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You Just Never Know..

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18 hours ago, JCR said:

I wanted to hunt a bit before the rain sets in for the next few days. I decided to go to a fairly recent permission that is an early 1900's Farmstead with the house still standing vacant. I have been there twice, once with each of my daughters. The whole yard all around the house is trashed from renters living there. I know there has to be some Old there so I set the Legend up in Pitch with the Tone Break set to 40 and started wading through toward the well house. The first target I dug is pictured. Not all that quiet of a signal (only 4" down) but it was tight and I wanted to see what a 58 was.  1 Troy ounce .999 Silver. You just never know what you might find anywhere. I bet some kid got a good whoopin for losing it.



Congratulations, that an interesting find, I did a search for ones like it and found 3 on eBay, one just like yours with the "CASE XX" for $188.88....


Another but it actually has a number where yours has the "CASE XX", for $149.95....


The 3rd one also has a number and is sealed in the original plastic it came in...FOR...$800...


I wonder about the ones like you have found that has no number but instead the "CASE XX"??

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10 hours ago, Gold Seeker said:

I wonder about the ones like you have found that has no number but instead the "CASE XX"??

The "XX" is from the second run of the coins, they sold more than they thought they would.

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Case is the pocketknife company. XX is their long-time mark for quality.  Zippo is their sister company & they put out a lot of Limited Edition items. I'm not sure how many of this version were produced, but not that many compared to a Mint run on a coin.  It is a memorable find for me, that's for sure.

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