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White's Goldmaster 24K

The White's Goldmaster 24K has just been announced for 2018 and will be available soon. The Goldmaster 24K is a White's GMT updated for the 21st century with advanced ground tracking technology and increased power.  XGB technology is a patent-pending automatic ground balance system. It is purpose-built for operating a high-frequency VLF gold nugget detector in the worst ground conditions. Traditional VLF detectors struggle to balance rapidly changing ground mineralization. Historically this has been where Pulse Induction machines fared much better.

The White's GMK announcement is so new that there are sure to be changes and updates to this page very soon - all information and specifications are subject to change!

With XGB technology, the Goldmaster 24k is able to track small changes in soil composition as well as longer-term shifts in both ground phase and strength. This allows it to operate in ground that traditional VLFs struggle in. Users have extended control over the range of XGB in the Goldmaster’s All-Metal mode. Simply enable Iron Cancel to expand the ground filter in moderate soils. In very challenging soil conditions, hold the Iron Cancel button and select the 2-bar setting for maximum performance in variable ground.

White's Goldmaster 24K metal detector - new for 2018

The new White's Goldmaster 24K also features a full backlit LCD target id screen and control suite. The potential target id is displayed on the screen whenever possible - the higher the number, the better the chance of a non-ferrous target. There is dual tone capability that reports a low tone for ferrous objects, and a high tone for all non-ferrous targets.

White's Goldmaster 24K Features

  • SENSITIVITY - Set the sensitivity at a level that does not result in false signals from the ground. Very strong ground may result in the symbol on screen and a loud sound - this means the sensitivity is too high.
  • GROUND BALANCE - With the default setting, the detector will use XGB to automatically ground balance. Tap to lock the ground balance to the current setting. Tapping when the ground balance is locked will update the current ground setting to what is under the coil.
  • GROUND SCAN - Hold to put the detector into Ground Scan mode. The top bar displays the ground strength and the two digit numbers display the ground type (phase). Useful for tracing paystreaks.
  • IRON CANCEL - Tap to silence hot rocks, trash and mineral changes in both audio modes. Hold to select the Iron Cancel setting (1 bar is default). Note that this setting may decrease the detector’s sensitivity to very small gold, but is necessary in difficult ground conditions.
  • VOLUME and THRESHOLD - Tap to adjust the volume with the up and down buttons. Hold to adjust the threshold with the up and down buttons (“th” displays on screen). Set these to a comfortable level for your hearing and preference.
  • AUDIO MODE - With the displayed on screen, the detector is in “BEEP” audio mode (high tone = good target, low tone = bad target). The default setting (without on screen) is a traditional All-Metal audio mode with greater sensitivity to small targets.
  • SAT - SAT can smooth out ground inconsistencies. Hold to adjust it (“Sa” displays on screen, 2 is the default setting).
  • PINPOINT - Hold for non-motion pinpoint mode. In difficult ground this mode may be affected by mineralization.
  • BACKLIGHT - Tap to enable the backlight (this reduces battery life).
  • FREQUENCY SHIFT - Hold when turning the detector on to shift frequency (useful when there is EMI). Power off to save the selection.
  • FACTORY RESET - Hold when turning the detector on to perform a factory reset.

Not only does the new White's Goldmaster 24K features a new ground tracking system, but the gain has been boosted with an increase of voltage to the coil. From the Advanced Guide (link below):

"When our engineers set out to build the GM24k, the goal was simple: improve the user’s chance to find gold without hurting their wallets. The obvious way to achieve this goal is increased sensitivity. The GM24k features a 54% increase in coil voltage over the GMT. You will see this in increased sensitivity to small nuggets. While testing this machine in Brazil, this was shown in a tiny, 0.4 grain crystalline nugget we found encased in quartz. In some cases this much power can be counter-productive if the ground is very challenging, so use it with caution! Even at lower gain settings the GM24k is an extremely “hot” machine on small gold and specimen nuggets."

The new White's Goldmaster 24K comes with both rechargeable batteries and a holder for AA batteries. The GMK comes standard with the 6" x 10" DD search coil. The detector is also available with a two coil package - the 6" x 10" DD and a 6" round concentric.

White's Goldmaster 24K display and controls

Pre-sales will commence in August 2018 with general availability in September 2018.

The White's Goldmaster 24K announcement is so new that there are sure to be changes and updates to this page very soon - all information and specifications are subject to change!

White's Goldmaster 24K Quick Start Guide - preliminary

White's Goldmaster 24K Advanced Guide - Preliminary, has inaccuracies (GMT references, etc.)

White's Goldmaster 24K Technical Specifications*
Internet Price MSRP $649.95 ($749.95 Dual Coil Package)
Technology Induction Balance (IB)
Frequency 48 kHz
Autotune Mode(s) Variable Self Adjusting Threshold (V/SAT)
Ground Rejection Tracking & Fixed w/Grab function, Ground Balance Offset
Soil Adjust No
Discrimination Visual & Audio Ferrous ID
Volume Control Yes
Threshold Control Yes
Tone Adjust No
Audio Boost No
Frequency Offset Yes
Pinpoint Mode Yes
Audio Output 1/4" headphone socket & speaker (Headphones Included)
Hip Mount Shaft Mount Only
Standard Coil(s) 6" x 10" DD Coil standard; dual coil package with 6" concentric also available
Optional Search Coils ???
Battery Rechargeable NiMH plus Eight AA Pack Included
Operating Time 20 - 40 hours
Weight 3.6 pounds
Additional Technology XGB Ground Tracking Technology, Ground Scan mode for tracing black sand deposits
Notes IP 54 Rain & Dust Resistant

*Notes on Technical Specifications - Detailed notes about the specifications listed in this chart.

White's Goldmaster 24K Standard Configuration

White's Goldmaster 24K Export Configuration

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The control face has the looks of my Sport and I’ve been happy with the operation of it. I’m glad to see the option of either getting one coil and yet two if I so desire. Nothing is free in this world and I’m willing to pay the difference in order to get what I want .

I have but just one question Tom and that’s where does the line form?


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I'm liking what White's put into this detector and especially the price point.  The small 6" round coil is a killer on tiny gold.

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So they really are married to this MX5 style big box revision for new machines. I was hoping new designs would be more like the MX Sport (but lighter if possible). 

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The voltage to the coil has been increased by over 50% so new higher tolerance coils are likely. The new coils also have a new connection to the control box. Old Goldmaster and GMT coils might be connected via an adapter but it is probable some older coils will overload. Some also might work. Pretty much a repeat of the situation regarding MXT coil compatibility on the MX Sport.

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Thanks, Steve. Probably smart to just order it with the two stock coils and be done with it.


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