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  1. Yes, you're correct to say so, if searching in littered areas. But if you have "clean" ground you cover a lot of more ground by one sweep. So this is the coil for big areas with little trash.
  2. Yap. Nobody want's all the ring-pulls and foil & other trash be donated. Belongs to the comunity as well as the "goodies". Cipher, I totally agree, even if I have a different opinion.
  3. Hello Flavius. Welcome to the forum. Is that a picture of the area you're living in? Wow, beautiful. What detectors do you use and what are your most common finds? Good Luck & Happy Hunting
  4. Nothing wrong with that. That is what google translate was made for.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š
  5. Hi fabio. Welcome aboard, great you joined to this great forum. Tons of knowledge here and great people willing to share. Hopefully we'll see some of your finds posted, you know, we enjoy pictures. Good Luck & Happy Hunting
  6. Welcome aboard, joneb. A good start would be reading all the things related to the detector you're going to own. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/forum/38-nokta-makro-metal-detectors/ and you can use the board-search... and you may post your questions, adventures and finds. There are a lot of members who will help, read and enjoy. Glad you joined, All the Best.
  7. Welcome back, Jack & Dog. Would be nice to watch some of your goodies.
  8. Welcome aboard, raziel. What's you'r main goal in this hobby? Good Luck & HH
  9. Hi. Right now that you broke it down to four it should be easy to say which one is the most fun to use and dig good finds.πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰
  10. Welcome aboard, Bill. Glad you joined the forum and looking forward to read about your experience with your detectors. Good Luck & Happy Hunting
  11. Welcome aboard, Mongo. Glad you joined and yes, you'll find a lot of hints & help here if it is needed as there are a lot of nice & helpful people here. All I can say is, practice, practice, practice; that's the key, and if in doubt, dig. And about the bad weather... all was said from the posters above: reading books, reading the manual, reading the forums. All The Best & Happy Hunting... πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
  12. Hey. Welcome aboard, Allen. Sorry, I'm not helpful to answer your question, but I think some M/N Pro's will chime in for sure. Good Luck & Happy Hunting
  13. Hi Diggitdaddy, yes, I'm still using my White's as long as they will work. Hunting along the Oregon trail sounds like a lot of fun and good finds for sure. Good Luck & Happy Hunting
  14. Welcome aboard, dd. Think you will find what you are looking for because there are a lot of helpful people with a lot of knowledge here. GL & HH
  15. I know this wasn't fun, Steve; and reminds me a few more bad stories. White's had good luck to have Steve Howard, a very nice and helpful man.
  16. I'm sorry to hear this, mn. But at least it is a good story and you wasn't harmed. Enjoyed the reading and will keep the eyes open not to run into these lunatics. ...
  17. Hello Tom. welcome to the forum. Glad you joined, and yes, it would be nice to see some of your finds.
  18. Thanks, Cipher. Downloaded the PDF so it will have a safe home.πŸ˜‰
  19. What about a Two-Box Metal Detecting System? I know it is not a Minelab PI, but will have good depth and ignore items smaller a Coke can. That would have been my first thought.
  20. x2 Yes. There are a lot of videos about girls/women doing detecting. Hopefully that works out for you.🀞
  21. Congratulations. Looks like a great start at all.
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