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  1. @PimentoUK - So in other words you say a small coil will have trouble to detect bigger items? Wow. All the written from Carl makes sense to me, except this phrase. If the detector/coil combi will detect a cent in 5 inches it will also detect a bin lid in 5 inches, but I think the bin lid will be detected deeper, too. And what my experience in the field is, the shape of big metal-parts can also be better determined with a smaller than with a large coil. And thanks for trying to explain Induction Balance, but that wasn't the question at all. I also know that the detectors frequency will take effect to the targets detectable size so most gold detectors have higher frequencies like 50kHz and more, VLF wise.
  2. Hello Carl, could you please explain this to me?
  3. Hello and welcome aboard, Choprdoc. As rvpopeye mentioned, a lot to read here. Seeing forward your posts. Good Luck & Happy Hunting
  4. @Steve Herschbach-Couldn't have said it better, Steve. 👍
  5. You didn't mention which detector the Big Foot came with!? As far as I can see on the net there are two different types of Big Foot Coils. One for the 6kHz range (as yours should be) and one for the 3-15kHz range (including the DFX). So I think it's your fault and you stand to correct it. regards
  6. That's right Josh. The only thing required after changing the sensitivity (AC or DC) is to do the ground balance again. About the numbers, they are all the same whatever program is used. I would recommend reading the manual, then reading it again, and then going and practicing.
  7. Hello Josh, welcome aboard. May be I'm not that help that you need, in lack of using a Eagle Spectrum, but I'll try to do my best. The manual shows the rejection in C&J is will filter out many good items, as the most other preset programs will do. A good start is the relic program. This will be noisy, but you'll do a lot of digging I think. If you're doing to much junk use the display to decide to dig or not. If the environment allows and the detecttor isn't to noisy, try to rise the DC-Sensitivity. Good Luck & Happy Hunting
  8. Hey Arizonan. p.m. sent. Hope it will help.
  9. Well done. Congrats on the Bling. Now go for Gold. Better Luck next time.🤞
  10. Good Luck and All The Best. May be you post here again if you got a spare part working. 🤞
  11. Have you tried White's repair center? - btw, welcome aboard.
  12. Looks good to me and yes, sounds like you really had fun. Good Luck for tomorrow.🤞
  13. Could this be some sort of a napkin clip? Would be my guess.
  14. Hello. First of all, nothing of value or special was found. The weather was nice and I was in the mood for detecting. So I grabbed the gear and started detecting the farmland. Sorry about the sound, but at that time the SpectraSound didn't have a mic-bracket (wich it now has) so there is no detectorsound available in the vid. The coin is a 2€uro one from 2002. Think one of the harvest hands lost it. Good Luck & Happy Hunting
  15. And do not forget to mention that many dealers who sold White's gear at their time didn't sell Garrett's gear. NOW they are selling Garrett. Think out of the box & global.
  16. I'm with Jeff & Chase, Steve. If you're going to move it, put it to the >>Past metal detector brands forum<<. The last hunt with the VX3 was a few weeks ago and I didn't have cleaned up the finds right now. Looks like I have to speed up things...
  17. Sorry for the loss, NnAuMiner. Expected or not, it's always hard. But think about the good times you spent together.
  18. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer. It was fun to watch (the boys dance lOl).
  19. Thanks a lot for your patience and effort, Steve. It is really appriciated.👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐👏
  20. May be this will help a lot, too.--> White's Spectra V3i by Steve Herschbach. All the Best & Good Hunting
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