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  1. Out of the 12 or so owners I know of the AQ Limited, only 4 are really happy with it. (Mike, Carolina, TVR and me) I've come to the conclusion it takes a special breed to understand what the machine can do, how to use it and most important.. where to use it... Mike and I use it as a PI, Carolina and TVR use both sides of it, Disc/PI. No doubt the AQ is not the perfect machine but I would not sell or trade the (2) I have for anything out there. I love them! Would I recommend a AQ Limited to anyone.. right now, no. Take a chance and let them sell thru the 40 or so they have left and see if they offer the new one with the upgraded battery setup. A 3 hour and 20 plus minute battery is Sad. A extra is 200.oo! Ouch! Also, if you plan on using it in moving salt water it may not be the machine for you, on the open beach (wet/dry sand) its at home. Hope I am right on my answer, I would hate to see this great machine die with only the limited model being made.
  2. Anyone wanting to make a battery for the excalibur this would be the easiest. The 18500 Li-ion 1700 mAh batteries will fit into the stock battery pod. One needs to have 2 next to each other and the other on top. The run time is about 35 hours. Run time for the 18650's with 2200 mAh 3 cell is 57 hours. I would imagine a 6 cell 18650 battery would run easily over 100 hours, but than you have to consider the extra weight of the 3 extra cells.
  3. Looks great Tony! Very clean design and love the old style Ikelite fittings. I know they use to use them for underwater photo setup. I would bet your battery runs over 50 hours easy. I've played with a few batteries for the excalibur. Some I just throw together to test them.. Here is a couple. The smaller battery is 18500 which will fit the excalibur stock Pod.
  4. This is interesting, I'm not sure where this came from but for sure a AQ board. Any thought's? Looks like one of the PCB's from a machine used by Alexandre or LE Jag, (Denis)
  5. I got the wired version of this, JBL Clip 2. I used it on my AQ, no doubt loud and able to hear thru lots of beach noise. When compared to head phones one can hear more details, and fainter targets. Not sure about the bluetooth model, Wired model you do have to be handy with wiring, I put a coiled cord with the M-8 fitting to fit the AQ. Clip the unit to my chest, to loud for near the ear. (FV) Full volume I would say to loud for hunting where someone is with in 50/100 yards? They may complain about the noise.
  6. Same here, some places nothing can come close. Over time you learn which to and which not to. Picture of early on, I would loved to seen the one with the clear faceplate.
  7. I agree..... 40 x 1500.oo = 60 grand. I would hope they would discount them in order to move on, or is it ......... the end of the road.
  8. Just a heads up if you can't find the owner and decide to melt. Send to Mid-west. The reason is they buy gold out right if you send in less than 3oz. So no matter what "K" you send in they pay you for 12k. And I believe they charge 5% for the service. I found out after a few send in's.. So the melt on 33 grammer is 12k/.500 (Not 10k as stamped) Also, Great hunt!! Wow!
  9. TX, I'll post more once I get all finished, in the Minelab section. I would recommend getting a D2 before going this route. And this is not my handy work, a gifted young man several years ago. I'm setting it up for the excalibur and in the water hunting.
  10. I'm not sure if you have this setup, its a S-Amplifier for the coil which is 10 inch... Has a separate li-ion 12.6 volt battery for power. I get all done I'll post it up. It hits a few inches deeper than the D2, but the D2 has the 9 inch coil. Once it hits the salt water it goes nuts. Hits silver deeper than the "AQ" but not gold. "AQ" is HOT on gold. And hope your around a long time buddy, for it maybe a D3..
  11. Mike has been the AQ every hunt. I've only had the AQ out once this year. Pictured ... Last hunt out with the boys, Mike and Joe.. Mike and I had the AQ's and Joe had the CZ20 Thanks CS, I'm going to end up getting one of those D2's .. the excalibur with the juiced coil does great on the wetsand but in saltwater.. overloads. Been a fun project..
  12. I've been slacking, I need to get back on this project. Got into a after burner project for the excalibur to spank the D2, it's sucked up all my bench time.
  13. Nice work Jeff! I can say over the years by testing and comparing I learned way more than just by hunting. You really put a lot of time in to this one! Thank You!
  14. That's about as close as I may get for now I would imagine. Just dreaming here......... If I could purchase the Deus2 coil + RC, with a dive shaft or preferably, a stronger one for rough waters..😍 I'll be making my own head phones for sure.
  15. The most important thing is to make sure the machine works as it should. I would see if I could find a manual and go from there. A lower rod is something that can be made, from just about anything.. except metal. https://garrett.com/sites/default/files/pdf/2020-12/BeachHunter_ID_en_0.pdf If it works as it should 120 is excellent. Find a few gold, have some fun....Like I said I had a friend, Lance who used one for years and liked it and did good. Really its a matter of getting the coil over the treasure before it sinks, gets covered or someone else finds it. Had a friend in Oc Md who scored a nice gold..10 plus years ago?
  16. http://metaldetectorreviews.net/detectors/12-1-beachhunterid.html Several reviews on the BHID, some good some ok, some fair. I had a friend that used one for several years, in the water, no diving but submerged. He liked it and just bought the Legend. 120 is good if it works
  17. Sorry to see more issues, but the good is.. that 5 year warranty of the D2. And I do hope Deus is learning from all of the post. Sad is, Minelab's has Not, I'm still seeing Excalibur cables rotting after a few years, and several of the other issues that plague them, than the Noxs..broken ears of the coils and IP rating of the control head of the Nox..
  18. That's a good outing! I can only imagine the fun you had as he watched. I've had kids at the beach right on top of my every swing, it was fun for a few minutes.. After about 15 minutes it gets a little annoying.
  19. Nice chunk of gold! Also I will have to look thru my notes but I had a site you could buy the fitting and cable needed for the head phones, may take me a few days but I will post the link. Carolina made his own phones for the D2, maybe he will chime in...
  20. I only had data on silver coins for this test on the D2.. The "air test" was done by one of CB's friends and he did Not test any gold, I was using his test as a standard for the two machines I use (Excal & AQ) ,.... on silver coins. I do have two friends with D2's, a 9 and 11 inch coils. It will be interesting to see the results on gold which I should have by the end of the summer, with video. If I were in the market for a water machine I would highly recommend the D2, for the machines I have take to many modifications to match the D2's performance, over all.
  21. From air test the AQ is weak on silver coins? Seems gold and nickels are it's stronger point, for me.
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