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  1. Hey Ned awesome gold. Do you have a photo of the ground for some context? Could have also been from a lack of water maybe. Or the strip was once a road or track used to cart the ore from the mine?
  2. Hey Ned awesome gold. Do you have a photo of the ground for some context? Could have also been from a lack of water maybe.
  3. My 3 favourite YouTubers are Two Toes, Goldfields Goose, and Victorian Gold Hunters. These keep me sane when between trips. Glen from vic gold hunters has a really good sense of humour and great knowledge of the old timer techniques. Two toes is a gold magnet and very knowledgeable. Goldfields goose great relationship with his mum and great videography imo.
  4. Well done mate great trip report👍 You made the effort, had the swing you needed and found some gold as a bonus⚒️👨🏻‍🦯💪
  5. Thanks i will definitely be sending mine back. I won’t be rushing in to get it updated though. I will wait till it is too hot for detecting. The way minelab have handled the issue is really poor. They should be contacting us. They know which detectors are affected and have our details from warranty registration. The market knows something is up. Codan shares down about 80 percent over the last year🤔
  6. It would be great to hear more feedback from members when available on the effects (if any) of the update on those using headphones. My 6 is an early model and I only use headphones. I am finding gold so am reluctant to send mine back.
  7. Not sure if anybody else has mentioned them but ‘Victorian gold hunters’ on YouTube are my regular favourite! Glen and Ant are a great combo and glen is really good at reading the old timers diggings👍
  8. Here’s a few crumbs from a day trip today for all the poor souls who own a 6000 like me… auto1 no threshold 11standard coil did the job and only 10 lead shot💪⚒️👨🏻‍🦯
  9. Great advice JP. I am guilty of focusing on those sweet shallow signals. Pesky buggers can get real frustrating after the first 20😃 thanks 👨🏻‍🦯⚒️👍
  10. Also my favourite at the moment is Victorian Gold Hunters on you tube. Bloody funny bloke and wealth of knowledge. Check them out
  11. Gold Hound your you tube vids are what what got me into detecting! Your vid’s portray the ultimate adventure for me. Thanks 👨🏻‍🦯⚒️💪👍
  12. Results from my day trip today. Standard coil auto 1 no threshold👨🏻‍🦯⚒️👍
  13. Some recent gold with the minelab standard 11 mono. If ground noise or emi is an issue I will generally run auto 1 no threshold. Give your ears and mind a break and let the detector work for you. Broke my pb twice that day👍
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