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Last Dive Report And One Piece To Show

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The following is more of a modest technical report than the story of my latest session on the seafloor.
Days ago I posted my (negative) impressions of the impact of beach programs on thin or open targets, comparing stainless steel necklaces and bracelets to gold on the ID scale.
Briefly summarized, I found no way to achieve an efficient and stable setting that could be reused underwater in a salty environment.
Based on P12 and after several modifications, I arrived at the only final setting that allowed me to conduct effective research.
Assuming a pair of frequencies (never stated), we still know a limit of 14/24/40 kHz in the menu.
However, I got the impression that in the P12 the sensitivity was higher having slightly more interference though on 24Khz and reduced sensitivity down to 88.
This makes me think of a second frequency (less than 24 kHz, coupled as 14/24 rather than 4/14 in diving mode.
Again, I assume that in P11 the behavior is less responsive to thin targets in spite changing on 40 kHz.
And to finish, I add that no particular filter changed the audio noise for the better outside of a high value of reactivity on 2.5 .
Here is a quick summary of the program.
Reactivity 2.5
Sensitivity 90

Salt sens 8

Pitch tone
Treshold 0
B.caps 0
Notch 0
Silencer 5
Iron vol 5
Disc 5.0

Audio filter 5

GB tracking
Magnetic reject

and underhere a common fish finally audible among way too noise reduced.


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I don't know anything about the Deus but that sure is a nice looking ring - congrats!

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