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Iffy Tests Manticore Vs Deus 2 On Gold With Iron

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The Manticore is going to be deadly with the 8x5.5" coil.

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Sorry guys, I'm not that excited. The difference IMO is marginal at best.

Since the odds of finding a gold ring in a field of nails are about equal to finding a gold ring at all, I'd rather see him put the nails ON the ring and see if either one can find it. Chances are they will both suffer or not see the ring at all, especially with the nail disced out.

I did an air test recently with square nails and silver, and the results surprised me especially when my lowly Equinox 600 with 10x5 was able to sometimes catch the silver under a rusty square nail, it being the only one against other newer machines. The only one that "nailed" the silver with iron disced out every swing was an old analog machine. It was a real eye opener, but reality is this situation is so rare it hurts.

What you're seeing in this video is exactly what you see dealing with 2' buried big iron, too. Yeah there's gold there 🙄

I'm not bashing the M-core, I'm certain it has the fastest processor of all, and was very heavily developed, but I have to mention this. Not seeing any major new development, and certainly not going to be selling my Deus 2. Glad to see the excitement. 👍

On the other hand, Strick's test with a bottle cap and a ring was pretty cool and far more realistic.

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The question is will the average hunter dig any of those signals or just keep on walking especially if you're in a trashy park? The reason why gold rings are so hard to come by is they require digging hundreds if not thousands of holes of almost all trash to secure the few rings out there.

It's the detector between your ears that matters the most as to whether or not you're going to take a knee and dig a hole. All these tests are great and help pass the time but I'd like to see a real day of digging with the manticore or D2 or Nokta where we see all the targets dug that fooled the swinger. 

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1 hour ago, Digalicious said:

I didn't find the 900 or Manti in Iffy's gold separation test to be impressive. The 600, 800, or Legend, can do the same as the Manti and 900 on that gold, provided that the iron bias and recovery speed are adjusted accordingly.

To add to that:

What I really don't like about those videos, is that newbies aren't told that many other detectors could ID that gold correctly. Check out the comments for those two videos, and so many say things like, "Wow. The Manticore is really impressive for hitting that gold", and all I think is, "No it's not, because any detector with an adjustable iron bias would ID that gold correctly". Yet no where in the video, nor in a reply to such comments, does Iffy mention what I'm sure he knows.

The iron bias is the single most important control to utilize when trying to unmask nonferrous from ferrous. Yet, I've found that a large percentage of long term detectorists, don't know what iron bias is, let alone how to use it to unmask nonferrous in ferrous trash. Which is why so many are erroneously impressed by the Manti and 900 in that test.


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Regarding Cali's video:

He admits that with the D2, he has hit a slightly deeper nickel on another occasion at that beach.

Yes, the Manti was sounding off better than the D2 on that nickel, but the difference was negligible when the totality of depth is considered. Furthermore, that difference was also well within a "margin of error" if all of the other variables are taken into account.

Even aside from all the other variables and the margin of error, if that nickel was raised ever so slightly, the D2 would have sounded off the same as the Manti. That's the other misleading aspect to these type of depth videos. That is, they don't show how much the target has to be raised for the competitor's detector to hit it. Probably because it would barely have to be raised, and that would show that the depth difference is meaningless.

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13 minutes ago, Jeff McClendon said:

The Manticore did very well........so did the Nox 900 on exactly the same test done a couple of hours later and recently posted by Iffy. Both had similar results and similar VDIs. Whether other detectors like the Nox 600, Nox 800 and Legend would have similar results.....you guys that are assuming that are making an assumption with no proof.


That test was easy for any flagship detectors, as long as the iron bias isn't set high, and the recovery speed isn't set low.

"History Revisited" has an even more difficult ferrous/nonferrous unmasking test with the Legend, Simplex, and D2, than the test in Iffy's video. Only the Legend passed that test. Actually, he's got a few videos on his channel showing the Legend passing more difficult ferrous/nonferrous tests than Iffy's test. Other You Tubers show similar tests, and the 600 and 800 do just as well. Again, provided that the settings are adjusted accordingly.

Also, I don't normally do videos, but a few months ago, I was prompted to do a video on a dare. Long story short, people were amazed that a particular fringe detector was hitting a few coins that were separated and placed directly under a ferrous rod. Again, like Iffy's test, I wasn't impressed. I said that the Legend and Nox could do it even better. I was told to prove it, so I ended up doing a quick crappy quality video with my cheap cellphone. Anyway, not only did the Legend hit each coin, but it did it better than the other detector...and from the videos I've seen of ferrous/nonferrous unmasking/separation tests, the 600 and 800 would perform just as well.

What would be impressive, is if the Manti and 900 were directly compared to a Legend or original Nox (or a working D2 lol), and seeing the Manti or 900 unmasking and separating significantly better.

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