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  1. Just out of interest how often do people use discrimination on SD/GP/GPX? For me it was very rarely even in trashy areas. I won't miss it & didn't on the SDC/GPZ. Better EMI handling will be more of a bonus.
  2. People think the used market will drop significantly with each Minelab new release. Short term it can happen but it's never been a huge amount & once things settle down a bit the used prices seem to go back up (if they've even really come down at all). I just sold 2 x very good condition GPX4500's with extras for AUD$6500. I would have expected around that regardless of the 6000 release. I don't see the price on sought after units dropping significantly. P.s. 2 x GPX6000's in the post to replace them.
  3. Just thinking out loud here but wondering if anyone that has access to the GPX6000 could check to see if the GPZ covers will fit it (short term solution until GPX6 covers available) in particular the screen cover? I know πŸ™„
  4. No need to thank me. I plucked the pic from Detector Prospector after recalling I'd seen it before so thank Steve. πŸ‘ The pic to me shows the difference in coils better than I could put into words.
  5. Erik your first Google map showing the National Park borders appears out of date? A quick 2min Google shows the National Park area has increased by 31% over the last decade. The attachment with red borders shows the boundary in 2012. The red borders as at 2020 are now part of the National Park too according to this: http://www.minca.org/news-archive/national-park-expansion-for-magnetic-island The other attachment is a map of the National Park walking tracks. Unfortunately both maps that I found appear to show much more area is covered than your first map does. The only way to be
  6. I had an 88 key note padded keyboard bag that the GPZ fit in fully assembled (shaft collapsed) + accessories, manuals etc. To fit once the shaft is collapsed you need to rotate the handle/user interface to the side. Mine was a heavy duty type & cost about $70AUD so they should be pretty cheap in USD? These are similar: https://www.swamp.net.au/instruments/keyboard/cases/88-key/
  7. A forum member on Prospecting Australia posted this a few weeks back. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-02-08/bushwalker-faces-fine-over-queensland-crystal-find/13129054 The crystal had been posted on a bushwalking social media site. They certainly look to be getting serious about anything like this (maybe a bit too serious)!
  8. The current GPX range is already essentially multi-frequency (MPS technologies transmit multiple frequencies). The timings have a mixture of long & short transmit β€œON” periods. With only 4 x main "timings" on the GPX6000 my thoughts are the current timings (& possibly new one/s) are put into these 4 i.e. Normal (Normal, Sharp, Sensitive Extra); Difficult (Enhance, Fine Gold, Sensitive Smooth); Salt (Salt Gold); DD (less aggressive in DD mode). I'm assuming GeoSense will be able to adjust automatically thru these depending on chosen timing + settings & feedback from ground + EM
  9. Automatic switching between timings to suit ground, EMI & sensitivity? πŸ€”
  10. "GPX 6000 automatically compensates for ground noise, EMI, and sensitivity within 20 seconds of turning on" I'd assume that sums GeoSense up in a nutshell.
  11. To use the aptX Low Latency Bluetooth capability you will need headphones, earbuds or speaker with aptX Low Latency also. When the Equinox came out there wasn't a great deal of choice but now there are more companies adding it to their products including high end manufacturers like Pioneer, Seinnheiser, BO, Beyerdynamic etc. https://www.aptx.com/product-listing?product_category=7&aptx_type=3
  12. Don't tell us your finally going to update from the GPX4000 Mungass? 😲 The 6k must be the goods! Bit of tongue in cheek mate. Always gets me on a new release we nearly set the price by speculation & saying what we'd pay. Sometimes I wonder if the majority said bugger that & speculated on a lower price point whether they might hit the shops a bit cheaper. I like keeping the moths in my wallet but will let them loose if it's a goer! πŸ‘ p.s. also don't mind paying $6 for a schooner of good, cold beer either πŸ˜‹
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