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  1. According to the manual the battery life for the WSA II XL is 17 hours.
  2. WOW! Very nice and that's with a crude prototype. Wonder how the latest version of the Garrett Axiom handles wire and sponge gold specimens?
  3. Sage advice Steve and I wish people who give reviews on new detectors would do the same. Looking forward to your tips and techniques on the Axiom and hopefully show us some of the gold you find.
  4. Absolutely incredible specimens you found Steve - well done!
  5. Gold found in in Pima County, Arizona. There's still BIG GOLD NUGGETS in Arizona!
  6. That large nugget will clean up real nice, congrats on a outstanding find! 👍
  7. Nice gold! You show how researching and dedication can pay off.👍
  8. Interesting! Thanks for the insight on the performance between the Nox and D2. Hopefully others who have both machines will chime in with their experiences.
  9. Thanks for your input and suggestions. I'll try these and see if I can come up with a combination that will work in my area. It would be great if I can get the Deus II to ID around the 7 inch depth area, as it is a lot easier to swing than the TDI. 😄
  10. What would be your go to program for high mineralization and modifications if any to that program to try.
  11. Having the XP Deus II for few weeks and becoming familiar with the different settings and programs, I decided to test the Deus II depth capabilities in a nearby local park. Our soil here in Colorado is high in mineralization and VLF detectors struggle in achieving any depth on coin size targets beyond five inches. To help aid in locating a deep coin, I decided to use my White's TDI. With the White's TDI I can set up the detector to only hear high conductor targets and then cherry pick targets by listening for a deep soft audio response and ignore the shallow surface audio response. When I located a potential target I turned off the White's TDI and tried the different stock programs of the XP Deus II to see which program would worked the best. Only two stock programs in the Deus II could I get any good response. The relic and goldfield programs gave a strong audio response, but gave no consistent VDI on the target. All other programs I could not get any type of good audio and/or visual response. The ground conditions were extremely dry and I don't know if that had any affect on the XP Deus II. The coin was a wheatie and was at a depth just beyond six inches. I found three other wheaties and had the same results. After locating and retrieving each target I put the coin at the bottom of the hole, replace the dirt and plug, then I tried the stock programs again and I could then get a good audio and TDI. I did change some settings such as sensitivity, reactivity, etc. and didn't seem to make any difference on the coins that were found. Any suggestions, advice or thoughts, especially why I could get good target responses after reburying the coins?
  12. Too many to chose for a favorite! Chicken Fish Ram Dog Dinosaur Spaceship or guppy Triangle ???? Alien
  13. American Digger is a great relic magazine that is available in print.
  14. Steve, when you get your new XP Deus II and put some hours on it, I hope you do a review as other detectors you have done in the past. Looking forward to seeing it if you have the time. My Xp Deus II with the 9" coil is delivering this Saturday and curious to see how it handles the mineralization we have here in Colorado.
  15. What's interesting about these gold specimens is they maybe similar in character, but like snowflakes none are exactly the same. Here's a few more:
  16. The gold specimens are from previous years. The finding, cleaning and seeing the end results is the most enjoyment part of the process, the cataloging and photographing can be tedious and time consuming at times. I could skip the cataloging and photographing process, but when you sell to a buyer/collector and no longer have them, I want something I can look back on and relive the memories of finding them.
  17. The weather the last couple weeks where I live in Colorado has decided to remain cold and snowing leaving very little opportunities to go detecting even though spring is just around corner. I usually take this idle time to catch up on cataloging and photographing gold specimens that I’ve cleaned. Here are some recent examples of mother nature great works:
  18. If so, will it be in September. Planning upcoming trips and would like to attend this one.
  19. Great to hear you out detecting again, 24 nuggets in 7 days would be outstanding trip for me. Like to hear more on your exploring tips on how you decide on areas you want to detect. Thanks for sharing,
  20. Very nice finds, looks like a very productive year for you. May 2022 be as good or better. Thanks for sharing!
  21. Unfortunately the detector I wanted for Christmas isn't available yet, fingers crossed maybe next month? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.
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