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  1. I’m not even sure what would be fair. The 900 is going to come with a 6” coil for about the same price as the 800 cost new, so there isn’t a lot of value in that coil, the coiltech is $250 or more new and this one is practically new. Obviously I would like as much as possible to go toward my new machine but I would also like to get someone a great machine at a fair price. I should also add that if someone wanted it by Christmas, I am leaving for AZ on Tuesday so I would need to ship by Monday.
  2. I am offering my Equinox 800 for sale along with several coils. I have had the Equinox for approximately 1 year and 10 months and am probably around 300 hours of use. That leaves you 1 year of warranty. It has never had the control submerged in water, so no idea if it has the issue that some had. It is in overall good shape and I will be including pictures shortly. It comes with the following: -Original 11” coil -Minelab 6” coil. I just put a new coil cover on and comes with another cover -Coiltech 14x9” coil. I only used this twice and the coil cover reflects its lack of use. -Original headphones, charging cable, and original box. All of that said, I don’t really know what to charge and am open to a fair offer. I looked on eBay but they are all over the board. I would prefer to sell all as one package but if someone really needed to break things up, I would deal with that on an as needed basis. The only reason I am selling is because I would like to switch over to a Manticore. This machine has treated me well gold hunting, coins, jewelry and beach. I have met @Gerry in Idaho, @Lunk, @afreakofnature in person so that you know I am a real person as they have posted longer and more often than I. Pictures to come shortly.
  3. I am by no means an expert, far from it. How would old timers have known to start digging for lode if there wasn’t placer present to give them an idea of where to start digging? Second, if you look at claims maps if there are lode claims, there are usually placer claims as well. Now the science and what not is someone else.
  4. Another thought. If it was bare land when it was buried, there is a possibility it was dug up during the excavation of the foundation for the house, utilities, or septic. If there was in fact 2’ of topsoil added, that would mean the original hole was 2’-4’ deep which makes way more sense.
  5. Backhoe. There are stories of a 3030 finding a car a few feet deep and silver bars in the hundreds of pounds that deep, but I would rent a backhoe, scrape, detect, scrape, detect, rinse and repeat. I own buildings that they say had gambling and slot machines buried or bricked off before authorities got to them. That said, I’m not knocking down walls and following hearsay. Don’t forget to call 811 and probably don’t invest too much into a story. Especially if she thinks they are that deep. He wasn’t digging that deep without equipment or someone seeing him dig for weeks on end.
  6. You two earned those! Best of luck down south
  7. I was down in Rye Patch 10/22-10/26 and am slow to post. First day I got there early afternoon and swung the 6k for a couple of hours. Pulled up a very tiny piece a couple of inches deep. Second day I hit the ground at first day light and pounded a spot where I have had luck in the past hard to no avail. Around 11 am a couple of other trucks came close to me and started detecting and I figured I would move on, as I was getting frustrated with my lack of success over the last 3.5 hours anyway. After meandering down some roads for a while, I ran into @NorCal . We had a nice conversation for a while and he was kind enough to give me some history of the area we were in and some past success he had there. Once we were done chatting and he packed up and left, I had the pleasure of detecting in a hail storm and wind. Skunked for the day, cold, wet and not in the best of spirits, I called it a day. Day 3, after sleeping in my truck with a 20 something degree night, I hit the ground running again. Once again hitting areas where I had success before, I was yet again skunked for the morning and frustrated with 30 mph gusts. I decided to go back to the random area I found the small piece at the first day, and warm up on the drive. First good choice I made all trip! I was able to pull 4 sub gram pieces out of the ground, all were 6-10 inches deep except one at 2”. Final full day, wind still howling. I fought my way through the day and pulled up 7 more pieces. I did hit the ground for about two hours the morning I left, but to no avail. All in all 12 pieces for a whopping weight of 1.6 grams! Pretty sure I spent more just heating my truck at night to stay warm, or more in beer, not to mention the 7.5 hour drive each way. But that wasn’t really the point. For me it was just getting out and swinging my machine, this is the first time in a year because of everything I have had going on in my life. I was ready to sell the damn thing after getting skunked for a day and a half, but it really is some tough hunting. Met @Arkyon my way out of the area and headed home happy and ready to get back out again soon!
  8. And then he complains about them until a new one comes out and then complains about why the new one doesn’t do things as well as the old one he complains about. 😂 Just messing with you Simon.
  9. That would be perfect for that guy in Pocatello Idaho a year or two ago that was searching for lost gold bars in a river or canal. Assuming it isn’t going to pick up every little thing and just make the whole thing light up the entire time. I go to Greece sailing and have refrained from bringing a detector mainly so I don’t ignore the company I am with but also I don’t want to end up in jail for a spell for removing antiquities. I would love to get my hands on one and drag it around to test it out.
  10. I had to know as well, so I googled it. The planes became stuck together one on top of the other. 3 of the 4 crew bailed out and the pilot on the top plane figured out he could still maneuver the planes and was able to make a successful emergency landing. The plane on top was able to be repaired and put back into service.
  11. Trade you electrical work for permission to hunt with you at your summer spot. 😆
  12. Gold is heavier than most anything else you will find in nature. Shake it around just right, makes perfect sense it will end up in the begins with an R (I can’t spell) bottom thing that is also the name of a man made lake with a damn. Personally, I have become really good just using my hands except when I get into small gold and the weather is warm enough to give salt signals from my hand. I like the concept and will give an honest opinion once it is in hand and I try it out.
  13. It isnt crazy US shipping, it is your countries crazy import taxes. They are just now charging them on the front end and not collecting them on the back end because they were being told lower values for less tax.
  14. Doc, you have already dressed up my detectors I’m excited for your scoop! Thank you!
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