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  1. For those Alaskans unaware, DNR has been trying to revise certain sections of the Alaska mining statutes. Our Alaska legislature is no better than the DC circus! DNR said the hell with them (my words) and has switched gears toward regulation change. I just received this notice. "Dear Recipient, The Department of Natural Resources proposes to change regulations on mining. The Department of Natural Resources proposes to adopt regulation changes in Title 11 of the Alaska Administrative Code, dealing with mining, including the following: (1) 11 AAC 86.215 i
  2. Bob, Nothing as nice as your piece of jasper but Tolovana river has some nice smaller pieces. All buried in snow or I'd take a couple pics for you. You nailed it on the conglomerate. Man there was some massive boulders of it though!
  3. Bob, that bottom slab of chert looks familiar ! Love the jasper slab .... from Alaska? We picked up some nice jasper from a trip up on the haul road this summer. Some of those creeks have some wild conglomerate boulders !
  4. Wow... I'm impressed you guys! Thanks for pointing out this USB camera. Did you have to add any external lighting or is that with just the built in LED lighting?
  5. Steve, Thanks for info. No wonder I kept getting an error message ! That is a shame.
  6. Should of used a Hitachi ! Leave the kitty in the litterbox
  7. Worked great on my win 7 laptop with IE and Chrome. Even with our horrible Hughes Net satellite system! Pretty cool !
  8. Sweet ! Good luck with the mineral prospecting in 2017.
  9. Wow... I'm jealous! Not even any oil leaks on those hydraulic cylinders! Find of a lifetime!
  10. Well, I am not a big metal detector user but I visit the forum because there are folks on here whose opinions I value. So any additional forum outside the area of metal detecting would be nice. I like the rocks, minerals, geology idea !
  11. Boy I hope so Barry. I can not stress enough how important this is for the small claim owner with unpatented claims. Once this designation happens you are forever after in the "withdrawn" status. When the Feds slapped a Wild & Scenic River designation over our historic mining district, they not only included the river but many of the side streams that had historic active mining claims! Very offensive to those of us that were here. Countless meetings and always we were told " don't worry, you have valid existing rights". We were assured this would not impact our existing claims or op
  12. For all the current claim owners within that area of withdrawal holding unpatented claims, I can not stress enough you must fight this with all your resources!! Do not listen when BLM tells you "don't worry, you have valid existing rights" ! The moment your claims become entwined in a Withdrawn Area you will forever be fighting over what "valid" means. The nightmare will begin!!
  13. On that note. After a meeting with BLM Assistant Secretary, Ms. Janice Schneider, in Chicken, AK last May we Alaskans can now file an appeal electronically !
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