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  1. It appears the reasonable argument is weighted in favour of coils that a made for specific brands of detectors. I'd just love to pay $170 Oz dollars (used) for a 14" NF, but the RazorBack will end up being the one I buy, even though it's nearly $300 Oz money (new). And of course it is a Blue Moon if you see a used RB available used. There's a message in that. At least I would think so. Thanks for this one, Steve.
  2. Take a few dogs up there and hunt them out. I wouldn't mind people being on my place but when they start to trash it...party's over gang! "Get 'em up, move 'em out!"
  3. Just get some good enamel paint and paint it on. Do one coat let it dry and try for a fit. Maybe another coat if it isn't snug enough.
  4. Yep, silence. I emailed ML with a bit of info from a member of staff in Adelaide and they only said how they upheld the highest standards. I just said about SHs comment on the Z, that I might consider getting one if they do an up-grade on it. But here's another example of cheap crap when it comes to the build of the machine. I really don't get it!
  5. In six to twelve months they'll have an upgrade and I might even consider saving for one. But then it's ML, so I better not hold my breath.
  6. George would have been rapt also! I guess that's why he wanted a good photo of it. Good on ya Ashley.
  7. There might be an exponential rise in cost also. Are you state-side Vanursepaul?
  8. I mentioned in another place that I'd spoken to Reidman and he said that he can't post anything with batteries into Oz. OK.... So, I PMd him from here. He asked me to email him with another email. Did that last night or this morning (can't remember off-hand, I had one too many brandies last night). So am awaiting a response from him. Will let you know as soon as a reply lands. Robin
  9. Hi Reidman, a lot of us here in Oz want to score one of those packs for the SL. Can you assist us in making a connection with the seller and organize something for us. If not I'll give them a call myself.
  10. Only this morning I read one of Steve's articles when he was at Moore Ck. and how he adjusted a machine to suit a different patch of ground on tailing heaps. Delete the slagging you copped from the chatterati. They've got little else with which to amuse themselves. Besides if they were any good at all at this business they'd be out on their boat with a beautiful woman drinking expensive champagne that they bought with all the gold they found with the TDI that hadn't been adjusted. LOL!!!
  11. Thanks for the heads-up, Reg. I've been in touch with him and am working on the situation.
  12. Hullo everyone. I'm mulling over getting a TDI Pro Oz unit here in Oz. It's a 2010 model. Is there someone here in Oz that does an 'upgrade' should it need it. I assume because it is five years old it might need some kind of tweek. A bit like most of us oldies.
  13. Will someone be kind enough to direct me to any reviews Steve has done on the Teknetics T2 SE/LTD. I made an inquiry here in Oz about it and apparently it can detect 'targets' deeper than any other detectors. My question is; will it find gold?! Thanks everyone for great comments and writing.
  14. My experience with the crappy design and 'cheap' parts in the guts of the Garrett Pro Pointer created major heart-burn for this guy. So much so that it got chucked in the trash in a fit of anger, when I found the wires were shorting on the mother-board causing it to 'false' constantly and then after spending some time on re-designing the internals; it came to pass that the rubber grommet on the switch had been installed incorrectly and ("it sure wasn't waterproof...let me tell ya!") the switch mechanism collapsed inside. Unbelievable. What left a bitter taste in my mouth was the fact that a
  15. Steve, how very kind of you to go to the length of doing this considerable reply. You are very discerning and a great communicator. A brilliant combination. I can see I'm an MXT kind of guy. I know underpants are a number of various colours but I'm not going to spend the rest of my life finding out why. Accordingly, with the V3i, I ain't no gadget kind of guy that buys something and then strips it down and spends a month figuring out how it works. Yep, I like the point-and-press kind of machine. Way to go. Anyway Steve, thanks again. I really appreciate your integrity and
  16. Hi Steve, I'm down here in Oz and was considering considering an MXT Pro. Would I be better off going to the V3i? Best regards....Robin
  17. I see Dilek from Nokta was replying to the various comments on the Nokta Gold. How fantastically refreshing seeing a manufacturer actually engaging the users of their products. When this gets into the general community Minelab and Garrett are going to lose a lot of sales. I for one had a lot of heart-burn with my Garrett AT Pro; and the response from Garrett was less than impressive. Hence I'm lining up my financial duckies to buy a Nokta Gold in the near future. May I suggest, in connection with the chest mounted discussion that it simply go to "wireless" (that would be great for the h
  18. Yep, EZ, Aussies are funny buggers. We certainly have a heightened skill to produce salty language and possess a unique skill in describing people's intelligence, relationships with certain animals, and colourful descriptions of sexual activities and bodily functions. They are also experts in providing glittering descriptions and advice on just how one should go about managing those activities and functions.
  19. Hell no CB, absolutely not. Your comments were very neutral. And if someone couldn't take an observation like that they shouldn't be getting out of bed in the morning. Thanks CB.
  20. I have the most regrettable effects on anything computerized. Yes, Steve, I did change down to the 5x8 coil and it worked well. Now here's the thing; the confounded 8x11 coil is now working OK also. OMG...go figure. So I guess I have to dig in to eat a very large serving of humble pie after give the people at Garrett a fair spray about the matter. Anyway, boys, I can't tell you how grateful I am that you are so ready to give people some great advice and direction. I really appreciate it. And Az...please take it easy on that knee of yours. It sounds like you've been in more trouble
  21. Brother, I am really looking forward to hearing how it performs. Everything I'm doing now is working towards full-time prospecting and with that Nokta you have.
  22. Well, I'm very happy for you. That wasn't my experience. However, I've done 'another' factory reset and am off to the beach this morning to give it another trot. So time will tell.
  23. Hi Bob, I thought you were here in Oz. Hence I posted the link to the store in Bendigo. Sorry about that. My problems happened at the beach. But the same thing is occurring away from the beach also. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
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