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Have Detector Companies Hit A Wall

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20 minutes ago, phrunt said:

Are you sure the 3rd one isn't auto sensitivity adjustment? 

Not sure!

I would like to understand the secret of Geosense better but have not seen any technical explanation of it yet.

I would compare the 6000’s timings to Salt/Gold & Fine Gold for the way it handles conductive ground and the mineralization.



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3 hours ago, RONS DETECTORS MINELAB said:

Minelabs definition of GeoSense-PI™ technology analyses and responds to ground signals with great clarity and precision, so you can detect in difficult environments once thought undetectable. It rapidly suppresses unwanted signals via three overlapping feedback systems for superfast detection of even the tiniest gold pieces.

Sounds like Minelab did improve on the 6000 handling with Geosense over the previous DVT & SETA systems by adding a third feedback system. Maybe they can add more feedback systems to even better remove more unwanted signals.

Still not overly sure how it works as it does not handle the more mineralized ground conditions we have here. It works more like the salt/gold timings on the 5000 as it can handle conductive ground but will still hear the more mineralized ground conditions.

I wish they weren't so opaque on what it's actually doing. But I suspect - and this is just a guess - that we will see more robust improvements in the future dealing with hotter and more variable ground. Cutting a great deal of ground noise and EMI out while maintaining sensitivity to gold would make a detector I am definitely interested in throwing money at. 

Like with most tech, the initial attempts are usually rudimentary and not very impressive, but improve with further revisions. I'm kinda curious to see what they can do there, wether with Geosense or whatever comes after it and improves on it. 

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I’d put my bets on VLF-like multi frequency/6000-Geosense approach, but with multiple concurrent ZVT timings plus Algo-like discrimination. You can be guaranteed Minelab will have developed highly complex algorithms to match the capacity of current chipsets to get the most out of the machine in deep, hot, variable ground. I wouldn’t even mind if it was heavier than the Algo or 6000. I’d be surprised (and disappointed) if the 8000 doesn’t reinvigorate old patches and open new ground like the Equinox 800 did for relics, coins and small-gold hunting.

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