not in the market for a replacement until next year anyway so it really just does not matter to me all that much at the moment. I was kind of assuming that I would be getting another GPZ but the reality is I don't have to even think about it until next winter. By then GPZ will be getting pretty long in the tooth and I may just wait on whatever comes next. Honestly, I could not be happier with what we already have for options. It's just my nature to always push for more. That and I am a spoiled brat. All I ever wanted was a small coil for the GPZ and the import/export for XChange. Since not even one of the two things I wanted are forthcoming after 4 years I am throwing a temper tantrum and holding my breath until I turn blue and pass out. That'll show Minelab!!
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    So today I thought it was about time I took my 2.5 year old daughter out to my gold claim. The claim is in reasonably rugged country with steep slopes and dense vegetation. Most of the gold is found as small nuggets on or near bedrock. There was one spot I could think of that was within 100m of the road where a river bank had been washed out and bedrock was exposed. That said I knew I'd have to cut a bit of a track through the vegetation to get the little girl through. We got to our location after a bit of a scramble down a short but steep slope with the aid of a rope. Was a bit of a performance with a backpack on my back and carrying my daughter. I set her up on a grassy bank next to where I'd be digging and surrounded her with snacks with which to entertain herself. As luck would have it I managed to uncover three small nuggets by clearing the gravels off the bedrock and detecting it. After about an hour she'd had enough and we clamberd back to my car. Needless to say, I'm very proud that she's now big and patient enough to take gold hunting! Oh, we got 0.8g total. However in this case the memories (at least for me) are priceless.
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    It's been a good week all around. Dennis really got on the gold today, 15 nuggets total including a 3.4 gram piece. I'm going to rest up tomorrow, our flight leaves out of PHX on Sunday afternoon. We'll arrive in Perth on Tue, then meet up with Paul and Trent on Friday. We're just hoping our good luck hasn't run out. Tally Ho!
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    Steve makes a very valid point and I tinge red with a lot of shame in my part of proceedings. Egos can be detrimental to good discussion but alas for me are hard to weed out from passion. I for one apologise for my aggressive reactions to being prodded and would like to also offer my apologies to the Kiwijw for disrupting his thread. I could put more effort into the way I word things to help prevent corrosive responses from others, something I’m not good at when I feel my integrity is being questioned. With regards to the coils, obviously there is more going on behind the scenes that is publicly shown. I stand by my comments on the coils and my impressions of them, this information has been passed on to the manufacturer and any future use of them will also be passed on regardless of the politics. To my mind a person going to the extremes of cutting off the end of a very expensive coil to circumvent counterfeiting so they can use a coil made by someone other than the manufacturer should be made aware of the potential pitfalls and should also have access to as much information as possible. Persons using these coils should look at them as experimental not as genuine replacements, the genuine coils will work just about anywhere in the world, the experimental coils will behave negatively in a lot of areas, just like not all areas are conducive to using Normal Ground Type mode on the GPZ. How they behave depends on the ground you work, if it is Saturable, Salty and has high X, in single or combination of these three things then the coils will not behave as nicely as the Genuine ML coils. Remember NOISE is the bane of any metal detector, if there is unnecessary noise that noise will compete with Edge of Detection target signals degrading performance. You cannot look at the GPZ in the same light as a GPX with an aftermarket Monoloop coil attached, the coils on the GPZ are incredibly complex and difficult to make, hence the expense for the X coils. I feel the Russian manufacturer has done a pretty good job of the coils so far, his attitude is they are for professional users who want to ramp up their opportunities through lightness of weight, size and shape variety. His Spiral wound coil does provide a brighter signal response but comes at a cost in saturation and salt signal. In Quiet soils they should be OK assuming there are minimal amounts of the nasty TRIO present. JP
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    I`m still not getting out for a great deal of hours and it is ages since I got a nice piece at depth but I went out for about 1½ hours yesterday and got one similar to the last one I got. The bottom one is yesterdays piece. It was only 1" down and a very iffy signal with the 7000. These two came from 2 different spots maybe 5 miles apart.
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    I briefly mentioned my problem with the GPZ 7000 14" stock coil. The problem was I dragged it behind the Rokon completely unaware of doing so and wore through the plastic cover exposing the copper windings inside. I contacted Friendly Minelab Dealer "Rege in PA" about getting a replacement. He put in the order but as time was drawing near for the OZ trip, there was no sign of a replacement coil in the pipeline. Rege was able do some gently encouragement and the Minelab Repair Center stepped up and found me a coil. I got it last week and have been using it all this week for my practice sessions for the Summer of OZ trip departing this Sunday. It seems they sent me the "super" coil because I'm having some incredible good luck this week on the local Yuma gold. Minelab, you have saved me from my self-inflicted misadventure. Gold photos of the last 2 mornings of detecting. I've been detecting some heavily hunted areas and finding gold around old dig holes. I'm using pretty standard settings, HY, Normal with Sens 15. I've gone back to the high dollar Etymotic in-ear monitors (earbuds). The Ety 4S model has much higher inpedance compared to typical earbuds.
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    Hey Everyone... Myself and Chris (Chris Ben) got out for some Nugget hunting , and want to share a video we put together... much more to come later... Dave
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    Hi guys, After the Saturday's success with the X coil 10 x 9 I was keen to try a spot local to me that I have hammered over the years. The last time there with Simon I managed a few bits with the Zed & 14" ML coil. I was keen to target schist bedrock crevices that were a bit beyond the ML 14" coil in the way of it being on the steep drop off face of a tailing race & the nature of the schist crevices to poke the coil into. Bring on the X coil 10 x 9. I ended up E-Biking in to the spot. I started off detecting the easier ground on top of a bedrock schist up lift. Detecting the shallow gravels but was just getting heaps of shot gun pellets. Having had enough of that I went over to the drop off side that was the wall face down into the old timers tailings race. Got a very good hit on a small shelf. Right under where the coil is. No way was this going to be gold. But I gave a scrape that was virtually straight on bedrock. Can you see it? Well I'll be damned No wonder it screamed. I then just shook my head. How the hell did I miss that over the years. GP 3000 & 4500 with the little joey mono & 6" mono. GB2, GM 1000???? Only human I suppose. Oh well....Next As you will see by the photo's this is not easy detecting ground. On another little shelf I got a whisper of a signal In the above pic you will notice older broken out bits of schist from an old dig of mine above the coil. This was from back with the GP 3000 & joey mono coil. On this occasion I got the whisper from that freshly scraped crevice the coil is sitting on. How bloody small is that? Unbelievable.. that's high frequency VLF stuff...but down a good 2" for that coil. Next Further along that shelf & balancing on a knife edge. Another sweet little hit among the schist nooks & crannies. Another little slug Here are a few pics of the surrounding area & looking back on this schist face I am detecting. Autumn (fall) as you can see by the colour of the trees. Even a nice little waterfall. Have always meant to have a scratch at its base & put some material down a sluice box Note the Zed balanced top center Then another signal It was starting to get dark so this was going to be my last one as I had to ride back out. Gosh...having to smash out that block of schist very carefully so as to not send the target flying. Got that down to a fine art over the years in these type situations. Lucky last. Nice wee piece to finish on Making 4 little bits for a total of .84 grams. That total was not as much as my biggest bit of .85 grams from the day before. The smallest bit was just .02 of a gram. Loving this coil & the very reason we all wanted a smaller coil for the Zed in these situations. Come on Minelab......it can be done. Just waiting on Simon to rock up & we are out there....again 👍 Cheers Best of luck out there JW 🤠
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    Tuesday I leave for OZ as it turns out now it is a scouting trip for those to follow. I'll still be there when Condor and crew shows up some place in the Triangle. I don't live on gold so I had to take a trip to find it. As a matter of fact I've taken a few in the last couple of months but I've come up 'short' on each of those trips. I've not had anything worth posting either. This time I went to Gold Basin again which is 6 hours for me. This trip started out with a nice conversation with a guy who told me about 'finds' he knew about and he had made. He warned me about a couple of things. One was the snakes. He had been bitten while reaching into a bush but said later it was a 'dry bite' so he survived without knowing the snake had hit his arm. The other thing he 'warned' me about was all the gold had been taken by the 7000s! He told me he was hunting in way out places now and had found good gold but not close in. Ok, both of these warnings will make me more ready for OZ. haha I left him and detected with the 800 first on a site that had been a loading platform for dirt to be processed. I've hunted near this site before but not with the 800. It has lots and lots of trash. My first good target looked like a penny (20 on the screen) and sure enough it was but it was a Lincoln. Ok, that was different. I remembered I had seen where someone had found a gold coin in the area this year so I kept looking. Not far from this penny I got a dime sound (25) and thought oh, great but then it was also a penny but a wheatie (1947D). That was a good start. Now it was time to hunt for gold in some 'worked' places. I was looking at the previous areas where gold had been found hoping to find missed or undetected nuggets. I've armed myself now with deep seeking settings! Nothing at the next several locations but I've had a good start. It was time to find some meteorites and a place to stay with the 4Runner for the night. Meteorites were tough also. I got a little one and then travelled to a different area. I got another one and just before driving off into the sunset I got a 90 gram sunbaker! The next morning I got up and searched around. I was looking down on Lake Mead. I looked in that area to no avail and then headed to known gold areas for me. I hunted and hunted and finally found a 1.3 g nugget to break the skunk! I was going to make a better story out of this but there are distraction here. haha Enjoy the pictures. In the collection picture I have an odd flat shaped nugget of some sort. Any ideas? Mitchel
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    Thursday after work Mrs JW had the caravan all packed & ready to go. So after a shower & change of clothes for me we were off. Didn't get to our destination until after dark. Got all set up & chilled out. Even chilled out in the morning as awoke to frost & a heavy fog. So no rush to get up the hill detecting. The day became a stunner & this pic below was taken when we came down for a late lunch & a chill out. The first spot I headed to was where I got those 12 bits the previous weekend. I had stuck with the 15 X 14 X coil due to the open & deep ground. going over this again & very thoroughly I didn't get another bean. So moved on to other old areas. Mrs JW doing what she does now when she tags along. Sits in her camp chair reading her girly mag & doing the cross word. Tried the clay gravels of an old timers dam Brest. I had got gold off here previously but nothing on the last few attempts with the Zed. Humpdey dumptey sat on the wall.... Got three little pieces in the foreground just below the thyme bushes in the above pic. First shallow scrape. Bingo Easter Fridays effort. 7 small bits for the 15 X 14 X coil Saturday we decided to head off & go check out the New Zealand Jet boat Sprint Champion finals. On getting there it was raining & windy so we turned around & headed back & I got a few hours detecting in. Stuck with the 15 X 14. Didn't take any pics of the digs but managed 4 little pieces. I went to top up my detector battery that night but had the wrong 12 volt plug for the charger. I had grabbed the Gold monster one & it wasn't compatible. Strangely enough it charged the WM12 but not the detector battery. Any way, sunday came around & I said to Mrs JW that I would just go until the battery went flat. First signal Tiny bit of quartz with even tinier gold in it. Just targeting the bald areas as much as possible. Although I did go over the grass areas. A fly spec size bit of gold. Literally And another End result for the weekend. Top row Fridays, middle row saturdays & bottom row sundays. I was pretty chuffed getting those small size bits with that 15 X 14 inch coil. The detector battery died sunday so monday we headed back home after getting a bowl of wild mushrooms. Yum. Didn't try any of the other of the X coils. I just couldnt take the 15 X 14 off. For ever hoping for a bigger deeper one. Didnt come. Maybe next time. Cheers. Best of luck out there JW 🤠
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    AussieDigs, research, research, and more research. Then when you think you have researched it all; go back and read it again. Get out and cover the ground, on foot. Learn the geology. When you look down at the ground there is a story looking back at you, and you need to understand what the ground is telling you. Not easy I admit, but it is not something that is beyond your learning. When I instruct, I liken it to to when an aboriginal person looks down at the ground and tells you that two kangaroos came by here chased by three dingoes. You look down and see nothing but gravel. Like the native man who knows the bush and the stories it tells, the experienced prospector sees more than just gravel. He sees the clues. He sees the faint clues that concentrate his attention, and he notes where the clues increase and clues of a different type or age accumulate to increase the chances of the magic cocktail occurring that will produce the metal he seeks. To me it is the ultimate thrill. The thrill of the chase. Financial reward is great of course, but the buzz from proving your detective work is something else. How can you put a price on that?
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    Simon, judging by the size of the gold you find, you would take a long time to find enough gold to justify buying a GPZ. You already have enough detectors and coils to open your own detecting museum. If you do the sums, your gold probably owes you at least five grand an ounce. You will be swinging a coil out the side of your mobility scooter before you ever break even. Even John after his X coil investment and his uncanny ability to find small gold will be a long time breaking even. You must break this obsession you have with finding at least some color, and take the next step from fossicking to prospecting. I refuse to believe that there are no undiscovered patches left in New Zealand. You have the determination and dedication to take this next step, and although it possibly looks like a 'bridge too far' I don't believe it is. The hard part is accepting that you may go for weeks, or even months without digging a color, but then comes the day when you dig gold where it has never been dug before, and by the time fading daylight forces you to stop digging, you have near a years wage or better weighing heavy in your pockets. You know how to do it. Take the next step, or you will still be just another crow on a carcass.
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    Hi all! I just returned from a short vacation back home in western PA, and squeezed in a couple of hunts at a few old sites -- an 1872 farmhouse, an 1885 house, an early to mid 1800s foundation, and a 19th century cellar hole...plus a short time at an old church or school house estimated to be late 1800s. I managed a nice variety of finds; here are some of the better ones. The large cent is 1818, the pinkish-looking Indian is an 1863 fattie. There is writing on most of the flat buttons, but the only ones I can make out are the gold-gilded one that says "TREBLE GILT STANDARD COLOR," and one other that says "SUPERFINE STRONG LONDON." Does anyone know any ages on those? The round crotal bell says "OCT 24 76 & MAY 14 78" -- and has a maker's mark that has a small circle, then a diamond with a plus inside, and then another small circle. The other, acorn-shaped bell has no markings... Steve
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    Was out scouting a new site Sunday morning and found this little gem....10K with about 12 diamond chips. Only got to spend about 40 minutes there before the people ran me off (read : when people show up I leave). I have a feeling this is going to be a good site. I'll have to get there earlier next time out. Again....F75LTD DST, default settings, 1N tone, solid 24 TID. HH Mike
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    Recovery speed allows one to swing faster but for some reason people are interpreting this to mean they should swing faster. There is absolutely nothing that says because you increase recovery speed you should increase your swing speed. Personally my recovery speed setting and how fast I swing my detector have almost no connection. I am almost always going to slow down as trash gets denser, no matter what the setting. Again, from my perspective and how I operate it is ground mineralization and target density/depth that makes me slow down or speed up the coil. I never ask myself “but what is my recovery speed setting” as I make those decisions. It’s all about how the machine is reacting. Hard to say really as it is all such ingrained automatic behavior on my part. Long story short in my case when I hit dense trash I am probably going to increase recovery speed and keep my swing the same or slow it down, not increase it. Fast sweeps are for wide open spaces and sparse targets.... ground coverage.
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    My Baja detecting partner Dennis and I went out this AM for a little practice before we hit the Aussie Shores next week. I found one little rice grain sized nugget, Dennis went hog wild on me. I hope he doesn't use up all his luck before we get to OZ.
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    Ok Sourdough, I didn't write down the GPS coordinates but I know I was in the Nevada desert as I remember seeing sage brush😊 The big one weighs 5.9 dwt and was down 11", wasn't a screamer as I was running very conservative settings but an obvious target through the smooth threshold. Brian.
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    Here you go Condor, a little WA gold to whet your appetite. Picked up over a few days last winter. Happy hunting.
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    I did a short beach hunt at one of my favorite spots and pulled the silver ring under a big pile of rocks. I couldn’t find anything else in the wet sand so I move to the dry sand and my first target was this little gold. This is by far my smallest piece of gold. Good luck out there.
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    What an excellent opportunity for a grumpy contrarian to contribute 2 cents worth. The 7000 is still heavy and clumsy. The arm strap is still to short. The screens sill go bad even after being replaced and they scratch easily. The plastic is still cheap. The coil covers are specifically designed to collect dirt and break when you remove them for cleaning and are expensive. They have a bunch of doodadery and gismoism that 96.2% of the owners never use but paid for. The magic downloads turned out to be a bust. The 12 volt auto charger could have been made cheaper I suppose, but I don't know how. It cost you endless hours digging up $3 nuggets at unbelievable depths. I will now ban myself from this forum for 10 minutes as punishment for heresy.
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    Hi again everyone, I've had a few weeks off the goldfields and just spent another 7 hours recently, so 42 hours use, 84 bits of gold and 760+ pieces of junk (mostly lead shot). Loving it 😉
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    Hi to all, I just signed up on Rick's advice so, I live in France and I mainly explore the beaches and a little land // and soon the nugget // Easier by here to find gold coins than nuggets 🙂 I used many detectors the greater majority were PI of which 9 pulsepowers / the rarest and most powerful was goldquest ssv3 / aquastar / Goldscan 5 / Goldscan 5c I know Alexandre Tartar for a few decades and I test his different machines since whose famous Manta became AQuamanta and finally: Fisher Impluls AQ .... See you soon on the forum And some finds of the last months, with the impulse AQ
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    Gold found by a friend using the 10" X-Coil in Tibooburra NW NSW 6.8 grams 93 pieces 10 days cheers dave
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    I told you all you were in for a treat when John did his story with the X-coils, to get that many bits of gold in ground John has been over so many times with so many detectors really says it all. Others had clearly been over this ground too. I was hoping my Nugget Finder EVO or Equinox with 11" may get a bit he'd missed but my chances were pretty slim. I knew the gold was deep from John's results the previous weekend so swapped from the Equinox 6" I used last weekend to the 11" this time. Ever the optimist I enjoy trying and if I got a bit I'd consider it extreme success 🙂 I got up my usual time to head to JW's but as the days are getting shorter I now leave home to head to John's at sunrise, a stunning time of day. Leaving my driveway. From my driveway Then I started driving and the sunrise turned golden, I was hoping it was a sign of things to come 🙂 Turns out I wasn't so lucky!! The spot we were detecting is a beautiful valley, or maybe a gorge? It was quite amusing when John decided to swap spots with me, he came walking past me to change over areas and I said oh, you're about to go the hard way knowing there was a much easier way to get there but he soldiered on, I watched with anticipation as I knew what he was in for, I just did the same crossing earlier in the day It took him a while but he made it, I circled him going bush trying to get to the tailings piles I was near earlier in the day. I should mention the spot he got his bit of gold on the area I was detecting I really slammed that little ridge, I did the Equinox with 11" first, no targets left, then I did the GPX with 14x9" EVO with my gain at 14, stabiliser at 16, sensitive extra, the GPX was running nicely, no EMI at all and had no targets at all, JW got quite a big bit of gold out of it. It was only about a 3m x 2m area. I loved seeing the work the old timers did, see this giant rock they cleaned out under my holding it up with a couple of little rocks, brave.... Dare you to crawl under there... I did try detect under it though with no joy. They dug it out right through to the other side. I didn't find any gold but enjoyed the experience, good practice for me and it was great seeing John have such success with the X-coils, I really can't wait to get an X-coil on my GPX! Who need's to find gold when you can find hard currency, I found this old tenner in the most unlikely place, somewhere I'd never expect a person to ever be It's great seeing how well the X-coils are doing. I expect there will be a lot of happy owners of them in the near future going over ground that was no longer producing like it's new again! I'm considering applying catch limits to John's gold takes like they do with fishing, anything over 5 nuggets and he has to release them to leave some for me 🙂
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    At this point in time I think we are decades in to understanding the "dig it all" mantra, and in my opinion there isnt much left to discuss since it's a simple concept that everyone already agrees on. So it kind of surprises me to see how many serious detectorists are content at leaving it there. The more interesting thing to me is when not to dig it all. If anyone thinks there is never a time to pass over targets then I guarantee you are missing more gold by being stuck in old ways than by realizing you can produce more by knowing there is a time to pass some targets up. Consider some basic math, a philosophy which i used dredging and carried over to detecting. Let's say we accept 20% losses because I alter the sluice so it doesnt clog so much and I can run material faster over it (by removing the hungarians as an example) in return for doubling the material I run. In dredging that means I get 8 grams for running the same material instead of 10 grams. But I've doubled my material I run so I actually get 16 grams instead of 10 grams at the end of the day. Same with detecting. Covering more ground is like running more material dredging. I accept say 20% loss of nuggets I miss in return for operating in a way that let's me cover 2x more land. That's actually an underestimate, I probably cover 3 to 10x as much land as a lot of the dig it all people I see detecting cover in a day. An average day detecting on my GPS is 2 to 7 miles walking, usually 4 miles a day is pretty normal. If I am comfortable getting 80% of the gold in half or less if the time and then moving on and finding a new area, not only do I find more gold than if I stayed and dug every target in the end, but I end up with far more known producing areas discovered at the end of the season. And I go back to these areas at the end of the day if I've been skunked exploring and then THAT'S the time to grid and dig em all, and I end up with a lot of these areas in my back pocket to rely on whereas someone who stayed and just dug everything now has nothing left and no new discoveries either, starting from scratch every time. My way always keeps you in the gold and producing. Not just good for the pocketbook, but for the mental condition as well where going on skunk runs can be demotivating. All that aside, having done this for years, I've discovered that even when I'm being highly selective I'm still only missing about 10% of the overall gold I end up finding when I do finally go back and clean up every single trash target. Yet I easily produce 2, 3 maybe even as much as 10x more gold per trip than I would if I simply stayed and dug everything until it was gone. This is how you make detecting pay for itself if you aren't retired or depend at least some on the income you make finding gold. What isnt communicated properly when green horns read forums and threads like these is that a lot of the dig everything guys in the US who make fabulous finds are in fact just in tiny areas of private land or leased land which no one has access to, or claims which have been in the family for decades or longer, with heavy equipment at work. These people can afford to dig everything because they dont need to explore as much as the newer guys do. And a lot of other guys are shown places to go and dont have to put the work in to find them or go on 3 week long skunks and question why they ever bought a detector to begin with after digging 600 pieces of tin. Having recently spent a large amount of time cleaning out old "80%" areas I left behind for later, I've discovered that actually I got closer to 90 or 95% by selectively digging, and that's well within what I consider acceptable. A lot of age old mantras are repeated for a reason, because they are correct. But the trick is understanding when they aren't. For instance, there are perfectly good times you dont want to keep your coil perfectly flat even though coil control on the forums would make you think there is a school marm waiting at every patch to rap your knuckles if you dont. Any different response you can get from a detector is potentially useful information. Data needs to be correlated and interpreted to your specific conditions, and tested and compared to see if it's a bad habit or potentially useful information. This is why I cant get behind this school of thought that seems to be getting common around forums that testing, measuring and comparing is not worth the time. This stuff has all been the key to my success as a person that started without anyone to help or show me where to go. And I know most random people starting out are finding themselves in the exact same boat as I was in, so if you are one of those new guys I'm letting you know that there are other ways to do this stuff, some of which are probably better for the conditions we find ourselves in today, and especially if you dont have a friend or buddy to put you on already productive ground.
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