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  1. Potential buyer although these days I only use 2 coils (different brands) that have proven themselves numerous times over so these X coils need to be better or show some benefit/s to replace one or both of them. I'm not too concerned about the QED coils to be honest but I know others that are wondering whether the QED coils have some "magic" going on specifically for the QED or if it's just the same coil with a different sticker? Also as you'd know "out of spec" coils the Minelab PI's do not like. The manufacturer should know the answer without troubling you to test them but thanks for going to the trouble.
  2. I believe Phrunts coil is one that was made prior to the "QED" coils so it makes sense, being Minelab spec, that it works well on both machines. My question: is there any difference in specs & do the "QED" specific coils work &/or well on Minelab machines. If no difference then why market them as separate coils? Can the manufacturer give us some insight here? I don't want coil secrets just an answer that will remove assumptions that even distributors/resellers seem to be also having - no offence to anyone here but this is the type of info that comes in handy for buyers.
  3. Reg I don't need a lesson on the differences of the QED & GPX, I don't need a lesson on coils, or your history - all of which is well documented 😉. I just want a simple answer to what's a simple question so I'm not (& others aren't either) making assumptions. At $650 per coil assumptions don't cut it for product info. If the QED coil is made to different specs then it could pose problems if used on a Minelab PI. That's a fact. It is seen with coils made to Whites TDI specs - they aren't usable on a Minelab PI but Minelab PI coils are usable on the TDI's due to them being more forgiving with coil specifications. Of course the base coil made to suit Minelab specs will work on the QED ok as per with other coils made to these specs. My question holds relevance to those who own both a QED & a Minelab PI as any coil purchase would ideally suit both. Buying a QED X coil only to find it doesn't work or doesn't perform to full standard on their Minelab wouldn't make for happy customers at the price point. On the other hand if the QED X coil has been made to specs that fine tune it to the QED then owners of the QED may be wanting to ensure they get QED spec coils for max. performance. They need to know this as fact, not assumption.
  4. Being interchangeable I'm assuming they are made to the same specs i.e. the QED 12x6 is the same coil as the base 12x6? I thought I had read the QED coil was being made specifically for the QED?
  5. Even better if you already have a QED or GPX Nugget Finder are doing the Sadie with all Evo sales: " Xmas Super Special Offer Buy any Coil from our Evolution Range during December and receive the ever popular (8"x6") Advantage (Sadie) worth $290.00 FREE..."
  6. Not really a breakthrough as such. There already are full spiral wound coils available in similar/smaller sizes from Nugget Finder (12×8 Evo) & Coiltek (9" Elite). The Coiltek 9" Elite is roughly equal to the overall size of the X coil 12x6. An 8" spiral wound is probably the next small spiral wound coil benchmark. 😅 Gotta keep these coil makers busy. Sorry for more questions here but just want to clarify some things - Is the X coil 10" fully or partially spiral wound? Is it the partial spiral winding that is seemingly making these X coils smoother (from these early reports)? What's the price compared to the others (NF Evo 12x8 ~$460) + (Coiltek Elite 9" ~$390)? What other size X coils are in the pipeline & will they be full spiral wound coils, partial spiral wound coils or can they be ordered to your preference (if indeed the partial wound coils are improving stability at no loss)? Definately interested in the PI X coils if they can maintain sensitivity & depth but offer improved stability or ability to run higher gains etc.
  7. Amazing that nobody or very few seem to quiz him (unless he removes negative comments?). Lot of people want the area, location, join his crew etc. though 🙄 🤣
  8. It's becoming a big issue in Australia too. The favourite model being ripped off & getting sold down here is the "Fisher" Gold Bug Pro. They retail for over $AUD1000 from legitimate dealers & the rip offs are around $AUD500 on eBay. There is a lot of fake GPX5000's around down here too & no make/model is really safe at all. A lot of new buyers feel they have gotten a good deal even after finding out that their new machine is a fake which is the biggest worry. If it beeps on metal they seem to think it's ok. My advice to new comers is there are no shortcuts or unbelievably cheap deals. If you want the real deal buy from a dealer or do your due diligence on used machines by checking with manufacturers & retailers invoices etc. If I can't verify the purchase details on a used machine I walk & advise others to do the same.
  9. A good comparison of the standard SDC 8" coil & Coiltek 5"x10" here: https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=516234#p516234 Les, who made the vid, offers no opinion & leaves it to the viewers discretion to decide. IMO they are very close & the main factor is the ellipticals ability to "nose" into areas.
  10. It could very well of been purchased like it is as a PL2. The PL2 was originally sold like that & later as an option in the current configuration until that became standard. That's one of the positives of the QED - regardless what model you buy PL1 or PL2 they are all upgradable to the latest configuration & software if you prefer. I know when the 2 seperate PL2 configurations were offered/available there were some that preferred the older PL1 style set up. IMO the current set up is better but as I've said before could still do with a few improvements re: battery holder/cover, replace or conceal ribbon cable, 3D printed stand but they are minor & can be easily fixed yourself if inclined.
  11. Jin I think like all coils use in a shower of rain would be fine; but I would still get confirmation of this from the manufacturer as it could be a warranty issue if affected?
  12. I think that's true of the GPX4500 here in Australia too - best bang for buck. Not only that there is a much better & farer reaching dealer network + support from manufacturer/dealers & detecting peers is readily obtainable. The QED is closing the gap but having owned a PL2 there is still improvement to be had. Some of these are being addressed now by the sounds of it like auto tracking, better ground balancing etc. but these aren't currently available. Some of the 3D printed add ons like the stand need improvement too - I replaced mine with a metal one. The 3D printed plastic can warp in hot Aussie conditions & the battery cover isn't great either - one of mine didn't fit properly & kept falling off. The spare was ok but still not ideal. Edit: The ribbon cabling isn't ideal either. Minor things but still the refinement of these small things could be done easily too. With my GPX I don't have to worry about these things & IMO performance/usability in all varying conditions is still better (if only by a minimal margin).
  13. Dave (Davsgold) had replied to a question of mine about X coil warranty that the coils would be returned to him & he would take care of any problems. At this point that in itself isn't easy as he is in WA detecting. Maybe a US reseller needs to step up?
  14. Could be to do with a Detech coil patent Fred although not sure which coils incorporate it: "Detech Ltd is the first company in the world, producing searchcoils with built in magnetic sensors in the middle sector. This allowed perfect discrimination of the ferrous objects by the PI detectors."
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