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  1. Please buy my trash πŸ˜„ Free shipping. Them aliens 😍 Gotta luv 'em. πŸ˜„ Beaches are loaded around here especially when you pull out a PI. Most better beaches go back to the 1930's. No these are salt water beaches. I can usually dig out a target pretty fast with a big shovel, so I don't mind digging the iron. Some of the coins were side by side with small iron sitting on clay at about 15". Those coins were the toasted ones and they barely survive and eventually will disintegrate to nothing.
  2. Hard to do, but I would be satisfied if I were in a high EMI area (that I hit hard before) and I ended up pulling deep coins there with the D2 That would be enough circumstantial evidence to convince me something good is going on inside that machine. Just the fact that you can pull some deep coins in a known trouble EMI area would be enough for me to be confident in it's abilities. Not scientific but does the trick.
  3. Yep, Silencing the EMI response makes one think everything is fine, but it's usually with a high price tag - reduced depth. Now if the Deus II has found a way to not reduce depth too much, it would be a huge advantage.
  4. Well if the Deus runs quiet AND gets excellent depth, that would be a huge gain over the Nox. But if the depth is reduced too much, it ends up being similar to the Nox with low sensitivity settings. It will be very interesting to see which one it ends up being.
  5. I'm wondering if the ATS at 0 is the problem. I rarely ran mine below 3 and had to slow down having it so low. Try the settings Carolina gave you or just raise the ATS above 3 and see if either of those settings help.
  6. Well, you managed to turn it into a good hunt considering all the drawbacks. The Merc looks like it was dropped early on based on it's condition, same goes for the other two. You hit a decent layer for the probability of more silver coins.
  7. How do I seem to always miss the in between numbers? Last time it was beach hunt 6 now it's beach hunt 8 πŸ˜„ I can't keep track of you. πŸ˜‰ I never trust some of the You Tubers. They probably plant some of those rings. That beach looks flat and sanded in. It would be tough going for sure. You did well finding anything at all. Too bad about the EMI. Unfortunately that is where the 800 would have helped you out a lot. Using single 20khz or 40 khz would have diminished the problem, but you would not be using the beach programs, perhaps gold or field programs. Are you going to post a final total round up picture of all the find together??
  8. Beach hunt # 31 was a two-beach hunt. I had a friend offer up a small beach that he hunts and was interested to see if there was anything deeper to find. Some silver jewelry and a gold ring were found previously by him. I did a short hunt there for about 2 hours and did not score any silver coins. This beach may be too new, or things are just too deep. I hit enough coins for the short time detecting with the deepest being a memorial cent at 17”. So, maybe the silver layer is out of reach or just not there. To not waste the day, I headed to my silver beach which was about Β½ hour from this first beach. I hunted that for about 5 Β½ hours and managed 3 silver dimes. The beach looked good with a lot of bigger rocks exposed, but I also saw bucket loader tracks, so it was pushed around a lot. I don’t know about anyone else, but I never have much luck when they level up the beach mechanically. It wasn’t my most productive beach day, but it was still nice to get out.
  9. From what you said, that beach sounds like it gets a lot of wave action. Sometimes going out real far does not produce. You found the range where most of the targets live, so now your finds may go up. There has got to be a gold ring with your name on it. Positive vibes πŸ‘½
  10. Real cool looking lock. Never seen one like that!
  11. It's so hard to find a spot that isn't sanded in sometimes when you have all that area to guess where to go. You did pretty good in getting some finds. My luck is that I get very little good finds when it's sanded in. The dollar coin is cool and I wish they would replace the one dollar bill with them, (so we could find them of course πŸ˜„.
  12. Nice finds. I guess the coil has it's place for hunting your type of areas. Very impressive how it does near large iron pipes. I bet there are a lot of areas that others could not detect near. That could keep you busy for quite a while doing fence areas, concrete reinforced walls, etc.
  13. Cool looking hairpin! The beach looks like a nice soft slope to hunt. Are the signals you are digging all solid hits or are you checking some of the more sketchy signals too. Asking for a friend πŸ˜„
  14. I like collecting junk πŸ™„ I wish that truck was in better shape. It would make a nice display. I didn't look but there could have been some on one side (where I hunted) but it looks like the houses there are at least 40 years old. The pond is located in a big city so most of it has probably not changed much in a hundred years or more. If I had known about this when it first happened, the 3030 would have ruled this place, but now only a pulse would work in those reeds. You can lose a minimum of 6" trying to get close enough to the ground. My mental health was gone a long time ago πŸ€ͺ My digger really needs to be sharpened. Lucky the pond muck is relatively easy to dig in. My fault, I should have tried the other side when the fences were down, but I put it off. At least I got 2 gold rings and some silver out of the deal. Time to move onto a beach. I remember Matchbox and Hot wheels too. I never got much into toy cars, I was always outside running around and not generally a still kind of kid. But I do remember playing with some toys like Switch and Go and that big ramp that Hot Wheels had along with a bunch of cars to go with it. All you did was let it go from the top of the ramp and it may have had a loop to the track as well. I guess i was bored so I went outside πŸ˜„
  15. Maybe a very expensive hat pin? All you would be missing is a long straight pin that mounts to that tiny hole with the square base. Probably not what it is but that is what it reminded me of. I've found a bunch from right around the early 1900's at picnic sites. Great find whatever it turns out to be.
  16. So let me get this straight πŸ€” Your wife sends you out to detect and then she claims the silver ring?? 🀭 Sound like she hired you as her worker πŸ˜„ Works that way in every household 😢 Them winds can be brutal. I usually come home red eyed from all that sand. You had some good hunts, so at least you know the beaches can produce there. You should get some good time on the Deus II hunting in the sand. Would be interesting on how deep your deepest good target was at the end of the trip. So did you do it??? ..... try every room 302 in all the hotels πŸ˜†
  17. Not much survives well in this environment. The truck took a beating, but looks older at least the 50's or 60's. I passed on a lot of targets yesterday that were mostly 22's. But even doing that, the different depths make it hard to pass on them, so I ended up digging a lot of them again. A more challenging hunt than I anticipated, since the same target sound different if they're located in the beach sand, vs the fine particle hard mud, vs the loose swampy reed areas. Not what I was expecting. It would take a while to understand this and be confident that you are passing on a 22 shell casing and not a small gold ring.
  18. Thanks. The lesson learned is don't mess with people that live around a lake 😯 The shear number of different ammo lends me to believe that many people there have weapons and probably know how to use them. Some of the casings had FA 18 on them. I believe those are military rounds from one of the arsenals. I believe these are from the Frankford Arsenal and since it's not prior to WWI, the 18 should designate the year. Prior to WWI the head stamp had the numerical month-year headstamp on it. So 1918 is my guess. There must be a little OCD in me, since it was therapeutic to wash and display them that way. Maybe it's my way of releasing all the memory of digging them all πŸ˜„. The pond is old, probably around 250 years old. The round ball and the colonial shoe buckle show some usage there. This pond is drained every 10-20 years or so, to check on the damn and other structures. This time around the knew they needed to do some extensive repairs, so the worked it for about 2 years. Covid, along with inclement weather made it a much longer project than they anticipated. So this place has been hit a lot during many generations. But this time around there was way better technology and from what I heard, a lot of good coins and rings came from the other side I could not get to.
  19. So, this is my final pond hunt before they refill the huge pond. It’s just too soggy to continue hunting, plus the bad targets far outweigh the good targets. The reeds and other bushy brush have completely taken over with just some sporadic areas left available to hunt. I did a 9-hour hunt and the GPX battery died on me. I don’t blame it. πŸ˜„ No gold this time, but a silver Washington quarter and 2 other possible silver items – a small ring and an ID bracelet. Lots of fishing and hunting finds as usual, plus the normal trash. This time around I had to leave a bunch of targets as my pouches were full, with no more room for anything else. It was fun while it lasted and certainly a missed opportunity, as the first ones out there would have been easily able to use discrimination to focus on coins, and gold if you don’t mind digging. Next week it’s off to some beach to get back to the sights and sounds of the beach. I did have one nice moment yesterday, when I looked up and saw an American Bald Eagle cruising around. He even made a final pass right over me. What a beautiful bird. πŸ¦… That made the hunt right there!
  20. Awesome iron point. I would scour that area just in case it's not a loss from normal hunting but part of some small engagement.
  21. Nice ring. Silver has that odd yellowish/ brownish hue sometimes that makes it easier to ID in the field vs aluminum which looks too bright. That Dean's list item looks like a watch winder.
  22. I know πŸ™„ But they said I could keep all the trash as payment πŸ˜„. This place is huge. I could detect it for a year and still come home with the same amount of stuff. If I had a garbage bag that day, I could have come home with 50 aluminum cans too. I really want to go to the other side of the pond, but parking is an issue. That is the side where everyone else hunted hard. I would love to see what they left with their keen discrimination analysis. I wonder if they left any coins or gold by cherry picking. Come on down it's just a plane ride away πŸ˜„ Yeah, My body stops talking to me for a day, but later on I feed it and it forgives me for working it so hard πŸ₯° As for the ring, and seeing as I'm here and didn't disappear, it weighs 4.9 grams, size 5.25. I bit tiny, even for my fingers. But come to think of it, I haven't seen my wife in a couple days πŸ€”
  23. Yep, the key to my success, never stop digging πŸ˜„
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