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  1. Had these beautiful bits made up at the local jeweller shop 🙃 Dominique made a couple of studs for me also 👍
  2. Thanks Nenad . Loving this machine 😍 was one days work also 👍😤
  3. The Inglewood patch givith some more Color’s 😍
  4. Correct.... great unit , but as I said I love being cord free . ala 6000 >>>> and after turning down and adjusting the 6 , I don,t feel much is missed with its great wireless headphones ...even though the sp lifts the teenist signal .........
  5. Who has run the sp01 on their 6 I had a crack , with my cogs as well , but found the cables a pain in the arse ... Also with the 6,s headphones on 70% volume on the phones and the detector backed off a tad I hear the feint murmurs ok I reckon anyway 😃 I
  6. Well the parties over for this trip ... a bakers dozen and the 11...14...17. Coils all tasted gold 👍😆
  7. Don’t know why mine lab don’t go down that track ... nothing against coiltek . But with the 3500 I never found shit with there coils but the minelab commanders killed it 🤫
  8. Blooded the big banger. 😤. Very sensitive to pellets.. easy peasy to pinpoint ..: bring on the big stuff 🥳
  9. Was heading into the bush for a detect and said to the wife .. shit this bloody track is tough today .. Judy agreed as the Jeep got tossed about more than normal... ha ha now we know why ... but the gold still popped up
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