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  1. In my experience/opinion the QED will behave like that for 2 reasons - 1. Because your ground balance isn't right (assuming other things like bias, Threshold A, gain & mode are set for the area/coil etc.) 2. The ground is very mineralised & upsets it (+ other machines). The only reason I commented was because it has also been my experience that more mineralised ground has balanced at a higher number for me with the QED i.e. 110+ vs. 89 in the video. That isn't to say that the operator doesn't have it set up as required but it was only my opinion that it may not have been 100% due to the low ground balance number - it wasn't my intention to pick holes in the video or the QED. Infact my intention was to indicate that it can & does operate better than any video will likely prove or disprove. Perhaps some reactive ground does indeed balance to lower numbers but it's not something I've experienced myself with my QED. Another QED user has previously told me he gets low (in the 80's) ground balance numbers in his area on ground he describes as high mineralisation which is several hundred kilometres from my area so it is feasible just not something I've experienced or seen before. Hope that clears it up a bit.
  2. From what I can gather the PL2 updates haven't changed a lot, if any, since the video apart from the addition of the beach mode. They should operate fairly similarly. The reason for my recent updates was mainly to change the outlay of the detector so software was done while there. There's no constant need to be sending it back/forth for upgrades phrunt - it would only be ever required if some improvement were made that you just had to have. I'm no operational expert but to me the ground balance is fairly obviously not 100% although the operator in the vid may prefer it like that? I've never been a bloke to shoot a video & probably never will be but would try to offer any operating advice to the best of my knowledge that I could. Goldenoldie I couldn't really careless what anyone thinks of the QED or how it operates but as a user for close to a year felt I may be able to add to this QED topic. Why are you here??
  3. I don't know that the above video is a good representation of the QED? To me it's still sounding off on the "hot patch" even after adjustment (just before he says thats ground noise then there's a cut in the video), although it is diminished in broadness it's still there. It then continues to make spurious noises as he moves forward after going back to the original balance of 89. My opinion is it doesn't sound very well ground balanced for that area. Mine is a PL2 & has been recently fully upgraded & includes the new beach mode. There are only a few areas, even after the updates, where I've been able to get a ground balance figure below 100 (lowest 92 from memory) & these were fairly mild spots so I think 89 for what he says is hot ground might be too low? When ground balanced well the "trick" of moving the balance +/- 4 depending on whether it's a rising or falling signal does work well but in some very variable ground can become a chore or leave you wondering if the signal only diminishes & doesn't dissappear - upside is when I've dug these any diminishing or dissappearing signals have been ground not targets so it is worth the effort. I've witnessed first hand a GPX pick up a "signal" that I couldn't get with the QED - turned out to be ground noise so getting the essentially manually balanced QED spot on to the ground conditions is very doable. Kiwijw - my QED is numbered just over 500 & getting close to 12 months old. I did see somewhere a user had said theirs was numbered in the 600's so if they are numbered in order of manufacture there is getting to be a few around now. It would be interesting to get one in NZ to see what you guys think of it in your ground. My thoughts are it would be very good & being so lightweight ideal for the mountainous country. They find gold but like any detector you need to swing over it in order to find it.
  4. I do (but not the reviews). There are a heap of fakes on the Australian used market & despite attempts to educate people some still believe that there's a chance these counterfeits will work properly + they'll get a bargain. Once they work out all is not well with their bargain they try to on sell it. If buying used on eBay, Gumtree etc. always check ALL details not just the serial number (many fakes have duplicated correct numbers on them). Also ask about time/date of purchase, place of purchase & double check ALL info with Minelab. Best bet if unsure is to buy from an authorised dealer who will also offer some shop warranty on a used machine.
  5. https://www.minelab.com/__files/f/321956/4901-0248-2 GSG, EQUINOX 600 800 EN_WEB.PDF 4901-0248-1 GSG, EQUINOX 600 800 EN_WEB.pdf
  6. The quick start guide says it's a li-ion battery so nothing new there. Magnetic charging set up though. 4901-0248-1 GSG, EQUINOX 600 800 EN_WEB.pdf
  7. Above 30khz up to 300khz should be referred to as LF (not HF) if you wanted to be pedantic. For mine the use of "VLF" now refers more to the type of detector not the specific frequencies used. Maybe we should rebadge everything ULF, VLF & LF according to the specific frequency/s to keep everyone happy . If not only to keep the average detectorist & newbies even more confused Multi frequency = multi badged i.e. VLF/LF
  8. My local dealer here in Australia sent out a newsletter saying they will be taking pre-orders very soon for the Equinox & delivery will be in the first half of 2018. That's a pretty broad time frame so they should meet it
  9. One might assume that the Equinox has been successfully finding some gold - possibly in Australia
  10. I believe the early GPX4500's were Australian made then later made in Ireland & Malaysia.
  11. It's a strange one because if it's wired like the CTX (see page 2 of attachment) then TRS wiring, or even mono wiring, should be "sensed" by the detector electronics & shut off the internal speaker - (assuming Minelab use the same headphone sensing circuit on all their machines with an internal speaker) - the cable shouldn't really matter unless it's been wired to tip/ring only. Maybe try a straight 1/8" male to 1/4" female adapter too? Like this: https://www.storedj.com.au//hosa-gmp-112-1-4-trs-f-to-3-5mm-trs-m-adaptor?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0abf8ZzT1wIVWCQrCh1cLA4CEAQYAiABEgJS-_D_BwE That may work & they can be picked up cheaply. Be a shame to modify headphones with a 1/4" plug to 1/8" just for the GM. Or look for a cheap set of Sennheiser HD280's that are good detecting phones & have the screw off 1/4" to 1/8" adapter wired on. CTX-3030-Audio-Options-KBA_21-2.pdf
  12. Minelab usually wire audio positive to tip & negative to ring. They use the shield wire/connection for various things like sensing headphones in the CTX to shut the speaker off or on the GPX where there is no shield connection trip on the inbuilt amp for external speaker use (if correctly wired). A true 1/4" TRS to 1/8" TRS cable should work? Are you sure it's wired TRS on both ends? Check that first if you don't want to modify the headphones - easier to check & modify the cable if needed.
  13. All hobbies have miscellaneous costs but very few, if any, have a means to recover them. Most hobbies are a bottomless pit of costs with no return. I'd wager that with good research & time/effort that you could realise a better return on your $7k with a detector than sitting on bullion. You'll have a lot more fun out looking for gold too rather than sitting at home waiting for the gold price to go up. There are reasonable gold detectors at all budgets so buy something you're comfortable with.
  14. Very nice jrbeatty! Kinda makes my 7.7 grams a little insignificant now
  15. Couple of bits found with the QED & Detech 11" Ultra Sensing Mono. Hopefully the first of many!
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