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  1. Reg both of those make complete custom upper + lower shafts & neither appear to sell their custom rod ends separately? They may if asked? The Sandy Shaft lower rod end is custom made to suit GPX type coil ears (new type is tighter to prevent coil movement) & the Detect Ed lower rod end is custom made to suit Equinox coil ears (probably still fit GPX coils but sized to prevent wear/breakage on Equinox coil ears). Coiltek lowers (Doc's I believe in USA or vise versa) have a different rod end also but they don't seem to be available separately either which is what the OP wants f
  2. Minelab ISO rod shaft end replacement. Was Minelab part no. 8007-0010 but doesn't seem to be on their parts site now?
  3. Some people love the fold up design. Not me - I'd prefer it in a more conventional format & lighter price. Killer on the right ground though.
  4. Granted the external design is a copy of the F3 Compact & some aspects aren't ideal but there are several internal differences Reg. The main one being the F3 Compact uses MPS not MPF F3 Compact - Pulse Induction: Bi-polar Multi Period Sensing (MPS). SDC2300 - Pulse Induction (PI) and Multi Period Fast (MPF) MPF is certainly designed with small gold at shallow depths in mind but it's not limited to small targets? The "rumour" that the SDC2300 is a complete copy of the F3 Compact barring the colour is just that, a rumour. A quick read of the full specs of both will s
  5. Good point Phrunt! When I tried the Bluetooth systems my WM12 was turned off on the GPZ so I would assume any noise/interference would be worse when on. Have heard nothing but good reports on the Quest Wirefree system but yet to try it myself.
  6. Hi Norm, I haven't used the Trond system but assume it's Bluetooth? I have tried 2 x different Bluetooth tx/rx systems (Avantree & TaoTronics) on the GPZ, a while ago now, to see if they could be used as backups to the WM12 in case of failure or failure of me to recharge it 😆 From memory both were usable if required from the headphone jack but they did have noticeably more background interference type noise & the WM12 was preferable for that reason. The Avantree Bluetooth system did work well on the SDC2300 for me though? I'm no wireless tech but had assumed i
  7. I don't think they were given the opportunity to. Each of those areas has been payable at some point in time. There are similar stories of earlier but hushed up "discoveries" in Victoria too. Jim has also hit the nail on the head. The indigenous people of Australia also knew of not only gold but coal & other minerals. We shouldn't discount Hargraves role in Australia altogether. He may not have been the first to discover payable gold but he was the first to convince the Government of the time to acknowledge it & kick started the gold rush in Australia, a very important p
  8. What about McBrien, McGregor & Clarke? All earlier & hushed up. The ruling elite feared that a predominantly convict population striking it rich would lead to greater crimes or result in a convict rebellion brought on by greed for gold. A gold rush in the bush, away from the main population centre could upset the status quo of the ordered convict society. Source: State Library of NSW
  9. People will buy it for the same reasons they have previously purchased NF coils (& other aftermarket coils) that are similar sizes to Minelab stock coils - perceived or real superior performance, lighter weight, brand reputation/loyalty, Aussie made (if from Aust) etc. etc. Those that have taken the X Coil jump will no doubt be unimpressed! They already have a good selection to choose from. But I reckon for every one GPZ user that's taken the mod path to enable use of X Coils there's probably at least 5 that haven't or won't, maybe a lot more than that. Lighter coils that are pl
  10. I think Minelab may have learned from the GPZ & SDC - this isn't a replacement for them no but they have a number of "slide in" non harness type battery packs (all pre dating the added on battery case your talking about) that could be adapted to improve the GPX design which it appears they have done. Good on them - about time.
  11. No there is no available transmitter for the Equinox WM08. The transmitters are built into the Equinox. Minelab use there own proprietary wifi systems & each one is different i.e. WM08, WM12, Pro Sonic. It would make far too much sense to make them compatible, which would then allow the transmitter from the Pro Sonic to be sold separately & used with the WM08 or 12 on other detectors too. 🙄
  12. Very sad news indeed! I never met Fred but did have some interaction on this forum with him. I liked how he came across & enjoyed his posts. Seemed like a straight shooter to me & I'll miss seeing his thoughts on things. Condolences to his family & many friends.
  13. Potential buyer although these days I only use 2 coils (different brands) that have proven themselves numerous times over so these X coils need to be better or show some benefit/s to replace one or both of them. I'm not too concerned about the QED coils to be honest but I know others that are wondering whether the QED coils have some "magic" going on specifically for the QED or if it's just the same coil with a different sticker? Also as you'd know "out of spec" coils the Minelab PI's do not like. The manufacturer should know the answer without troubling you to test them but th
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