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  1. A good comparison of the standard SDC 8" coil & Coiltek 5"x10" here: https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=516234#p516234 Les, who made the vid, offers no opinion & leaves it to the viewers discretion to decide. IMO they are very close & the main factor is the ellipticals ability to "nose" into areas.
  2. It could very well of been purchased like it is as a PL2. The PL2 was originally sold like that & later as an option in the current configuration until that became standard. That's one of the positives of the QED - regardless what model you buy PL1 or PL2 they are all upgradable to the latest configuration & software if you prefer. I know when the 2 seperate PL2 configurations were offered/available there were some that preferred the older PL1 style set up. IMO the current set up is better but as I've said before could still do with a few improvements re: battery holder/cover, replace or conceal ribbon cable, 3D printed stand but they are minor & can be easily fixed yourself if inclined.
  3. Jin I think like all coils use in a shower of rain would be fine; but I would still get confirmation of this from the manufacturer as it could be a warranty issue if affected?
  4. I think that's true of the GPX4500 here in Australia too - best bang for buck. Not only that there is a much better & farer reaching dealer network + support from manufacturer/dealers & detecting peers is readily obtainable. The QED is closing the gap but having owned a PL2 there is still improvement to be had. Some of these are being addressed now by the sounds of it like auto tracking, better ground balancing etc. but these aren't currently available. Some of the 3D printed add ons like the stand need improvement too - I replaced mine with a metal one. The 3D printed plastic can warp in hot Aussie conditions & the battery cover isn't great either - one of mine didn't fit properly & kept falling off. The spare was ok but still not ideal. Edit: The ribbon cabling isn't ideal either. Minor things but still the refinement of these small things could be done easily too. With my GPX I don't have to worry about these things & IMO performance/usability in all varying conditions is still better (if only by a minimal margin).
  5. Dave (Davsgold) had replied to a question of mine about X coil warranty that the coils would be returned to him & he would take care of any problems. At this point that in itself isn't easy as he is in WA detecting. Maybe a US reseller needs to step up?
  6. I don't post too often these days but read the threads here regularly. Some great info here that I often link to if others are interested. Just keep doing what you do Steve. I seriously doubt it will cause the loss of many (if any) members here. One thing that the GPZ X coil threads here has put out there for me is that there are definite pro's & cons to these coils. The cons for me at this stage would be too great a risk - I don't currently own a GPZ & if I did buy another couldn't afford to "brick" it whether by my hand or someone elses. That could change & I'm still interested in watching it + hearing any feedback on them. As for tyrannising on this forum - had to look that up - I've seen the odd difference of opinion or shite stirrer on here but never that. Really for the most part there's no huge issue/s of that type here!
  7. Could be to do with a Detech coil patent Fred although not sure which coils incorporate it: "Detech Ltd is the first company in the world, producing searchcoils with built in magnetic sensors in the middle sector. This allowed perfect discrimination of the ferrous objects by the PI detectors."
  8. Thanks Phrunt. Seems to be different variations (bundle, spiral, spiral/bundle, GPZ modded) of these coils around & some don't appear to know what variation they've even purchased? Would be interested in one for the GPX but would also like to see some more Aussie feedback & manufacturer transparency around what your purchasing etc.
  9. Possibly QED with PI X coil? Any news on the PI coils being sold/used in Australia. I had seen the prototypes did have issues here? Are the PI coils just another spiral wound option or different again?
  10. Minelab coils have 3 years warranty. Same same though - a lot would now be close to or out of warranty. Just something I haven't seen, what is the X coil warranty & is it return to Russia or return to Aussie distributor?
  11. It's not all that uncommon Phrunt. Most detectorists that use both VLF & PI detectors will have similar stories. It's a known fact that a higher frequency VLF (LF) like Whites GMT, Gold Bug, Gold Monster etc. will see some gold better than a PI will. I had a small bit of gold that my GPX5000 (or a mates) couldn't see even on the coil but my Whites GMT picked it up no worries. At the time I was a bit perplexed as I had only recently shelled out for the then top of the range 5k. I soon found there was quite a few examples of this around & mainly on specimens where the gold was finely disseminated through the host rock or small prickly bits. I tend to agree with Jason above that your bit may have fractures/breaks in the gold making it a difficult piece for a PI. The QED likely gets it due to the very low pulse delay utilised in mode 1. From memory it is somewhere in the range of ~7us - as a comparison the lowest pulse delay on Whites TDI Oz Pro was 10us. I believe there was a TDI mod for more sensitivity down to 8us. Of course there is more to the QED than just mode but a short pulse delay on those types of gold would be a big factor. Be interesting to see if kiwijw's SDC can see it at all as well as his GPZ.
  12. I can't see anything on the ACMA website where the use of ferrites is a requirement. They do recommend the use of both internal ferrite beads & RF chokes (or filters) on external leads made from ferrite material - like the clip on ferrites used on coil cables - for equipment that is having RF transmission interference issues. Given that detectors can both emit & receive RF then they probably recommend ferrites as being a good preventative idea?
  13. I might be corrected here but I'm pretty sure when I got the QED wayback then I was trying to find out more about the coil cable ferrites & came across some info that during the ACMA (Australian Communications & Media Authority) accreditation they recommended that they are fitted? In my experience with these Government Authorities if they recommend something it's usually a good idea to do it or at least recommend it yourself. They like that but it was a while ago so they may have also made it a requirement of accreditation? I used coils on the QED both with & without the ferrite. Couldn't really tell much if any difference but didn't do comprehensive testing + usually tend to stay away from EMI sources/interference as a habit. In saying that they certainly do have an effect on some things. I had fitted a new set of LED driving lights to my 4wd but when switching them on couldn't listen to the local AM station coming home from work (I like the 5am fishing report on the AM station). The reception is poor/already minor static out there on the AM station but the lights made it a lot worse. Reception on the FM station is strong & it wasn't affected by the lights at all? Just for laughs I put ferrites I'd purchased for QED coils on my driving light cables. I can now listen to the AM station in poor reception areas (still some static but tolerable vs previously not tolerable) - until then I was fairly sceptical that they did anything to be honest. I now think they could have some positive effect in higher EMI/interference areas & could even be worth trying with coils on the GPX? More likely though that they are dampening the effects of the lights not restricting the incoming interference to the radio.
  14. Looks like it will be a top unit in the mild NZ ground Simon! ?
  15. Somehow I don't think an X coil is going to improve your score against KJW Phrunt. You've got good coils already. ?
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