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Below is an update on the restoration work for FMDF:


Good news is they attached the old harddrive to the new server so I can copy files. Which I'm doing now and it is a lot faster vs me coping files from my backup.

I might have a temporary page in place informing members of what happen, maybe today.

The server guys are pointing the domain name to the new server.

At this rate we might be up and running this weekend/early next week!


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Good luck (not being sarcastic) with the rebuild and upgrade. I have run 7 web sites until recently and crap can happen. I recently move my remaining art web site from one ISP to another to get a better word press front in builder and it was worth it. But now I only have to wrangle one web site. I don't think many of us on FMD will leave because of this incident. We have too much fun jousting with the admins.


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