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  1. I dont have water proof head phones for it, so mostly just use the Equinox up to chest depths. I am making headway on the badly corroded ring. Just realized I didnt have it in any of my pictures and didnt take a before picture but here it is in its current state.
  2. Back from Roatan. Nice to get to 80 degree weather and 80 degree water. I started a lot with the Nox but grew tired of bottle caps and can tabs. I was mostly working the shore to waist deep. Lots of foil and the corroded bottle caps read anywhere from a 5-15 and not always with an iron grunt. After a few days of no luck, I took the Excal out to work the reef area. I did not know that Roatan has the second largest reef until this trip. I worked mostly the openings that had a sandy or slightly rocky bottom. That is when I hit my first ring and then a second one about 20 minutes later. I pegged them both for junk rings, but it turned out they are both sterling Pandora rings(thin not that expensive but silver none the less). 4.3 grams for both. A really corroded ring that I havent been able to get clean. It weighs 4.9 grams but I cant figure out what it is. I could only work about and hour or two each day without the wife giving me a hard time for deserting the family. But, once I got the taste of those rings, I pushed the limits the best I could. I found what I thought was a gold ring the next day, but it doesnt have any markings and it leaves a grey streak on the back side of the toilet lid, only weighs 3.3 grams. I found what appears to be a corroded fishing spear, a name tag, a half of a scissor, and a few other fun things, but I finally scored with 2 days left. A hefty gold and platinum ring! My first official gold ring and platinum both in one(not sure if it counts since it is a two in one). It weighs out at 13.2 grams and is marked FG 18k PLAT 950. Frederick Goldman Most of the good stuff was between 5 and 10 feet deep, with the FG ring at about 8 feet deep and 10" in the rocky sand. I was in an opening in the reef that was maybe 8'x15' long and I grid it 3 times before I got a signal. The reason I would grid these areas is because there werent very many targets and the few were better targets then the closer to shore trashy areas. I imagine if I were there a week and could get in 8 to 10 hours, I would have good luck in the closer trashy areas but didnt have the time. Hope you all enjoy seeing the finds!
  3. My thought from gold hunting is that with the all metal, some of those smaller deeper targets may read 0 or -1 or -2 until some of the sand is taken off. He could be missing some with the discrimination on. I havent hunted the beach or water since I have become proficient with the Nox, but am flying out this week and will test it out along with my Excal. Side note, your video is still up just in case you were planning on taking it down like you said.
  4. Thank you. Didnt think too much about not wondering too far from the main areas. Probably more luck in those areas anyways. I will report back in a few weeks!
  5. I have found the usual conflicting info that you find for Latin American countries. Any one have direct knowledge or experience metal detecting beaches in Belize or Roatan? I did find someone who was selling a pair of old dive detectors that were in the house he purchased in Belize, but who knows if they just used them off shore.
  6. Are you sure it wasnt another prospector trying to tell you to go away?🤣
  7. Not unless they are digging down 8-10 inches and wedging them between the shale and then figured out how to replace the dirt in a manner that looks undisturbed. All with caliche attached.
  8. That was in Idaho. The issues I was having was just trashy and was not suited for the 6000. The 800 with a 6" coil was a better fit because of the smaller area and discrimination/identification. Unless I wanted to go around and clean up all of the trash, there really isnt a way to take the 6000 through that specific area. As far as the 6000 and hot rocks, from what I understand, the 6000 does a pretty good job of getting rid of those on its own. The machine is really a lot more simple than the 800.
  9. I purchased the GPX 6000 from @Gerry in Idaho a few months back and had only taken it out once for about 45 minutes and had to put it away because it was screaming at me due to iron scattered everywhere. Fast forward to this past weekend, I went down to Rye Patch to @Gerry in Idaho's training to really get out and try this thing out. I ended the trip with 8 pieces totaling 3.7 grams, cleaned. The biggest piece was pretty cool so I am including pictures of both sides of that one, 1.5 grams cleaned. All 8 were found right around the burn barrel area. Thank you to Gerry and all of his staff for a great time and knowledge! @Lunk @afreakofnature and the rest of the team.
  10. I will give my perspective, being I first picked up a metal detector in March. I purchased an 800 just to find cool stuff and hopefully something of value. I kind of equate the beginning of my metal detecting as someone who buys $1 lottery tickets, probably not going to win that $5000 but there is that glimmer of hope of doing so. I have found some fun things and enjoyed being out and alone in my own head. My next purchase was probably premature, because I didnt have a full grasp of how to work the 800 or metal detecting in general. As we say in my line of work, you dont know what you dont know. So the Excal Il has about 20 hours on it(it should get more this winter), but I probably jumped the gun a bit on that purchase. Then I went to Gerry's training at RP this springish with the thought in my head, I am not really looking for gold, I just want to learn the 800 better. I did learn a ton about the 800 and machines in general. BUT, then I kind of got the bug a little and after a few months of deliberation purchased the 6000. I have exactly 3 hours on the 6000 while owning it for a couple of months. It isnt that I dont want to take it out or it is too confusing, I just havent had the time because I am busy with the things that actually afford me the ability to purchase almost $10k in machines my first year in. I have dedicated some time to go to Gerry's training in Nov down at RP not just to learn the machine, but to get some of what I paid for, time to myself in my own head. So to answer your question, I buy the best machine I can afford to give me the best chance at success for when I do go out. To define that success, pickers are just fine as long as I am finding something and am getting that time to just do what I want to do when I want to do it without worrying about anything else except maybe my next meal or next beer. That may change as I get more time to go out, but for now, 1 more than I get is what I really want. I think I read somewhere on here about Irish miners, "Never leave a mine until you have dug at least one more foot" or something like that(I have started reading this forum from the back toward the front cover to cover, so who know when and where that quote was). That is me and time, darkness and bugs are my biggest enemies.
  11. Im sure the 30,000 reviews are for Kellyco and not the 6000.
  12. I would imagine an OKM eXp 6000 should work? But if a 7000 is too expensive then the OKM is way too much. On the other hand, 20 ounces of gold would pay it off. I would defer to others with more experience, as I have never actually used an OKM but their claims on the website and the few reviews do seem impressive. Another option is to give me the exact coordinates and I will report back on if there is any gold. 😁
  13. I was at the training and have to say that it was pretty impressive. I only got to swing one for about 20 minutes or so and only found a piece of bird shot but the ease of use, weight and what I saw from the performance has definitely got me thinking about one. I ended up with 5 pieces with my 800 @Gerry in Idaho @Lunk thanks again for the great weekend.
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