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1st Algo Gold Nugget!

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Maybe I can't hear the small ones!  Next time I'll have more of the fine gold settings.  I've got to make that Evo work.

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Thanks for sharing your story, looked like a great trip and the Algo sure is nice with the number system.

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There are some parts of the story I didn't mention.  One part is that I did just about as much driving time as detecting time.  It was 3 hours there and 3 hours back.  It is not as far as Northern Nevada or New Zealand but it was an all nighter for a little piece of gold.

The moon is good this week and I have another spot where we've found most of the nuggets but it is a good place to watch the full moon rise and walk around for the night.

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How are you finding the Algo now for usage Mitchel, got the hang of it all? Finding it nice to use? Stable? Easy to swing? 

You found a nice meaty bit of gold.  I can't remember the size of the bit I found the day with you, I have somehow lost that bit, I think it was a .7 too, or something similar.  I'm not sure where I put that little gold bottle. My Algo doesn't have a case yet, on the GPZ I always put my gold bottle in the little zipper on the side of the detector box, with the Algo I was carrying it in my pocket, and somehow, I misplaced it.  At least I know it made it home as I took a weight photo when I got home, so it will turn up someday.

The feature I like best about the Algo is the target ID's, mostly their accuracy on known target's.


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This is the first time I've used the Algo since I went to Rye Patch.  That trip really wiped me out.  Sometimes the expectations and having a new Xcoil, new Algo, Evo and new Manticore.  Then I stayed late with Chris and Wilma and left almost at dark.

When I made it back at dawn, I didn't want to look at a gold detector for over a week.

This trip was the first time I've been gold detecting and not use a harness in MANY years!  The Sadie actually feels a little bit nose heavy compared to the 12" Evo.  With the Evo on the Algo reminds me of the Axiom which I have only held once.  I still need my glasses to see the menu but it is simpler than the Manticore.  I just have to learn and trust it which I did finding that early nugget.  This area I went to has been hit hard just like your New Zealand areas.  There really wasn't much trash.

I used Normal this entire trip.  It has not been my experience to find tiny gold, but I know others who do with the 6000.  This was a new gold location find form me in the big canyon.  It is only good for night hunting until the end of fall now.

It would be nice if there was a diaper for the Algo.  Please suggest it to Alex.  It could be snug and you wouldn't think of how you are going to lay it down when you are scooping targets.  Another thing I'd like to do is secure the cable with more hook&loop strips or better yet get a wrap to put around the lower shaft.  This would prevent the bushes from grabbing the coil wire.  That is the only time it 'falses' on contact.  I did have a couple of occasions when targets disappeared.

The Manticore has been so much fun I didn't use the Algo on the beach yet with the Evo.  That will be next with the IDs which are pretty good actually.  It is easy to forget you don't have to swing in pinpoint to get the best number.  There is a low tide about dawn in the morning.

Your lost nugget.  Did you show JW?  I don't remember seeing the picture of it.  I don't have it! haha

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The lost nugget is a mystery, it may never be solved 🙂 It's not my first time, probably won't be my last.

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