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  1. In my opinion only, the bits Northeast is showing are enough they should register on nearly every detector and perhaps all detectors out there -- as long as the bits are at or very near the surface.. These bits are meaty enough it shouldn't be a matter of kHz but rather a matter of overburden.. It wouldn't take very much covering of even milder ground for the lowest kHz machines to begin not being able to see the bits.. It shouldn't be a problem for every detector mentioned thusfar to hit on these bits, relative to depth and type of ground of course.. Swamp
  2. Naaah.. Gary'd say: 'Oooo, that's old!' Rick would say: 'I just saw this design on a Templar prison wall in France last week..' Swamp
  3. The best Aussie Factual Gold Hunting I ever watched was the last year the GoldHounds shot vid.. Too bad the necessity of needing to be a videographer as well as a juggler was cutting sooo deeply into their daily time with ear's on.. That plus considering as little wide angle terrain as they showed other's were still able to determine approx where they were, although I'm not quite sure how those others planned to gain access while still expecting to live to a ripe old age.. Be that as it may, those gents could find some hunka-chunka chunkies! I could easily digest X 44 minute shows a seaso
  4. If the band's so good howzacome everyone's looking west lol.. Anyhowww..................... At a tour stop the only thing worse than unsurfables is no surf at all, geez.. Flat enough, ya think..? Swamp
  5. Sometimes you can see me on those cams too.. I only dig the jewelry-sounding ones though, which makes me wonder how I keep ending up with sooo many foil-lined pog tops..? Swamp
  6. Yup, yup.. It was that find that got me to watching some of his vids.. He was good up through the Alaska trip.. Things started getting a bit off around the time of the overseas trip though, not of his doing the way I saw it.. Glad he got a pro break.. Should relate well in the show.. Swamp
  7. If y'all would like to see one kind of a beach renourishment project taking place as it happens, click: https://www.surfguru.com/ Scroll pointer to cams > Florida > Central Florida then click on either Cocoa Beach Pier or Cocoa Beach Pier North.. Click triangle in middle of vid screen to start the live feed.. Go to outside bottom left and click on get camera control.. A dropdown will appear on outside bottom right.. Go to it and click on Beach North.. It's just coming into view on the Cocoa Beach Pier cam.. If you're on the Cocoa Beach Pier North cam the 'line' or 'hump' you see N-S
  8. Question about the first photo, Lanny.. Is that: 1) Primary water recovery ( dredge / high-banker / sluice and/or pan & screens etc. ) or 2) Need to crush vein material \ other hard rock source / contact zone material prior to recovery..? Earlier days regardless..? Thanks, Swamp
  9. I saw that and wondered the same thing too.. I did come across knife steel somewhere, could find it again in my history I'd think -- seems to me for real deal stuff it started around 56 & went up from there (I don't like tossing around unconfirmed info, but just did lol..) The ID thing just went sailing overtop a mah haid in the moment; I was only looking right at them the whole time geez.. Swamp EDIT: kac -- confirm titanium men's ring @ 50 on AT Pro..
  10. They're still here.. Try fighting your way out of one after you've plowed into it half-drunk on a motorcycle on a sand lane heading out to hardtop from a bonfire on the beach.. ( It should be noted though this took place back when it was still sorta ok to be driving half drunk and considered normal surfing a street bike through 3/4 mi of sand ruts.. ) Swamp
  11. Hi.. We're going to need a bit more input from your chief machinist: Upon which scale is " 33 " based?, meaning Rockwell A, Rockwell B etc., not bathroom or gram.. The machine and method used too please.. It should be mentioned the " 33 " could be inexact regardless which scale was used, primarily due to during setup for greatest accuracy a painfully flat standardized material is used.. It takes only a slight variance at the subject test point to throw off the reading 10 points.. Just saying, while assuming accuracy.. I have no idea what " ID = 12 " is supposed to represent.. No
  12. Mannnn, talk about being nearly as far NE in the Gold-Pyrite Belt as is possible to get..?! Kewl..! And I as well could be forced into learning to deal with dipping a pan off my back porch.. Yes, please do keep us updated as you move forward.. I'm thinking if the old-timers did their job well there should be no more major auferous veining for you to find.. But that doesn't mean they did; nor does it mean there isn't plenty more Au yet to be had, as you're already showing.. While exploring, do include trying to locate their mining dump site(s).. Depending how coarse they crushed the
  13. Row, meet ducks.. Plus how can one beat the reliable destination advice and go-with or meet-up offers extended by forum members for when you're there..? It all adds up to sounding like a great trip in the making, Mitchel..! ? Swamp
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